Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Leotard Syndicates, Supremacy, and Style

All righty, here's the January 2013 blog entry I semi-promised in my previous post.  Hey, it's only Jan 30, so no problem!

This has definitely been a very busy and diverse month.  And I happen to enjoy both busy-ness (in moderation) and diversity.  However, those things combined do make it tough to properly structure a blog summary.  But I've racked up some good points to discuss.

Lethal Leotards Syndicate

First off, let me just say that this is very exciting.  This month and last saw further development in the Lethal Leotards Syndicate storyline, and much credit is of course owed to VeVe and Orlandoe for their in-person realizations.  Credit is also most definitely due to our patron and inspiration who wrote the backstory for Interrogation Torture, Domestic Discord, and the original Lethal Leotards.

You may recall that we tried to kick off the Stockholm Syndrome Collection of video episodes last fall.  These were to be individual scenarios featuring femmes fatales in black leotards & tights brainwashing their various male prisoners.  We filmed one episode with Indra and Adrian, and one with VeVe, Athena, and Thrash.

However, I have to admit, the name "Stockholm Syndrome" just wasn't rubbing me the right way.  It sounded way too clinical, but also too vague.  The idea seemed reasonable, but the name just didn't give the sleek and femininely sadistic feel that should surround the ladies' organization.  Since we didn't have anything else immediately jumping off the drawing board, we set our doubts to the side and continued working.

Through the fall, I had been chasing after Orlandoe to get her to do a Stockholm Syndrome episode for us.  We finally got together to shoot in December, and by this time I wasn't gripping so hard to the original idea as I had been in the fall.

Anyway, as I may have mentioned in the December wrap-up post, we filmed twice with Orlandoe - once in the studio, where we were horribly interrupted by an inappropriately happy-jazzy piano from the theatre; and once in the apartment setting at night.  The first shoot laid the basis for Orlandoe's Orlandoe Supreme studio (more on that later), and the apartment shoot resulted in the birth of the Lethal Leotards Syndicate.

Throughout the apartment shoot, Orlandoe kept referring to "our syndicate" when she spoke to Jason.  I seem to recall that she said "syndicate" a lot that evening.  She was the only one who ever referred to the organization that way.  So, afterwards, as I was editing Orlandoe's footage and creating a title screen for her video, I got to chatting with VeVe and hitting the thesaurus to help officially name the organization (and rename the series).  We both really liked the title "Lethal Leotards" from VeVe's film by that name - maybe it's the alliteration? - and it turned out that "syndicate" looked to be the best match to complete the title.

Aside from the fact that "syndicate" just somehow sounds sinister, there is also the lovely definition from Merriam-Webster:

     a : a group of persons or concerns who combine to carry out a particular transaction or project
     b : cartel
     c : a loose association of racketeers in control of organized crime

How splendid!  So, Orlandoe's "Agent Orlandoe" video was the first production to bear the super-title of "Lethal Leotards Syndicate," and thus the black-clad femme fatale group was reborn with a tighter focus.

Lethal Leotards Duo

Orlandoe's performance and presence in her "Agent Orlandoe" inspired our Interrogation Torture patron to recommend a performance featuring VeVe and Orlandoe in tandem.  The ladies were pleased with the idea, and so they set their rivalry aside (or not?) in order to work together to bring down poor Thrash in January's new Lethal Leotards Duo.

Both VeVe and Orlandoe are talented when it comes to creepy and sadistic, and they did an excellent job in this piece.  As usual, the dialogue was entirely improvised.  Considering that the filming was nearly non-stop, the cast's timing was impressive.  Dialogue was well crafted, intentions were strong, and tableaux were spot-on.  My favorite moment, I have to say, was when the ladies decide they're bored with their victim, they pick him up and put him on the ground, and VeVe walks around to his face and strikes out suddenly, swiftly and -stop freeze!- presses her toes to his throat.

The lighting for this one is a bit brighter than I personally feel inclined to have made it.  I imagine it should be darker, perhaps to match the subject matter, but I also realize that "daily life" room lighting is quite right for the scenario.  Afterall, VeVe is only bringing her date home on any normal evening, to a perfectly normal apartment, to meet her friendly roommate.  It's all quite day-to-day.  Or so it seems.  But, you know, seeming vs being, etc, etc, etc.  I refer you to the Scottish play on the matter of seeming vs being.  But anyway, VeVe does dim the lights a tad bit once the ladies start getting down to business.

