Monday, July 11, 2011

Orlandoe vs Ginger Martin? Make this Match?

I just posted this message to our yahoogroup. I wanted to also record it here:

Some of you know Ginger (aka "Hot Muscle Mom") already.

Some of you may remember her from her match against VeVe Lane in June 2010.

Many of you have seen the trailer for that match:

Now Ginger is coming back to NYC at the end of July, and we've been pondering setting her up with a match against Orlandoe.

Orlandoe has challenged VeVe on several occasions during in-house competition, including both a wrestling bout and a hardcore catfight. And let's not forget to mention Orlandoe's "dive bomb" attack on VeVe during VeVe's bondage wrestling victory pose over Athena.

And Orlandoe was crowded Champion at the Showcase Tournament this past June, defeating Lily and Indra to rise to the top in our local competition.

An Orlandoe vs Ginger match-up looks like it could have some great competitive energy, considering the potential combattants.

If this match interests you, if you are interested in joining a sponsor pool for it, or if the possibility of it tickles your fancy even a little, then please let me know. You can respond on list here, or write to me off-list.

Looking forward to hearing from you and encouraging more good, sweaty competitive wrestling goodness.

Filming Physical Domination of a Sadistic Sort

Whew, onward to blogging. Finally!

We're here into July now in NYC, and we're approaching mid-July at that! Time flew between my last blog entry and now. No more blog slacking; it's time to get cracking.

June was a busy month for us here at the "ranch." On a non-wrestling note, I had to have some follow-up surgery at the start of June, so that knocked me out of commission for "on-screen" time. Fortunately, I got in on a great bondage wrestling video with Indra and the pro-style video in tights with VeVe, not to mention also the sweet little interrogation scenario.

So, I'm back behind the camera again. It's other people's times to shine!

We recently filmed a special request video take-off on Interrogation Torture. The same dastardly minds that brought to life that dark, creepy mixed wrestling beatdown scenario next dreamed up a new scenario which we filmed in the last week of June...

And it was even darker and creepier!

This one was dubbed "Domestic Discord," and it featured VeVe in her femme fatale role and attire. She's been doing a lot of wrestling and physical domination in her black tights and leotard lately, I must say! Anyway, speaking of physical domination, yes, that is certainly the genre of "Domestic Discord."

I loved the story line - VeVe's character is a spy-assassin who has been deep undercover, married to a government official (played by Thrash) for years. He hasn't the foggiest idea of her true purpose and nature; their marriage has been nothing but peaceful and happy since the start. And she's gotten to know him very well.

When the day comes that she receives orders to kill him, she arranges a special evening surprise for him when he arrives home from work. The scene unfolds from there.

VeVe's character is totally a black widow in this one, absolutely. I mean, aside from the fact that she's dressed in skin tight all-black, of course! She sets up for a nice romantic evening at home, offers her husband wine, coos sweet nothings in his ear... but once his back is turned, she drugs the wine, strips into her sleek, dark "taking-care-of-business" attire, and proceeds to pleasure herself by making her poor victim suffer... and erotically.

See, during her years of spying, government intelligence was not the only vital information she gathered; she had also studied her husband's favorite fetishistic indulgences. And she uses each of his fetishes to bring about his end.

... again, much to her great delight, which she expresses so well for the camera.

Dark and creepy, yes. And very well done by VeVe and Thrash!

Also in that week, we filmed a small series of karate themed kicking videos with Orlandoe and Thrash, and then with Athena and Jason (the green wrestler from Lucha Spandex Smackdown). Both Orlandoe and Athena have some great leg flexibility, what with Orlandoe being practiced in capoeira (brazilian martial art) and Athena in afro-brazilian dance. Thrash and Jason threw great kicks in return, each of the gentlemen looking very sporty in their white karate uniforms.

I'm finally caught up with work, so, whew, a chance to write a bit. But just a bit.

I've got a folder full of photos open and waiting for my attention today. Hopefully I will be able to bang them out and get a new photo gallery up for VeVe. These are photos from a shoot she did in May with photographer Gary Dates in New Jersey. Some very artful shots which really show off VeVe's body quite well. I will be posting certain selections from that shoot. Plus, on that same shoot, she also dressed up as a "feral girl" and did some sweet action posing in the wilderness at night. Those coming soon as well.

Ok, off we go to photo work next.

Update, the gallery is now up: VeVe Lane: Blue Posed & Feral Girl