Saturday, August 20, 2011

A little Summer Recap: Kicks and Bondage

I don't know about you, but August always seems like the end of summertime to me. Yes, I know that September has a little summer aspect to it and that fall doesn't "officially" begin until Sept 23 this year, but I do always think of Labor Day as being summer's end.

With that said, we're coming into late August now here in NYC.

And times have been busy. Travel has been eating up a lot of my time - and not to mention vacation travel as well! But I'm going to get a blog out this weekend while most of the wrestling ladies are away - also on vacation!

So, what have been some recent summertime happenings in my world of wrestling media production? I've mentioned a few in previous entries, but here are some other goings-on.

Karate Nylons with Orlandoe and Athena

Thanks to a special request and sponsorship, I had the opportunity to film two "karate kick" type videos with the ladies in July. With VeVe acting as script interpreter and director, we filmed the first video with Orlandoe and Thrash. A week later, we filmed the second with Athena and Jason.

The script was basically the same for both shoots, with slight alterations for the second version. Both followed the premise of a series of "karate men" who have escaped from prison, only to be tracked down and defeated, one by one, by a karate kicking femme fatale in black nylons and leotard. In each version, the various "karate men" were always played by the same male performer.

As a videographer, it was very interesting for me to observe the different ways the two sets of performers handled the material. While our patron had given a very specific script and directions, Orlandoe & Thrash interpreted the characters and script slightly differently than Athena & Jason. They also interpreted the "speed of action" differently, as well as how much contact their strikes would make and how their characters would speak the set dialogue.

Both sets of performers put out some great work in a relatively short amount of time. We had a few takes on certain scenes, but they did a fine job learning their lines and choreography on the spot. Kind of made me think of soap opera production. Just a tad, a tad.

Also, I would like to point out that Orlandoe comes from a background in the Afro-Brazilian martial art of capoeira, and Athena comes from a background in Afro-Brazilian dance. Coincidence? Yes, it is, actually!

VeVe's Competitive Bondage Wrestling with Thrash

Thrash did such a great job in various videos lately, including the above-mentioned Karate Nylons, that VeVe invited him to give bondage wrestling a try.

Of course, Thrash has never tried bondage wrestling before. First time. And VeVe is not above hazing hapless first-timers.

We had been getting requests that the male be as fully bound as possible if he were to lose at a bondage wrestling match. And VeVe took that note to heart. Thrash lived up to his namesake as he tried to evade VeVe's binds and throw some knots on her himself, but his efforts were rather in vain.

He ended up in a rather TIGHT spot, actually. Twice, I would point out. And VeVe managed the ties in record time. Once of which was a pretty abusive-looking hog tie. Kind of made me think of a bow & arrow. Here's a little picture of that one:

The moral of that story: if you've never tried bondage wrestling before and you go up against VeVe, you are going to be humbled real fast. Then she'll probably laugh at you a little bit or drag you around, or some such! Those little fingers are rather nimble when it comes to rope work... and it helps that her wrestle holds will keep you in place long enough for the ropes to get into the action.

Needless to say, I was impressed.

Shortly after this shoot, we filmed another bondage-themed video with VeVe and Thrash. Only this time, there was tickle torture involved. In that video, which was a special commission, once Thrash was bound, VeVe tickled the soles of his feet mercilessly. A slight variation on the theme, but real great if you're into mixed tickle torture on the footsies. More about that one will come in time.

Now moving slowly into autumn. VeVe's got a tournament to fight in Montreal, and I know she's visiting Robin in CA in September. Hopefully we can get some more catfights on the table, since I hear there are some new ladies in town who are raw talents and potentially interested in scrappin.' More to come, as always. Stay tuned.