Thursday, May 19, 2016

New Wrestler Interviews: Aralia and Cat Wily, with Hanz

Last night after wrestling practice, Hanz Vanderkill conducted a wonder little introductory interview of our two new local wrestlers, Aralia and Cat Wily.

This is a charming little Q&A session where the ladies show their personalities and talk a little bit about how they got interested in wrestling, their favorite moves, and their beginning thoughts.

Thanks so much to Aralia and Cat for sticking around afterwards for this brief little chat, and thanks too to Hanz for being a nice host!  We look forward to seeing Aralia and Cat strut their stuff on the mats in this coming season!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Introducing Aralia to the Wrestling Scene

I'm so excited to introduce our new wrestler Aralia, who had her very first video shoot with us last night.  It was a toughy, but she's a trooper.

Aralia is not a professional model, nor is she a professional session wrestler.  Rather, she is a sweet and unassuming girl from the neighborhood who happened to join us for wrestling practices last summer.  She had no prior training, but she loves wrestling.  She's been practicing with us regularly, and she just recently decided to try out some video matches and scenes.

She's really scrappy and loves rough play, so we paired her with Howl for a bondage wrestling match for her very first video.  Not the most fair pairing for the newcomer (indeed, some stacked odds), but she fought hard, tried her absolute best, and loved it.

She also did a last-minute Python & Prey scene with Howl.  Since she is inexperienced, she portrayed the Prey, which is a divergence from our usual female-dominant Python & Prey series.  However, Howl did a great job as the predator.  This one was a fantasy scene, despite the hard struggling and physicality.

We hope to get Aralia some more competitive opportunities to come, but I also think she has great potential for other styles too.  To put a face to the name, here is the opening interview with Howl & Aralia from their bondage wrestling match.  Aralia's very first on-camera appearance for us:

She's so great, fun, and sweet, we look forward to working with her more!