Friday, November 11, 2011

VeVe and more 2-on-1 fighting

POLL QUESTION: VeVe fought valiantly in her mixed wrestling 2-on-1 competitive challenge match against Ben and Diablo. We'd like her to try a 2-on-1 competitive female match. But whom should the opponents be? Choose from the below or e-mail suggestions to

- Athena and Indra vs VeVe, 41.67%
- Orlandoe and Wrecks vs VeVe, 25.00%
- Athena and Orlandoe vs VeVe, 33.33%

And speaking of double teams and 2-on-1s, tomorrow we will be filming yet another 2-on-1 mixed wrestling challenge (among other things).

VeVe will this time take on Ben and Twiggy simultaneously. A slightly different combo from the Ben & Diablo team that VeVe faced last. This time, VeVe will have a closer match in terms of opponents' weights.

As for the Female 2-on-1 match, we are going to be pitting VeVe against Athena and Indra. Not tomorrow, though, since we couldn't quite get everyone's schedules to line up there.

Stay tuned!