Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thoughts on Bondage Wrestling

Many thanks to a certain mixed wrestling fan who long ago introduced VeVe Lane to the art of bondage wrestling. And many thanks to VeVe who picked up the art and skill of tie-up wrestling and shared it with other mixed wrestling fans. And then, again thanks go out to VeVe for getting up in front of the camera and a lot more people just what she means when she talks about "bondage wrestling."

At this point, I have filmed 3 bondage wrestling video matches with VeVe. In the first of those 3, I was the opponent. The second and third matches were F v F matches. These 3 different matches had slightly different objectives, and therefore different flavors. And we learned a bit from each one.

In my bondage match with VeVe, the idea was for her to attempt to tie me, and for me to attempt to avoid the ties. However, there was an unspoken understanding, as part of the conditions of the match, that I was not allowed to directly remove the ties. I also had to wrestle her and attempt to control her, which, of course
, brought me into close contact with her, wherein she was able to loop her rope skills into action on my limbs.

Speaking from first hand experience, those thin ropes she uses do bite a good deal! A lot of the control VeVe gained in that bondage wrestling bout was due to the rope loops hurting my wrists and ankles and forcing me to move in a way to relieve the pressure.

VeVe's second bondage wrestling video match was with Keri of FemFightClub and Spectrum Fighting. This was a competitive bout wherein these two skilled female grapplers were mutually attempting to tie each other and secure each others' limbs. The difficulty here came from each lady actively workin
g to remove a tie or loop once it had been established on her body.

Like my match, the match with VeVe and Keri involved 4 pre-set, pre-looped ropes being set out at the corners of the mat. VeVe had the edge over Keri in the loop placement and rope skill, but Keri was clever and watchful. Even when VeVe was nearing a secure tie, Keri would be able to figure out the pattern of the tie and begin to wriggle to freedom. And, like me, Keri also remarked on how those rope bites do rather hurt.

Overall, the ladies reported that the match was exhausting, mentally stimulating, and quite challenging. However, I was not quite satisfied at leaving it at just that, since no full immobilization was achieved.

Thanks to a suggestion from a bondage & wrestling fan, following the Keri vs VeVe match, we headed to the Leather shop and got a new set of items to add to the mix: leather wrist cuffs with D-rings. New rule: each wrestler would wear a cuff, and a "permanent" rope would be attached to the D-ring of the cuff. That cuff rope could never be removed during the course of the fight.

VeVe and I agreed that this cuff-rope would open greater possibilities for control and completed ties during the course of a tie-up match.

So we gave it a shot.

This time, only a few months ago, we put VeVe up against then-newcomer Athena for a bondage match. The ladies locked on the wrist cuffs, looped on the cuff ropes, and went at it. And, as expected, the cuff rope led to greater rope security and a great complete tie-up.

Of course, that match later involved a little surprise dive-bomb visitation by Orlandoe. And so we got to see how double-team bondage wrestling worked out. And it sure can lead to a quick tie job!

So, what's next on the bondage wrestling front?

The wrist cuff method seems like a nice addition. We've also considered pitting VeVe, a wrestler who can tie while fighting, against an experienced bondage tie artist who also wrestles. Who would have the upper hand there?

What about a match in a pre-set rope body harness? That would surely make a good opportunity to get grips and secure ties.

VeVe has been working to develop bondage wrestling techniques of her own. Maybe she should look into hojojitsu for inspiration, which is a Japanese art of rope tying a struggling opponent. But I think those toes are supposed to focus on looping the neck... And we want to avoid that.

Well, here's to more of that to come in 2011. And here's VeVe's website, if anyone wants to drop her a hello and chat bondage wrestling: VeVe Lane at

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Female Tickle Wrestling!

I'd been curious to see what competitive tickle wrestling would be like. So, we gathered together two local ticklish female wrestlers and set them head-to-head. The result?

That little trailer just gives a glimpse of the madness that ensued.

Of course, gotta love it, the "m" in the final aspect of the ".com" of the web address attached to the video had to fall onto the lower line. Well, you know, since that was such a crazy video, there needed to be a little additional craziness in there.

I've filmed some tickle wrestling before, in a mixed match video involving Veronica Vicious. The was more of a one-sided match, where Veronica was the one doing the tickling, and her opponent could do nothing more but survive the tickle torture. That was maybe a year or more ago. Whatmore, on the same evening of the tickle match between VeVe and Annie there, I also filmed a tickle torture match between VeVe and infamous wrestle-victim ShortFuse Mark. Like Veronica's mixed tickle video, this one was also one-sided, with only VeVe allowed to tickle.

But this match between VeVe and Annie was a mutual tickler vs tickler type of match. And it was hysterical. I'll tell you , when you watch people tickle each other or attempt to tickle each other - you know, the way that ticklers make the tickletickle verbalizations - well, when you watch that going on, it's just hard not to laugh yourself.

So, I realized I had a smile glued to my face as I was editing the match. And every time I watch the match or the trailer. Your mileage may vary, but that's my experience-take on the matter!

I know a lot of people have been asking for bondage wrestling combined with tickle wrestling. That item is also on the to-do for us. The thing to do there, though, is to consider suitable opponents. But that is speculation for another day!