Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Filming with Savannah Fox this Thursday!

Hi All,

Savannah Fox has returned to New York, and we'll have the pleasure of filming with her again this coming Thursday!  

For those who don't know Savannah "Big Booty" Fox, she filmed with us during our big October NYC Mega Filming event.

She did a mixed domination video with Thrash:  http://www.doommaidens.com/store/savannahfoxthrash/
She also did a bondage wrestling video with Indra: http://www.doommaidens.com/store/indrasavannahfoxrope/

And Savannah also did a short pro-style match with VeVe:

On Thursday evening, Savannah will be taking on VeVe Lane in a competitive bondage wrestling match.  She will also face off against Hanz Vanderkill in a competitive mixed match for Hanz's own "Mixed Battle Theatre" studio.

I'd also like to get Savannah into a thong leotard and tights to perform some punishing holds on either a male or female victim.  But I need to decide which hold(s) and which victim.  Suggestions are welcomed!

If you have suggestions or requests for Savannah Fox, e-mail us at:  orders@doommaidens.com
or contact VeVe at:  veve.wrestler@gmail.com

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Busy December: Volcano, VeVe, Lia Labowe, Indra, Azy

Well, that was certainly a busy December!  Really, I can't believe how long that month was - and I thought October was long (and, well, it really was, too).

This past month, we filmed with visiting wrestlers - both newcomer and veteran alike - and we welcomed some of our local talent back from hiatus, as well as worked with our own newcomer and veteran talent.

More specifically?  Ok:

We filmed with Volcano from London, filmed with Lia Labowe from Boston; we welcomed Indra back after a busy season of her own; and we filmed with local veteran VeVe and local newcomer Crazy Azy.  Among others!

Volcano, VeVe, Hanz, to Kick of December

We opened December with a new competitive female wrestling match-up between VeVe and visitor Volcano.  I didn't know much about Volcano prior to the filming, though I do know we tried to film with her in the spring of this year.  She had declined previously, but I think she felt more comfortable this time around, since we had filmed recently with her London colleague Venom.

Like Venom, Volcano is an MMA fighter.  She is less experienced, but she did come into the match with a lot of confidence.

This match was unique in a couple of ways:  Firstly, due to timing and people's schedules, we filmed in our apartment studio, which provided a 10' x 10' mat space.  This setting provides an intimate ambiance and keeps the wrestlers close together, though it does severely limit takedowns and forces a tighter style of play.  The ladies weren't bothered by this, though.

Secondly, we included heel hooks as an allowed submission attempt.  Now, this may not seem like a big deal to most people, but as a veteran of two knee surgeries, I personally cringe at twisting knee attacks.  When I was going over the rules of the match, I mentioned disallowing heel hooks.  Volcano noted that the heel hook was one of her favorite submission attacks, and VeVe chimed in that she didn't mind.  So, all submissions were allowed, including twisting knee attacks (but excluding finger or toe manipulation).

Of course, heel hooks were attempted...

Anyway.  Everyone emerged unscathed.  The match featured some great skillful and tenacious grappling.  Very nice risk-taking, good working from both top and bottom, good attempting to pass the guard and advance the attack.  Submissions came from both sides - likely because neither competitor was intent on stalling.  Lively and athletic.  A great athletic match!  In the end, endurance, submission arsenal, and experience took the cake.

Hanz had intended to have a match with Volcano afterwards, but scheduling and circumstances wouldn't permit it.  So, Hanz redirected his gaze and locked eyes with VeVe.  So, off they went for their yearly competitive bout.  I filmed that one for Hanz's studio.  I think he'll get it out when he has a moment.

Indra and All-Over Action

Indra had a lot to do this season!  She filmed with us in early December, but then got stuck under a landslide of other work before emerging again to film with us to end the month.

Firstly, I took a moment to exact some revenge on the little trash talker.  December started rough for Indra when I challenged her to a competitive bondage wrestling match.  I'm quite aware that many people like to see Indra tied up, so I decided to provide...

