Sunday, November 1, 2015

News from Autumn 2015. Back to the Blog!

Hello and welcome to November 2015.  Wow, it's been a while since I've been at the blog!  Updating by Twitter ( has really been the fastest and most efficient way of communicating with people, especially when it comes to sharing media pre- and post-filming, so the blog has remained a bit behind-the-times.  But I have some time right now, so let's do some composing.

Costumes & Special Attire

So, first off, yesterday was Halloween, so VeVe took a moment to show off her costume as we played a tad with lighting in the small studio.  She made this tiny little solo video:

Though wrestling in this particular outfit would be somewhat difficult (and not to mention dangerous to the outfit!), I personally think it has some good potential for other on-camera appearances.

And, indeed, we'd love to do even more with costumes and special attire for other future shoots.  In recent months, for general-release videos, we got a chance to try a "Nerdy Girl" catball, an Aerobics catball, cosplay bondage wrestling, a singlets wrestling match, and superheroine battles.  And we saw the appearance of VeVe's spectacular villainess alter-ego The Spider Queen.  But I wonder if we can take this even further, still.



Granted, we've had several custom commissions calling for special attire as well: VeVe's been a sexy boxing librarian, a vintage fashion assassin (retro chique dresses), a pumped-up army assassin, a zentai person, and a skin diver girl.  But I'd like to get more guests and more general release videos in on the costumed action.

Now, mind you, I am not considering leotard & tights combos as part of "special attire," unless they are meant to create a particular type of character.  That would include Lethal Leotards agent attire as well.  Though, granted, perhaps "agent duel" videos should fit into the "special attire" category.  But anyway, I digress...

Catball fights and pro-style videos are great opportunities for special attire.  However, competitive matches make surprisingly good opportunities as well.

I wanted to do more outdoor costumed scenarios and fights this past summer, but we spent so much time filming indoors that we just never had the opportunity to concoct any new outdoor works.  Going "on location" like that requires a fair bit of fore planning, and it is a little tougher when we have visiting guests involved.  But this goes into the "to consider for later" box.

New Faces and Friends

In other news, we've had a wonderful time meeting and filming with visitors and guests from far and wide.

Just last weekend we met with Goddess Anastaxia, an elegant wrestling domina from London.  She's new to wrestling media production, but she has a great look and a confident attitude.  She got to try pro-style for the first time, and she also recorded her first mixed wrestling domination video.  She also entranced Mike with her nylon-clad legs in a Lethal Leotards style pantyhose domination display.

And in September, we met Miss Scorpion, also from London.  Scorpion is more experienced as a wrestler and more experienced on camera.  She and VeVe clashed on the mats in a competitive cosplay bondage wrestling match, where both enjoyed the superheroine vs villainess theme.  They also got sweaty and predatory in a special "Python Battle" match, which featured two of the "Pythons" from the "Python & Prey" videos fighting each other.  Scorpion also tormented VeVe in a pro-style "Dirty Tactics" video.

Bella Ink was back in action with us as well, when she visited this past month.  Bella may have gotten the better of VeVe when she teamed up with Nikki Fierce in August, but October found Bella on the receiving end instead!  Oh yes, VeVe paid her back big time with a spectacularly torment-filled pro-style domination video.  I must say, Bella looked great getting worked over in the pro holds.  And this was Bella's first pro-style experience, too.  
VeVe and Bella also locked up on the mats in the previously-mentioned "Nerdy Girls" catball fight.  This catball not only featured special "nerdy" attire attitude and accessories, but it also involved garter belts and stockings.  And it involved the nerds losing their glasses and becoming completely disheveled.  Nerdy girls gone wild, indeed!

And we also got to film with Keri Spectrum in September, who, despite being located closer to us than our other guests, is still not located entirely that close.  Since she moved deeper into New Jersey, we haven't been able to see her as much as priorly, so it was nice to go and visit!  In addition to filming a special commission together, Keri and VeVe rocked the stirrup tights and thong leotards in an "Aerobics" catball fight.
And I also got to be on the receiving end of Keri's meanness in a pantyhose domination wrestling video, by fan request.

People do love when Keri wears sheer black nylons, and she did a great job of showing them off while she was crushing my head and face.  And body.  And legs and arms.  Ouch.
Upcoming from Here

Whew, so, though that was not an exhaustive list of everything that's been done since August, it does put a little spotlight on the guests we've seen.  And speaking of guests, we do have more visitors coming over this coming week.

Tomorrow, we will be filming with returning guest Mahea.  The agenda includes a competitive mixed match of Mahea vs Frankie (yes, we're pleased to have Frankie back for another filming opportunity at last!) and a pro-style match with Mahea and Frankie.  Amazon Annie will also be taking on Mahea in a competitive match for Annie's Bodacious Adventures studio.  And Hanz will *also* be going head-to-head with Mahea for a competitive match for his Mixed Battle Theatre studio as well.  Whew, Mahea's going to sleep well after tomorrow evening's shoot!

Then next Saturday we will have visitor Layla Moore in for a long shoot as well.  On the agenda there, we have Layla and Hanz in a pro-style bout to feature Layla's arsenal of holds and test Hanz's flexibility yet again.  We also have Layla and Adrian in either a pantyhose or spandex domination wrestling display, and then Layla and tiny ShaSha in a competitive female wrestling bout.  Oh boy, that's an intense size mismatch.
Hanz and Layla will also be filming together as well for their respective studios, and I think that will also be a lot of material as well.  Big day!


Ok, I'm out at the cafe now, but I will need to get back to the studio very soon, since we are filming today with Rachel DD, Amazon Annie, and VeVe.  Set up for a special commission request and also a catball fight featuring Annie and Rachel together.  That should be interesting!

All righty, that's it for now!  Until next blog, be sure to find us on Twitter for all in-progress update and photo sharing (  Cheers!