Friday, July 10, 2015

Mistress Kara and Howl mixed wrestling?

Hey friends and fans,

I'm pleased to say that we have Mistress Kara coming to visit us for some filming next week here in New York City!  We have several videos scheduled for Kara, but I'm curious to hear people's opinions & preferences on a certain idea we have.

We definitely want to have Kara and Howl together, but VeVe and I have been pondering the exact style.  Here's what we thought (and we can only choose one)...

1. A "Python and Prey" style video, similar to VeVe's with Howl/Tae.  Slow, sensual style domination wrestling, she stalks him and snares him, choking and squeezing from behind, hand-over-mouth, whispering in his ear.

Here's an example from VeVe's Python & Prey with Howl:

(this one would feature a segment with Kara and Howl and then with Kara and Hanz)

I think Mistress Kara would really excel in this style.


2. A competitive match that would feature trash-talk and domination for whoever is winning.  For example, if someone is caught in a submission hold, he/she would need "beg" his/her way out, kiss feet to be released, or somehow convince the dominant person to let him/her go  (such as...?)

This one would certainly be more rough, but it's also possible the holds achieved would be unpredictable.  It would also be much faster-moving.

We can only choose 1 of these two options, and we'll go whichever way interests people most.  Or if you have a totally different vision for Kara and Howl together, please let us know as well.

You can post here or send an e-mail:

Thanks everyone!  Pictures of Kara and Howl are below!  Kara is about 150 lbs and Howl is 140 lbs.