Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mixed MMA Poll Results

We just closed the poll for MMA in the underground wrestling world (see below), and the results imply that people want to see male vs female MMA.

... hey, maybe we could have guessed that by the sudden surge of interest in male vs female military combattives contests on youtube? (thanks for the linking Vinnie!)

In our poll, the interest in mixed MMA beatdowns is equal with mixed MMA competitive.  Clearly, MMA's influence is growing, growing, growing...

These could result in some brutal videos (and have, see VeVe's Bondage Beatdown at our clips store, or VeVe's MMA beatdown at Mark's clips store).  But how about a video that is set up as if it were an MMA contest that just happens to turn out to be a beatdown?  In a cage?  Ring?  That sort of thing.  Both contestants with gloves, looking for the win.  Food for thought.

As for competitive mixed striking videos.  VeVe has been entertaining the idea of a competitive mixed wrestling street fight, with open hand strikes.  That could result in some serious pain on both sides, but it could certainly look good.  The hardest part, aside from the recovery, would be finding a good location for filming!

Below are the poll results from the yahoogroup:

POLL QUESTION: MMA (mixed martial arts) has been growing in popularity. Women in MMA have been making waves. But what about in the underground wrestling world?

Where does your interest fall? Vote for all that apply. 

- I only like wrestling (no catfighting, no MMA), 2 votes, 5.41% 
- I want to see female MMA matches by underground companies., 8 votes, 21.62% 
- I want to see female vs male MMA matches (competitive), 11 votes, 29.73% 
- I want to see female vs male MMA beatdowns and domination videos, 11 votes, 29.73% 
- I'm only interested in wrestling and catfighting (no MMA), 5 votes, 13.51%  

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mid-March Mega Video Shoot: Mixed Wrestling, Tickle Wrestling, Arm Wrestling!

All right, so, it's been a rather busy past two days.  Thank goodness that I'm organized and that my assistant is on the ball.

On Tuesday, we called a bunch of ladies together and banged out as much footage as we could in the 90 minute time slot we had in the studio.  Considering how short 90 minutes is in the world of wrestling video production, I'd call that shoot a "mega shoot" due to the sheer density of work volume accomplished.

Last week, VeVe and I were discussing setting up Orlandoe and Jason for a competitive mixed match.  We realized that Orlandoe hadn't done any mixed wrestling videos yet.  How could that be?!  We had to remedy that.  So, we hollered out to these two kiddies.  Orlandoe was good to go for Tuesday.  The studio was good to go for Tuesday, but Jason wasn't good for Tuesday.

However, a bunch of other ladies happened to have been available for Tuesday.  And two of them needed some new profile photos.  So, one thing led to another, and Clobberetta and Nyx were on board.  VeVe too, of course, was on board.  But for the men?  I was all alone on this, but since too much of one thing is not a good thing, we fortunately learned that Ben was available as well.  We ended up with six people coming together for the shoot... for which, I'll say again, we only had 90 minutes!

Never let it be said that New Yorkers are not ambitious.

Clobberetta has returned from a brief hiatus, so she needed some new photos.  She's down to 270 lbs from 300 lbs, so updated profile pictures were certainly in order.  Nyx is a new lady who's wrestled at parties before, but who is only now getting started in session and video work.  She's been studying brazilian jiujutsu for about 6 months.  She's about 190 lbs.

We are curious to set her up with a competitive match against Clobberetta at some point.

On to the talk of filming!

We received sponsorship for some of the footage we shot, and our company funded some of the footage.  I'll discuss the filming in the order in which we shot it.

First we filmed a mixed wrestling domination with Nyx and me (Diablo).  Following that, we filmed a mixed domination video with Clobberetta and Ben.  This video we've released already, and we've lovingly called it "Clobberetta's Crushing Return."  VeVe calls it "Size Domination."  It was initially called "Clobberetta's Size Domination," but I wasn't pleased with that as a title.  Basically, Clobb explains that she's back on the attack, she goes out into the hall and grabs Ben, drags him into the studio, throws him onto the mat, and proceeds to demonstrate her crushing and body pressing skills.  She works him into some school girl pins in there where she covers his head entirely, at one point telling him that escape is "hopeless."  And, of course, she can't help but throw a few arm bars and shoulder locks into the mix.  Oh, these grapplers.

Then we filmed a tickle wrestling video with Orlandoe and Ben, where Orlandoe proves yet again to be a sneaky little trickster!  She hoodwinks Ben by false-starting on a supposed bondage wrestling match, only to tie his hands behind his back and tickle him into hysteria.  We just released that one into the clips store.  That one was absolutely crazy.  Ben was super ticklish and Orlandoe was a relentless mad tickler.  Basically, it was wild.

We also filmed a tickle wrestling video with Clobberetta and Ben.  Poor Ben.  Fortunately, we had a bit of arm wrestling between the two tickle videos!  Some of the arm wrestling was more "fantasy" style... but VeVe and Orlandoe went head to head for a real arm wrestling bout, first with the right arm and then with the left.  I put that up on youtube: Arm Wrestling: VeVe vs Orlandoe.

We wrapped up the shoot with an athletic mixed wrestling domination video with me and Orlandoe.  That one was also crazy! Orlandoe was venting some frustration and channeling her rivalry with VeVe... I just happened to have been the hapless and unfortunate voodoo doll there!

Somehow I always seem to get suck in these messes.  That video will be coming along soon.  By the way, it's titled "Orlandoe Gets Furious."

