Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Update: Gia Primo, Roxy Fox, VeVe, Pro Style Mixed Wrestling!

Holy Moly! I am due for an update, and badly!

The biggest problem with being busy and blogging is that when you're busy, it's awful hard to get to blogging. There has been SO much going on lately, so many great matches and shoots, and I keep thinking "I need to blog about this," but it all piles up so high that I then end up thinking:

"Whoa, this would take such a huge blog entry, that it is just too immense to think of how I would organize it!"

In early May, there was the travel to Chicago to film VeVe's match with Gia Primo in a very interesting battle ground - a rather narrow wrestling room with walls on 3 sides and a small stair case on the 4th side (which they fortunately only fell off of once).

Natural lighting made for a cool moodiness to the look of the match.
In later May, there were the swell bondage matches with Indra, which I have already blogged about.

Toward the very end of May, VeVe and I visited Michelle Falsetta's Mixed Wrestling Event in Brooklyn, where VeVe fought many mixed matches on the main mat, including a bondage wrestling match. I got to kick back that evening on one of the sofas.

While we were there, we had a chance to meet Roxy Fox from Amsterdam. One thing led to another, and we set up a match between Roxy and VeVe for the very next day. We had to move quickly, since Roxy only had a few days left in NYC before she headed back to Europe.

So, that next evening indeed, we filmed a competitive match between VeVe and Roxy Fox. Two really tough ladies, great competitors, both a real pleasure to work with. Roxy was charming, professional, and had a lot of heart. A great shoot!

Sorry, I'm moving quickly here. Just summarizing mostly.

I also had some time in the spotlight. Literally.

On June 2, I co-starred in two matches with VeVe. Of course, I was the unfortunate victim! In the first, called Interrogation Torture, I played a prisoner who was to be interrogated by a sultry and wicked inquisitor played by VeVe. I got pushed around *a lot* and foot choked more than I'd ever like (I never like to be foot choked, actually). As a matter of fact, I was put in more choke holds than one could shake a stick at. I had a pretty sore neck the following day.

We had some awesome lighting for that shoot, which really added to the interrogation atmosphere. Great downlight from overhead cliplights in the studio, with the tiniest bit of natural light coming in from an obstructed window. You can see that in the background of the picture I have at the right. There were also some sweet echoes in the room, what with it being so large. Really nice, creepy effect!

We also shot a "pro style" match between me and VeVe. We were both in tights and wrestling boots. Hooray! She was technically wearing a body stocking. It was a really neat match, and I really loved the tights and boots combo. Especially since the white stood out so well!

Pro-style is so fun and whacky. We both gave and received various punishing holds. Here's a picture of me dishing it out with a Boston Crab!

We also replayed and re-filmed that match two days later at the June 4 NYC Wrestling Showcase. We needed a slight wardrobe correction for VeVe, and I also wanted the camera operator to shoot a wider angle. The June 2 version is shot with a lot of close-ups and moodiness, which is pretty neat. But I also wanted a version that showed the full bodies in the frame, and that's what we got with the June 4 version. The June 4 one was also filmed before a live audience and had more mutual flipping.

Yeah, Pro-style is fun. And it helps that I went to school for theatre and trained in stage combat. And, again, I was really digging my white wrestling boots. They just felt so comfortable.

And there you have it, my friends. I'll leave you at that! I'll write about the June 4 NYC Wrestling Showcase soon as well. It was VeVe's first invitational FVF tournament, and it went very well! The ladies fighting included Indra (London), Orlandoe (NYC), LotusLily (Toronto), and Athena (originally London, now NYC). It was a 4-way single elimination tournament with a consolation match. Ok, more to come. There's that for now!