This piece turned out to be 36 minutes long, and the performers just ran with it.  They weren't aiming for any specific amount of time, but rather just as much as they needed.  VeVe, I will point out, does have an uncanny tendency to be able to write 30-minute long improvised scenes in the moment, complete with well-crafted dialogue (well, usually it's monologues).  She did take the lead here with speaking, but Orlandoe timed her own dialogue just right, getting excellent and amusing commentary of her own.

I look forward to more with with these two ladies in the Lethal Leotards Syndicate series.

Orlandoe Supreme

As I mentioned above, Orlandoe was able to open her own clips4sale studio in December, called Orlandoe Supreme.  I think it's a great name!  Another group effort on naming  (Orlandoe is a big fan of the theme of female supremacy).

I set up the studio and generated the first material from the filming we did in December.  That footage was filled with red, black, and white, so these became the color base for the studio.  Orlandoe brought some excellent fashion attire for the filming, and this set the tone for the store in general.  Frankly, I really like the aesthetic.

Following our Lethal Leotards Duo filming, we filmed more material for Orlandoe's studio, including a lovely foot worship scene with Orlandoe and Thrash and and arm wrestling match between the two.

More to come in the future for this, and I admit to really liking the colors, theme, and fashion choices here.  It's quite fun to work on building up this little budding studio.

The Return of the Thong Leotard

I was long-winded on the Lethal Leotard Syndicate talk, so now I have to cut to the chase in the Style section!

Also this month, VeVe brought out her thong leotard for a return performance on the wrestling mats.  She suited up with tan pantyhose and the black leotard for a competitive mixed match in a very warmly-lit studio.  The result: lovely imagery.  The match: VeVe vs Gino.

We filmed with match in the same room where we filmed "Pantyhose Duel 2012" with VeVe and Twiggy back in October.  It's a room with great lighting for earth tones and tights.

In addition to being one of our few - or perhaps the only? - competitive mixed wrestling match video featuring VeVe in leotard & tights, this match also had a new special rule set.  This was, essentially, as VeVe describes it, a competitive facesitting match.  The objective here, and the only way to score points, was with facesit pins.

Gino was an excellent choice of opponent for this match due to his stats being remarkably similar to VeVe's. She is 5'4" and 120 lbs and he is 5'3" and 125 lbs.  This close proximity in size helped keep this style of pinning match competitive and possible.

The choice to wear the pantyhose for the match was a last-minute one.  And I do believe it was a good one. Furthermore, VeVe had originally intended to wear the tights for the first round and then go without them for the second.  But the hose looked so good, especially under this room's lights, that we kept them throughout. Style points.

Wrap Up

Well, that turned out to be quite a long update!  Though I did get to talk a lot about what I intended to touch on, I wasn't able to re-cap everything from this month.  VeVe's and Orlandoe's various activities took up all of my focus for the month, though I got to work with other ladies alongside these two.

We filmed with attire-based pieces with VeVe and Amazon Annie as well as VeVe and Wrecks.  Annie and Wrecks are more rare to appear, given their tight schedules, but they are both certainly happy to take on fun filming opportunities.

I also appeared on film as well.  I was featured with VeVe in a new muscle worship video which involved quite a lot of shiny oil.  I also got a new opportunity to practice my punches in VeVe's second mixed belly punching video, aptly called "VeVe Takes Punches, Vol 2."  This second volume featured VeVe's belly taking some rather hard hits, particularly since I started getting my hips involved in the throw.  A rather intense 5 minutes that did generate quite a bit of bruising.

And that's the wrap-up for this blog entry.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Now onward to February, Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day..... and the return of Indra.  Stay tuned!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Almost there for January

I'm almost there with a new blog post for January 2013, but I've been swamped.  I just remembered my little blog now as I was swinging through everyone else's blogs (namely VeVe's Wrestling Blog and Orlandoe's

It's almost 10 pm right now, and I'm about to edit a video we just filmed with VeVe and Wrecks this evening.  But I would like to mention that recent adventures have involved more Bondage Wrestling with VeVe and Keri Spectrum (the Hogtie Wrestling Race), competitive mixed wrestling with VeVe vs Gino and VeVe vs Hanz, the sadistic Lethal Leotards Duo with VeVe and Orlandoe ganging up on Thrash, Belly Punching with VeVe taking the hits, and the birth and development of Orlandoe's personal clips studio (Orlandoe Supreme).

More to come soon, but I need to get to this post-production work for this shoot.  I'll leave you with a nice little highlights reel from the match between VeVe and Hanz that took place earlier this month: