Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last week's heavyweight bout!

My goodness, I have to apologize for not blogging in a while. Between the travel and the barrage of work, I just haven't had a moment to commit some quality thoughts to e-paper.

I just noted that my last entry included the trailer for the VeVe vs Orlandoe intra-company lightweight battle. So, I wanted to take a moment to include the trailer for the intra-company heavyweight match of Amazon Annie vs Clobberetta.

This was a really exciting fight to film. Everyone kept asking me which of these ladies I thought would win. Going into the match, I really couldn't give a definite answer. While Annie had been training for a longer time, Clobberetta trained a whole lot in preparation for her June match with the Bulk, and she stayed on her roll from there. Clobberetta had the weight advantage, but Annie had the reach, leg crushing-power, and speed.

I was thinking that whoever got taken down fight would be the one on bottom until a submission took place. I was right to some extent, but often too, the bottom lady made great work of replacing the guard and/or escaping the mount and progressing from there. Impressive!

And very competitive. The holding of the grudge did make me smile. I like it when they fight for sakes.

Anyway, so we currently have a heavyweight and a lightweight title holder here.

More to come. I love these rivalries.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Intra-Company Rivalries!

Just a quicky for now:

Last Friday, I shot the first of two "Intra-Company Rivalry" matches. That one was the Doom Maidens lightweight division battle of VeVe vs Orlandoe. I'd like to write more about this great and dynamic match-up, but I am unfortunately very short on time right now.

I'll mention that the video started with a bit of a "glove slap" from Orlandoe to VeVe. Well, actually, it was something more like this:


And while I have your eye, here's a little outtake from that "glove slap" -

Now, this ACTUAL trailer from the match sure gives a better idea of what went on that evening between these two speedy grapplers:

Tomorrow I'll be filming the heavyweight match up between Amazon Annie and Clobberetta. No upper limit in that weight division. Amazon Annie is giving up 100 lbs to Clobberetta, but Annie's got those crushing long legs and more speed.

This should prove an interesting battle.

And I expect it might be a bit different from the VeVe vs Orlandoe fight. But, you know, who knows what to expect?! Those Annie and Clobberetta have a grudge to settle, so anything's possible!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boston Trip, More Fit Photos, and Upcoming

Today is Wednesday, and it's time for my first blog entry for August 2010. And there's a good bit to blog about!

First off, this past weekend I took a road trip up to Boston with VeVe and Clobberetta for a combined session tour and visit to KGB, Boston's new wrestling party. We were joined by fellow NYC wrestler Miss Juliette, who rode up with a colleague of mine and met up with us at the Friday night wrestling party.

This was KGB's second official party, so we New Yorkers came up to lend moral and physical support. We all fought a number of matches, with VeVe taking on the Boston wrestling party's top female wrestler.

As a meeting of the tribes clash, I rolled with the party's 6'4", 200 lb host, my friend JoeJitsu, for a close match that ended in a draw. And Clobberetta fought a mighty battle against a male wrestler who outweighed her (!?!).

Following the party on Friday night, which took place in the south area of Boston, we headed down to Providence to crash with the party's hosts for the evening. And than on Saturday it was back up to south Boston for sessions. As irony would have it, the hotel was only 10 minutes away from the wrestling party space.

We concluded the tour with a Sunday afternoon session at the wrestling party space. That's pretty full-circle. And then add to that the fact that we went around a particular traffic circle a million times coming and going from the space and scoping the surrounding area...

Anyway, after a busy tour, we headed back to NYC. We ran through some horrible traffic that added an hour and half to our trip. But considering it was a Sunday evening heading back into town, I wasn't too surprised.

On Monday, I got busy with one of VeVe's new photo galleries, which she has dubbed "Fitness in the Park." These photos were from a shoot she did about two weeks ago with a photographer from FitShots (www.fitshots.com).

These were shot in Central Park here in NYC. This set joins VeVe's "Posed" galleries. And now we've got the gallery up and running at VeVe's site, here: VeVe Lane Fitness in the Park

And VeVe just had a classic pin up photoshoot last night, as I hear. So that looks like more gallery-making work coming into my inbox soon.

Future projects are also in the works for the rest of this month. We are setting up a much-anticipated video match between Amazon Annie and Clobberetta. That will come up in later August. And, thanks to a special request, we are looking to set up a rematch between VeVe and Blazin' Ben, wherein VeVe is wearing dancewear: sheer hose and a black leotard. That should create some interesting imagery.

And there you have my update for this week!

Vacation is coming up for me next week.