Thursday, January 20, 2011

Video shoot tonight: Judo throws and Pantyhose

Just shot a GREAT dancewear judo throw domination video with VeVe and Mark tonight.

VeVe looked great in her pantyhose + leotard combo. Some nice, lean, dancer-like muscle. And hooray for Mark for surviving ALL those throws! VeVe really made him catch some air tonight.

Here's a cute little pose she popped for me after one of her throws:

Thanks to our sponsor for making this one possible! VeVe looks splendid in dancewear, especially when she is hip throwing people to and fro.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Matches on the Horizon for Jan 2011

Though I am still doing my surgery recovery thing, I have been setting up a number of match possibilities for early 2011.

The bondage wrestling match I had with VeVe in early November is doing very well and has become quite popular. Our fans and customers are intrigued by both the general style of the match and VeVe's dexterous rope work skills. The fact that she can handle the rope AND wrestle at the same time is really turning some heads.

As I may have mentioned, we are now aiming to shoot a F v F bondage wrestling match, and we've been tracking down Wrecks to tie-up with VeVe on this one. Wrecks is our number one pick on this because she has yet to face VeVe on the mats at all. A likely second is Orlandoe, though she and VeVe had a video match together earlier in 2010. And Clobberetta is a possible contender, since she is also skilled and experienced with bondage wrestling. However, VeVe and Clobberetta just had a fantastic video catfight match at the end of October, so I would prefer more time before they faced off again.

There has also been some discussion from the drawing board about VeVe offering a bondage match to Keri of FemFightClub.

We are also still considering a wrestling match-up of Wrecks vs Orlandoe.

Other F v F combinations that were thrown into the mix include Orlandoe vs Clobberetta (bondage wrestling), VeVe vs Wrecks (wrestling), as well as matches between VeVe and Jasmine Flower and/or Raquel.

For mixed matches, we have a mini series coming up between VeVe and Blazin' Ben. As soon as Ben's new singlet arrives, we'll be setting up to shoot a "pro-style" singlet match between VeVe and Ben. Following that, these two will shoot a competitive wrestling match wherein BOTH are wearing dance tights. It's a theme of "guy and girl wear matched fight attire."

And speak of the devil, Ben's singlet just now arrived via FedEx.

So, it looks like VeVe's matches against Ben are the next in the queue...