I got dominated in a bondage match by Indra two years ago, so it was time for a little good-natured  vengeance.  I've been filming bondage wrestling - both competitive and story-based - for quite a while now, and I've been writing about bondage wrestling and discussing it a lot as well.  I talk to VeVe often about the most efficient ties for particular circumstances, and I do a lot of tying myself for Bondage Escape Challenges and for scenarios that call for people to be discovered pre-tied.  So, I felt pretty good about facing Indra.

Needless to say, Indra got tied up.  And tickled.  And duct tape gagged.  And victory posed on.

She's a cutie, and she was bratty and talking garbage until I finally had to gag her.  Her fans are now clamoring for retribution...


Indra re-emerged later in the month to bring us a splendid display of Indra-brand mixed domination...

Indra Dons the Black: Lethal Leotards

Leotard, tights, and the power of Indra.  "Agent Indra" as an official Lethal Leotards episode was long overdue... or was it?  So, yes, indeed, we filmed the LLS episode of "Agent Indra," which joins other LLS episodes from this season, including "Agent Sable" and "Agent Kara."

Indra originally appeared with Adrian in the proto-LLS video called "Stockholm Syndrome Collection, Vol 1" in September 2012.  When we filmed a leotard and tights video with Orlandoe in December 2012, Orlandoe's use of the word "Syndicate" led to the immediate re-naming and re-issuing of the series as the "Lethal Leotards Syndicate," officially kicking off with "Agent Orlandoe."

So, in a slightly refocused personal sequel for Indra, and a first for Agent Indra in the LLS series, we put Indra and Thrash together for some undercover, under-her-spell, under-her-foot fun.

I'd like to write more about the differences between our LLS agents in another blog entry, but I will say that they've all had rather different styles and ways of operating.  The distinctions have been quite fun for me to observe, as the videographer.  Indra, of course, really brings the brassy factor!

After the official film, Indra and Thrash put together this nice little video greeting:

Crazy Azy takes on VeVe Lane

Still relatively a newcomer, local wrestler Crazy Azy stepped up in mid-December to face-off against local reigning champ VeVe Lane.  Azy was originally scheduled to wrestle Orlandoe - something we also tried to setup in autumn - but scheduling trouble foiled those plans once again.  But VeVe was available immediately, so Azy ate her Wheaties and stepped up for a challenge.

And, you know, I think she did a great job!

Azy came in with a lot of energy and nothing to lose.  She threw herself into the bout and wasn't afraid to ruffle any feathers with her submission attempts.  She tossed in some surprising attacks, forcing VeVe to call on escapes and counters, and she wasn't afraid to take risks and just go for it.  But she wasn't used to fighting for such a prolonged period, and exhaustion started to kick in.  The champion, however, had the edge in grappling skill and is experienced in powering through lengthy matches.

My hat goes off to challenger Azy, who put up a tenacious fight against a difficult and experienced opponent!  I look forward to working further with Azy for more matches and filming to come.  Keep you eyes out for her in 2014!

Whew, ok, one more segment yet to go...

Filming with Lia Labowe

Also in December, I had the pleasure of meeting and filming several videos with industry veteran Lia Labowe from New England.

Several fans and customers wrote to me to give me a heads-up that Lia was coming to town for a one-day visit.  And I went to check the wb270 travel listings, and there is was, indeed, a listing confirming Lia for a very short stay.  So, we moved quickly to see what could be done!

Lia was very receptive to my initial contact message, but the only time she had available was a 2-hour window starting at 8 am on the day of her departure.  No problem!  I got my crew assembled, grabbed the travel mats and video gear, and we all headed over for an early morning filming at Lia's hotel room in midtown.

Since our time was limited (Lia needed to catch a bus afterwards), we unfortunately didn't have very much time for chatting, but I left VeVe and Lia to get acquainted while the boys and I rearranged the room for the shoot.

