Tuesday, June 10, 2014

17 Videos from West Coast Tour 2014

Finally a free moment to sit down and attempt this blog entry!  And I do mean "moment," because I have to go film soon with Mahea and Hanz...

So, this West Coast tour!  It was a big one, to be sure.  It included shoots in Las Vegas, San Diego, Hollywood, and the San Francisco area.  My longest travel filming trip yet.  I put my camera memory cards and USB flash drives to good use, that's for sure.  Let me tell you a bit about it.

And, by the way, I talked a bit about the seven bondage-related videos we filmed on tour in my Bondage Wrestling Blog.  Here, now, I will talk about all of the videos, since they were all wrestling-related!  In the interest of space-saving, I will do this in a slightly list-like fashion, since we collected 17 videos in total for future release!

And I'll add links to the video pages, as the videos are released.

1. Pantyhose Agent Duel: Agent VeVe vs Agent Scarlett
    Agents of the Lethal Leotards Syndicate are known to bump heads from time to time, which often results in vicious physical altercations of a very leggy and pantyhosed variety.  However, agent duels don't always arise from disagreements or disputed territory.  Sometimes agents will travel from cell to cell, across the world, specifically seeking out other agents in order to test their fighting skills and enjoy the thrill of nylon-clad battle.

  In this agent duel, Agent VeVe pays a visit to Agent Scarlett's region in order to see what Scarlett has to offer.  Scarlett visits VeVe at her hotel room, which has been specially prepared for their "play date," she tosses off her overcoat to reveal her battle garments of bra and pantyhose, and the ladies get down to business.  Both in bra and pantyhose, attacking with their legs, legs entwining, each agent striving to prove her dominance.

2. Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Scarlett Devine  (Released!)
    Fully competitive bondage wrestling.  A very tough match! Innovative tie variation.  This video has been released!   

3. Bondage Ambush! VeVe and Scarlett
    A fun storyline video in response to our recent release "Bound to Worship," which featured VeVe and Keri.  In a nutshell, Scarlett springs a surprise sneak attack on VeVe, ties her up, torments her, and claims vengeance for "a certainly lady from New Jersey."

4. VeVe vs Cheyenne Jewel: Rematch 2014. Competitive Female Wrestling (Released!)
     VeVe and Cheyenne square off in a competitive match for pins and submissions.  These ladies had a match 3 years priorly, and now they hit the mats again, each with more training experience and the added element of 5-count pins.  This video has been released!

5.  Gladiatrix Match!  VeVe and Sinn Sage (Released!)
    A tribute to "The Seven Magnificent Gladiators."  VeVe and Sinn have their fingers interlocked and their wrists bound together as they battle in 1960's / 70's / 80's gladiator style.  It's quite intriguing the moves that can be done while the participants are bound together in this way! This video has been released.

6. Sinn Sage: Bondage Wrestling Avenger! (Released!)
    A mixed bondage wrestling domination video.  Sinn Sage sets out to get revenge on me after having heard about the ladies I've been tying up lately... and probably also after hearing about all of my recent pro-style wins.  A great display of dominance by Sinn as she handles the ropes and lays down the law.  This video has been released!

7. French Maid Catball Fight!  VeVe and Sinn Sage
   Two maids is too many!  When these french maids get into a spat over the best way to fluff the pillows, an insane catball erupts.  The ladies roll all over the big king-size bed as they claw at each other, pull hair, and entangle their pantyhose-clad legs in this furious struggle.

8. Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Savannah Fox (Released!)
    Upon arriving in Hollywood, VeVe took on Savannah Fox in a fully competitive bondage wrestling match.  Also a very tough battle!  Savannah's got a forceful spinning, twisting style. This video has been released.

9. Savannah Fox's Pantyhose Mixed Wrestling (Released!)
    Savannah hit the mats with me in a gentle bout of smooth, fluid, continuous pantyhose wrestling.  She was the only one in nylons, mind you; I was in shorts.  I got to experience the crushing power of her legs on my head and body.  Savannah's got quite a squeeze.  This video has been released.

10. VeVe vs Savannah Fox: Competitive Female Wrestling
    VeVe and Savannah suited up in Daisy Dukes and bikini tops for a competitive match.  Initially the idea was to follow the hips and booty for this bout, but the ladies got so physically competitive that I ended up framing the filming as any regular competitive match.  Unexpected competitive bout that developed organically!

11. Mistress Kara's Tickle Torture Wrestling (Released!)
    Mistress Kara puts her seductive physical brutality to good use as she punishes Danny-boy for insolently trying to tickle her while they wrestle.  Kara turns the tables, out-wrestles Danny, locks him up, and torturously tickles him for her sadistic amusement.  This video has been released!

12. Kara and VeVe's Bondage Escapade (Released!)
     More storyline fun, but yet to be officially named.  VeVe is a cop who attempts to infiltrate and bust Kara's ring of jewel thieves.  This results in a variety of bondage situations, turning of tables, and various out-wittings for both of them.  Updated: This video has been released and has been titled "Where Are the Jewels?! A Bondage Escapade."

13. Lethal Leotards Duo with Agent Kara and Agent VeVe (Released!)
     A team-up between agents Kara and VeVe - oh no!  Two of the most verbally mesmerizing and physically callous agents working in tandem equals a tough time for the captured victim Jason.  Pantyhose, seduction, cruelty from both East and West coasts... This video has been released!

14. VeVe vs Ariel X: Rematch 2014. Competitive Female Wrestling (Released!)
    In Oakland, California, VeVe took on Ariel X in a submission wrestling rematch, 3 years after their first bout.  Sweaty and high tension.  This video has been released!

15. Andrea Rosu's Leotard and Pantyhose Domination
    Andrea seduces Conrad and brings him back to her place, where she proceeds to dominate him in leotard and tights.

16. Andrea and VeVe Double-Team Conrad (Released!)
    Andrea and VeVe join forces to double-team Conrad.  Both ladies dressed in lingerie and thigh-high stockings.  This video has been released.

17. Stockings Bondage Wrestling: VeVe and Andrea
    The ladies stay in their lingerie and thigh-highs, facing off in a sensual / light-style bondage wrestling video. 

Well, whew, that was exhausting!

So, this was a long entry, but I blame the pictures for that.  But, indeed, this did take quite a long time to compose.  Plenty more work to do to get images pulled out of all of these videos, but the vast majority of videos are all ready processed and ready to go.  Need more hours in the day.

And speaking of hours and the day, I'd better get moving to get to today's shoot with Mahea and Hanz!