Ok, whew, that was a long entry, so I'll bring it to a close here.  Look forward to more work coming this spring!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Indra and Orlandoe for Videos

Hey folks,

Just a heads-up!  

The wonderfully cheeky Indra of London Wrestling Studio will be returning to New York City as of March 6.  You may remember Indra kicking my butt in our mixed bondage wrestling video from May 2011.  She will be staying in NYC for over a few months.

Indra will be ready to go for custom video requests.  If there's anything you'd like to see or like to suggest, please do let us know!

Also hot and ready to go is Orlandoe.  Orlandoe was just promoted to blue belt at her jiujutsu school, so let's all give her a round of congratulations!  She's up-and-coming in the competitive wrestling scene... and we just realized that we have never filmed a competitive mixed wrestling video with her.  That must be remedied!

You may remember Orlandoe from vicious catfights she's had against VeVe and Clobberetta.  She also most recently (Jan 2012) got the upper hand in a mean-n-nasty bondage wrestling video with VeVe (Bondage Wrestling Trickery).  Since her legs are looking great, we know we MUST also get her into some pantyhose & tights and then get her into some mixed wrestling domination action.

Orlandoe is available for custom requests, especially regarding mixed wrestling and pantyhose.  She actually happens to be quite the fan of tights and hose for personal fashion.

Hit us up with custom requests for these ladies, send inquiries and suggestions for & about them, and let's get them up there on the screen this season!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Back from Travel, with some Torturously Fun Videos

I just got home this week from a video-seeking trip down to the Deep South.  In particular, I spent last weekend in Mobile, Alabama, filming with VeVe Lane and Mark of Brutal Beauties (aka "ShortFuse Mark" from our previous mixed wrestling domination videos).

VeVe and I tarvelled down to Mobile to fulfill a custom video request that involved Mark getting judo thrown.  Mark, I must say, is the absolute best judo throw victim I have ever seen.  Seriously, seriously, if you want to see a guy get hip tossed, shoulder tossed, or thrown in some other judo-esque way, Mark is definitely your man.  He's light-weight and average height, which is great for throwing.  He's also very good at "letting go" when it comes to getting tossed; once he feels the throw coming, he relaxes and rolls with it, landing without tension in his body.  For safety's sake, it is very good that he is is able to remain un-tensed and calm - it lets the throw happen as it is intended to happen, and it makes the fall less dangerous.

I've always complimented him on his ability to trust VeVe as she throws him.  He responds that he feels confident in VeVe as a thrower and athlete, so it is not hard for him to trust her.  So, indeed, the combination of Mark's trust and VeVe's abilities makes for some great throwing action.

I will note that he's never formally learned how to do a break fall, though he does sometimes do them unintentionally as a result of his lack of tension.  Break falls are nice because they make a lot of noise on the landing.  They are meant to distribute the force of the fall throughout the body.  But without them, the landing sounds like a hard thud... and often IS a hard thud.

You may notice in that above screen still that VeVe is wearing high heels as she hip tosses Mark.  The fact is, yes, she is wearing heels for that toss.  She wore those heels for about half of that 10-minute long video and executed several throws while wearing them.  She's done it before too, actually, in a video titled "Judo and Foot Domination in Stockings" (not one of my most clever naming moments, but descriptive!).  But in this new video, which we've called "Judo Throw Punishment," she wears the heels for a longer period.

She ends up taking off the heels and her judo gi as well.  And we end up with a very splendid outfit that was underneath: fishnet stockings with a red and black garter belt, panties, and bra set.  From there, yet more throwing, some foot-in-face goodness, and a final victory pose.  But of course!

This is VeVe's and Mark's third judo throws video together.  They make a great combo for this sort of work!

In our next day of shooting, we captured a powerful piece which we have dubbed "Bondage Beatdown for Hire."  As a matter of fact, I just added it to our clips4sale store today.  It's here: Bondage Beatdown for Hire.  Since this content was a bit strong on the brutality and the "attacking of helplessly bound person" aspect, we decided that the clips store made the best means of distribution.

At the risk of rewriting the video product description, here's a brief synopsis: VeVe's role is that she has been hired by Mark's vindictive ex-wife to jump Mark and make a video of him being bound, beaten up, and humiliated.  The unspoken conclusion is that she would then send the video to the ex.

Mark arrives at the studio, expecting to meet VeVe for a routine mixed wrestling shoot.  But she had secretly arrived before him, has been hiding out, and ambushes him with rope in hand.  It goes on from there to become a barrage of different bondage ties - VeVe changes to ties several times for functionality's sake - and of verbal and physical abuse.  The striking, punches, slaps, knees, and all definitely made me wince behind the camera.  There was no pre-determined length for this video, but I eventually had to wave it to an end once I became concerned for Mark and the beating he was taking.

It's actually quite amazing the amount of punishment that he can take.  Really rather impressive.  By all means, check him out at Brutal Beauties Wrestling to see even more examples of his work.

In addition to these videos, VeVe also shot two videos for Brutal Beauties.  I got to just relax for that, since the BB videographer was on the scene.  All in all, VeVe and Mark did a pretty good amount of work together last weekend.  I imagine they must have been pretty exhausted afterwards!  I would have been - but these two just bounce right back.  The sign of physical professionals, clearly!

All righty, I've got to curtail this one now, since it's a Friday night and my text messages are blowing up and calling me out to the club.  Good timing, though, since I was able to talk all about everything in my post's title.  Great!  Catch you later.