We had a total of 4 videos on the agenda, but we strongly suspected we'd only be able to get 3 done.  And, as it turned out, we did only get 3 after all.  We first filmed a special request mixed video with Lia and Hanz, which we later called Lia's Submission Clinic.  We then filmed a second special request mixed video with Lia and Adrian.  And to top things off, we filmed a bondage wrestling match with VeVe and Lia in pantyhose.  Including set-up and tear-down, we did manage to get it all in in about 2 hours.

Lia was great to work with.  She has her own trash talk and domination style, which she owns with confidence.  She's very professional, pleasant, and ready to work.  I would definitely work with her again if she comes back for another visit to the Big Apple.  People have called for her to do female competitive matches, and I would certainly have her for more bondage wrestling of various types, plus a variety of other video genres!

Whew, ok, sorry to cut things quickly at the end there, but this entry has gotten long!  When I first wrote up the post's title, I did have an inkling that all those names would lead to a lengthy entry, but I wasn't quite prepared for the reality of it.  There were even other filmings going on, too, such a Double Victory Pose sequel with Amazon Annie, VeVe, and Thrash, plus a competitive mixed wrestling trial for Crazy Azy.  But I'm only thinking of these now, and I can't fit them in cleanly.

Anyway, thanks for reading!  And thanks for keeping up with this little blog.  More to come for 2014!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Lia Labowe and Tyler Dare in NYC. Filming?

Hi All,

Lia Labowe and Tyler Dare will be visiting NYC this week, and we're working to set up a shoot with them.  Here's a message VeVe sent out to our YahooGroup.

For suggestions or requests, write to me here:  orders@doommaidens.com or to VeVe here:  veve.wrestler@gmail.com

Hey, Everybody,

You can tell it's the holidays because our stockings are stuffed over here with fantastic guest wrestling talent!

Lia Labowe and Tyler Dare are BOTH in town this week.  We're talking to both ladies about setting up shoots.  

There's a little chance we could get them together at the same shoot Wednesday morning.  Does anyone have requests for these two ladies together?  If so, we can try to make this happen.

More likely, we'll shoot with each lady separately. Hit us up with suggestions or custom requests!

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Also, just an advance heads up that Savannah Fox will be back in NYC Dec. 23rd - Jan. 3.  More on that after Lia and Tyler's visit, but start thinking of your requests for Savannah too!


        - VeVe

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Communicating, Social Media, Feedback, Uses

It's a snowy Saturday morning here in NYC, and I think it's high time for a blog entry.  I will certainly admit there are a few things I've been thinking about, so this is a fine time to examine those thoughts and get them out there.

Warning: this may wander just a tad.

One thing that's been on my mind is communication.  In particular, I'd like to talk about the social media we use for communication with fans and readers regarding suggestions about material, general feedback, image sharing, and so forth.

I used to make polls on my various YahooGroups to help gather feedback.  However, since YahooGroups changed its format drastically, making everything generally murkier to navigate on the Groups site, I haven't made any new polls in quite a while.

On this note, with YahooGroups being in such an weird state, I get the impression that people are finding it harder to actually find groups and join them, let alone visit the Polls section.  If I were a new user, I may be a little put-off by the format.  But in any case, I really liked YahooGroups, and I still like them as mailing lists - I'm subscribed to several, and I love digest delivery to my inbox - but I just think the new work-over of the main site is atrocious and harmful to the intuitiveness of the service.

One a more positive note, there are more accessible options and outlets.

For one, there is the absolutely wonderful (in my opinion) Twitter.  I personally love Twitter, and I've loved it since I was first introduced to it in 2009.  It was love at first sight.  I always loved the Twitter widget, placed nicely onto a website for a sleek live feed of activity.

But to stay on my main topic...

