Friday, February 24, 2012

Filming Last Night: Ropes and Double Team

Last night I had a really nice film shoot with VeVe Lane, Jason, and Thrash.  We were set to film a special request 2-on-1 competitive mixed match between VeVe and the guys.  And once we were done with that very fun shoot, Thrash was kind enough to film a new bondage match between VeVe and me (Diablo).

The 2-on-1 match of VeVe vs Jason and Thrash was fun because neither Jason nor Thrash have any wrestling training.  It was up to them, as "Average Joe's," to figure out what to do and now to control and submit little VeVe.  Not an easy task!  Indeed, untrained opponents - even 2 of them! - will have a hard time against this one here.

The match started with a push up contest between VeVe and the guys.  And, well, let's just say VeVe's practiced more push ups than her opponents have.  The results of the wrestling match follow the same lines...

The first 20 minutes of the match (first 2 rounds) involved VeVe wearing shiny, black spandex leggings and sports bra, by the patron's request.  The boys wore shorts and black t-shirts.  But for the third round, the "bonus round," VeVe went for her classic bikini style, and the guys took off their shirts.  The above screen capture is from the third round.

I've got to hand it to these guys; they did about 30 minutes of competitive wrestling without ever having done that amount of wrestling, grappling, etc, before.  Furthermore, VeVe is pretty harsh when she throws on submissions in a competitive setting.  I think the gentlemen will be sore for a little while.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Stills on Bondage Wrestling Blog from recent shoot

I just added some quick screen stills from last nights Bondage Wrestling domination video with VeVe and Ben to my new Bondage Wrestling blog.

You can find that here:

In addition to the stills, there is a short discussion of the video included. Enjoy!

Monday, February 6, 2012

New Bondage Wrestling Blog

So, once more I find myself apologizing for the long overdue update! It's just too terrible; I simply forget about my blog until I do something else blog-related. Then I say to myself "Oh yeah! My personal blog!"

The first item I wanted to talk about is my new Bondage Wrestling blog, found here: Bondage Wrestling Action!

Unlike this Adventures in Wrestling Media Production blog, the Bondage Wrestling blog will focus entirely on our exploits in the realm of bondage / tie-up / rope-tie wrestling styles. It will discuss each of our previously released, publically distributed m

atches and videos. Included will be backstory and commentary on the videos, plus trailers and samplings of screen stills. Basically, it is an e-scrapbook. Additionally, the blog will discuss aspects of Bondage Wrestling and speculate on potential video ideas.

... unless I also do that speculating here.

And speaking of Bondage Wrestling, have I mentioned that latest little piece that we filled? It's not mentioned yet in Bondage Wrestling Action!, since I'm writing that in ascending chrono order (and I'm still in 2011 at the moment).

Well, our latest piece was filmed last week LATE at night. Sometimes it's just awfully hard to get a booking in the studios with the best lighting. Major grumble.

That video is called Orlandoe & VeVe: Bondage Wrestling Trickery. Who tricks whom? Well, here's a hint.... this is the cover still:

Basically, by special request, Orlandoe tricks VeVe into putting on both cuffs and then forces her to start the match with both hands bound behind her back. I'll tell you, VeVe starts out smily and giggly, but she eventually becomes quite angry. Especially since Orlandoe couldn't seem to stop laughing at giving VeVe rope burn.

A few days later, Orlandoe told me that she's a tad concerned about whatever retribution may be coming her way in their next video together...

And for your viewing pleasure, before I pack up shop here in the editing studio and prepare to head out to film with VeVe and Jason tonight, here's a very short trailer from Orlandoe & VeVe: Bondage Wrestling Trickery (at clips4sale here: ).