Sunday, December 26, 2010

Great Feedback for Bondage Wrestling but Still Laid Up

Though I am unfortunately still laid up from my surgery, and I will not be wrestling for at least 2 more months, I am pleased to read the great incoming feedback for the matches I shot with VeVe.

Our Bondage Wrestling video from late October was a big hit. It was a great idea of VeVe's to capture this sort of match on film. And again, thanks to Clobberetta for handling the camera while I fought against VeVe's rope work attacks.

Here is some of the feedback we've gotten, which I have been posting to our Doom Maidens Video Customer Reviews page, with customers' permission, of course:

Feedback for VeVe's Bondage Wrestling. Submitted Dec 26, 2010.

Initial feedback message:
The bondage wrestling totally rocks! Never seen anything like it, but I LIKE IT! Love to see more, actually

Follow up feedback:
After watching the two rounds of video a few times, I feel I should have added something about how sophisticated I think VeVe's rope-handling techniques were. You can see the gears in her mind just working the situation out like a mathematical formula with the physical skills to back it up. Cool and impressive!

And I was going to suggest a female vs female bondage wrestling match, in fact, so I'll respond to your other question [want to see Female vs female bondage wrestling? -ed.] with a resounding "YES!"

Also, in the match I viewed and on her website, VeVe said something about other types of bondage matches, like "Escape," and whatnot. Of course, I'm interested in paying for those, too. You guys are providing something I have yet to find anywhere else (the only things that have come close are significantly more sexual). I'd just as soon give you some incentive to keep it up.

Thanks for the response, and feel free to post or paraphrase whatever you like from my emails. =)

Feedback for VeVe's Bondage Wrestling Submitted Dec 26, 2010
Thank you so much for your bondage wrestling! That's exactly what I've always wanted to see and I have felt like an outcast because I've never found it until you! Please keep it up. You are now my favorite female wrestler and am now dreaming of winning the lotto so I can make you a LOT of money while you wrestle me into bondage for days on end. :-) And I can't wait to see you bondage wrestle with a woman.

Thanks again for making my day and making me feel wonderful just knowing there's an incredibly sexy woman out there that is on the same wavelength as me.

Feedback for VeVe's Bondage Wrestling Submitted Nov 17, 2010.
Just purchased and downloaded the Veve bondage wrestling video. Great fast paced action. Hope to see more of these with Veve against other competitors. A nice twist would be her to finish him with a hog-tie. How many male egos could survive this?

Coming up for January, we are planning to shoot a competitive female vs female bondage wrestling video with VeVe and Wrecks. I'm looking forward to that one. We're also planning to get Clobberetta in for a bondage match or two, looking for an F v F and/or a mixed match. Opponents for her are under consideration.

Here's hoping I have a speedy recovery so I can get back out there as well. In any case, I should be ready to handle the camera soon. But, for now and as always, I'm still driving the post-production task force.

And that's the report for now. Happy holidays, all. And happy new year!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finally! VeVe's match with Dia Zerva.

This match was a challenge to get, what with Dia's head injury causing us to postpone the first shoot attempt. And then with me being laid up so I couldn't shoot the rescheduled match. Then our backup cameraman couldn't make it. Then, just Sunday, Clobberetta told us that she had a conflict and couldn't film it either.

That put is in a bit of a hard spot. We had the wrestlers ready to go, but no camera operator. But luckily, one of my wrestling party buddies stepped up and answered our last minute call for help. And he did a great job with the filming!

I just put the finishing touches on the match video and have uploaded it to our server. Screen stills have been extracted for the video product page and for the ladies' to hold onto. I'm about to open PhotoShop to get to work on selecting the best stills - always a hard task to narrow those down - and to get the match "cover photo" - an even harder task!

And I already pulled out a little Match Highlight clip that I thought looked really neat. It is a clip of VeVe pumping a jumping reverse triangle on Dia. Totally out of the blue and a real interesting transition. Here is the highlight:

Ok, enough blogging now. Back to work so I can get this out in good time.

And many thanks to our great sponsor who made this match possible!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

VeVe vs Dia Zerva on Monday

We've finally got VeVe Lane's video match against Dia Zerva rescheduled for this coming Monday. Their original plans for their match were cancelled when Dia reported a head injury last month. But now, it looks like this bout is going to happen at last.

Unfortunately, I won't be manning the camera for this one. I just had some surgery, so my mobility is a tad limited. In my stead, Clobberetta will be capturing the action. She did a nice job with our last two videos that featured me and VeVe together, and she is learning my fast-action-capture videography style well, so I feel confident about her shooting the Dia Zerva match.

I'll be handling the editing on the match, so I'll give it a nice, fast turn around time.

And there's the latest update in my world of wrestling media production.