Twitter has been absolutely wonderful for communication.  Really, simply wonderful.  How?  For one, I have found it to be excellent for communicating with wrestlers and other industry professionals.  I can communicate quickly and easily with people world-wide even faster than e-mailing.  People Tweet using their phones, using text messages.  We can have casual chat or quick back-and-forth, which may snowball into a new production idea or an impulse scheduling for filming.

Tweet, tweet, tweet.  And *then* take it to e-mail.

Twitter is like a cocktail party... or a night club networking party.

You can just hang out and people-watch.  You can silently observe what other people are putting out.  If you see something you like, you can approach and try to make a connection.  If you follow a lot of people, imagine that networking party with lots of people in the room.  Many opinions, a lot of people, and sometimes a lot of talk in general.  You can engage people in conversation, but sometimes the music is so loud that you may need to shout... or repeat yourself a few time.  But usually "calling someone's name" will get their ear easily if you follow each other.

Twitter is sort of like a chat room (anyone else enjoy AOL chat rooms?).  It's also light-weight and sleek.  It's fast and low-profile.  It's index-able micro-blogging.  I'm trying to avoid a digression here.  Stay on topic....

If I want to communicate something quickly to fans and readers, Twitter has been a great option.

Feedback can come in the forms simple as "Favorite"-ing and Retweets.  But, most notably, asking questions via Twitter has gained me better actual specific response than YahooGroup or mailing list pollings.  Fans who find their way to Twitter can also find themselves dipping into casual chatting with producers, wrestlers, and even each other.  It's a nice, accessible community shout-box effect.

There's also Tumblr, which has been splendid for open image sharing, but hasn't been handy much for feedback.  VeVe has been using Tumblr, and she's been very good about posting screen stills from recent videos.  Tumblr has provided a good public place for posting these pictures, as an alternative to the YahooGroups Photo Albums, which, like with a lot of new YahooGroups, have been come harder to find and less accessible to new viewers.

In the interest of brevity, I'll skip discussion of YouTube and Facebook, since this would surely lead to long-windedness and tangents.

Just looked away for a moment, and now back to the blogging.

I must admit that I'm actually frustrated by the amount I'd still like to say about communications, social media, and wrestling media production.  I'm frustrated because this would result in such an incredibly long blog entry, that I don't think people would be all that into it.  I could be wrong here, but I'm guessing.

I want to talk about Wrestlers making social media accounts.

New talent / wrestlers are often both curious about and intimidated by the increasing role of online social media in the business.  Personally, I think it's great.  But, you know, I'm here writing this communication about communications, so...

New wrestlers may come in and, with panicked eyes, think: "Oh damn, I have to make a Twitter and a facebook and a youtube and a tumblr and a gmail and a macro blog and a mirco blog and a la la la.   ?"

Well, maybe.

Ideally they would make these things because they are interested in using them to talk about their adventures.  There are a myriad of advantages to having a strong online social media presence, as a model/performer, in this day and age.  However, there really needs to be some genuine interest or natural inclination toward this form of sharing.

I won't go into this too far, but I will say this: at the very least, I think they should make and maintain a Twitter account.

Ok, I'm feeling a little purged now.  Whew, and I didn't even have to say that much.

Well, there's that.  The crowd in this coffee house is getting excessive, so I take it that's my cue to head out.  I'll come back to blogging later to talk more wrestling-specific.  But now, it's just getting crazy in here!  Out into the snow!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Volcano visiting this Sunday, Dec 8

VeVe posts the following to her yahoogroup about visiting wrestler Volcano for this coming Sunday, Dec 8.  Send VeVe suggestions at her e-mail address:  veve.wrestler@gmail.com

Hey, Everyone,

We're going to have a very lovely and skilled wrestling visitor in town this weekend -- Volcano from London.  

Volcano is a blue-belt MMA-fighter, and you can see her in the pics below or at her profile page here:  http://www.mwmuk.net/girls/volcano.html

Let us know if you have video suggestions or custom requests for her!

     - VeVe

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