Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Filming and Plans for FetCon 2015

Hello August!  It's that time of year again, and we'll be heading down the East Coast very soon on our road trip to FetCon in St. Petersburg, Florida, where we'll be be up to yet more wrestling adventures.  VeVe has been furiously scheduling with wrestlers and models for the event, and I've finally gotten her to fully spill the beans about upcoming plans.

We're scheduled for filming with the following ladies:  Layla Moore, Nikki Fierce, Bella Ink, Tomiko, Andrea Rosu, Mutiny, Lily Kat, and Briella Jaden.  

What a big list!   And here's what's on the agenda for these ladies...

Layla Moore -- We'll be meeting Layla for the very first time.  Layla is a multi-talented BBW model.  She lists her stats as 6'1" and 275 lbs.  
Layla Moore

While we are definitely meeting to film, we are actually yet undecided on what exactly we'll be filming.  VeVe is angling for me (Diablo) to get on the mats with Layla for a mixed wrestling size domination.  I think we'll be going that way.  But we're definitely also open to suggestions and specifics to add on to the current idea!


Nikki Fierce & Bella Ink -- We met Nikki for the first time in May of this year, when we travelled out to California.  Now we'll be seeing her yet again!

Nikki Fierce

We have a tickle bondage wrestling special request for Nikki and VeVe.  In addition, we are also planning a 2-on-1 competitive female bondage wrestling match featuring Nikki and Bella Ink (pictured below) against VeVe.  It's been a while since VeVe has been able to have a 2-on-1 FFvF bondage match, and this pairing of smaller ladies should be a great combination.

Bella Ink

Tomiko and Andrea Rosu -- we've filmed with both of these ladies before, though we only met with Tomiko very briefly last time.  This time around, Tomiko, Andrea, and VeVe will feature together in a spy vs bounty hunter bondage caper scenario.  I don't know much about the details of the scenario, but I do know that VeVe will be wearing her tight black latex attire yet again.

Andrea Rosu

Mutiny --  This will be our second time seeing Mutiny at FetCon.  We filmed a superheroine bondage peril video with her and VeVe last year.  This year, the ladies are set for a tickle bondage special commission, in addition to one more thing... which is yet to be decided!  As always, suggestions and requests are welcome!

Lily Kat -- Lily is a friend of Mutiny's.  This will be our first time meeting her.  So far, VeVe has scheduled a bondage wrestling match with Lily.  I have no idea what to expect from that match-up!

Lily Kat
Briella Jaden -- Briella will be a newcomer to us as well.  She will be facing off against VeVe in a bondage wrestling match, and the ladies will also be hitting the mats (or bed?) for a catball of an undisclosed theme!

Briella Jaden

Whew!  And that's what is *officially* planned.  That's not to say a thing for anything that may turn up unplanned.  In fact, VeVe informs me that we do have a "wild card" availability for any one of these ladies.  Unfortunately, she hasn't given me any further information beyond that statement... hmm...

I'd also love to get some interviews with these various ladies for our new interview channel.  Must attempt to collect new questions.  But if we don't have time to collect new questions, we'll use some of the questions asked to previous interviewees.

But before we even get to all this, we still have several more shoots to handle here at home in NYC.  We'll be filming with VeVe, Thrash, and Amazon Annie over the next few days before we hit the road.  All righty -- here we go!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Starting Our Wrestler Interview Channel!

Hello everyone!

I'm pleased to say that we've officially started on our quest to collect and publish video interviews with the various wrestlers we encounter.  As we start out, these will be candid and casual interviews which consist of questions submitted by fans.

Our first was a Q&A Interview with Ashley Wildcat.  Some of you may have also seen this posted in a forum thread here about Ashley:

Our newcomer male wrestler Tae was also filming with us that day, and so he got an interview of his own as well.  Here are some of Tae's first impressions of his wrestling adventures:

(Oh, and by the way, he *did* end up getting to try his first 1-on-1 competitive experience... and it was with VeVe just minutes after this interview...)

We're looking forward to filming more interviews as time goes on, and we'll definitely let people know when question-asking opportunities come up (often announced on Twitter: @DoomMaidens and elsewhere).

Hoping also to have a new interview with Amazon Annie this week as well.  Just a heads-up.  We also hope to get interviews with wrestlers while we visit FetCon in Florida this month (heading out on the road trip in one week from now).  Stay tuned, and we will soon announce the wrestlers / models we're filming with & seeing there!

Onward and upward!