Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Update from Us in NYC

Hi Everyone,

We here at the Doom Maidens studio have weather the storm all right!  Our videography studio is located inland in Brooklyn, so the electronics department didn't suffer any flooding.  Our Brooklyn space never even lost power at any point.

The ladies are all fine and well, and I think most of our guys are as well; though we have yet to hear from Hanz, I'm sure he's all right.

There was massive flooding in Manhattan, and our subways were all shutdown yesterday.  They are still shutdown today, and 7 tunnels have been flooded.  I expect our Manhattan studio is closed today, but Brooklyn is of course still open.

There was a massive fire in the borough of Queens last night, but as far as I can tell, no one from our team was affected.

Right now, there is some rain off and on, and some mild-to-moderate winds.  Things are generally calm, and the city is attempting recovery.  The sky is cloudy but bright now at 9 am Eastern time.

Halloween is tomorrow, and Manhattan had hopes of having its usual huge parade and an enormous after-party at Webster Hall in the East Village.  Here's hoping that will be able to go on.

In the meanwhile, it seems like VeVe may come by the studio to make some video clips today.  Maybe other ladies as well....?  Let's find out.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Recent Bondage Wrestling this Season

Well, hello again!  October is finally now upon us, and here I am pushing to make a new blog entry.

It has been a busy season (when hasn't it?), and there is such a variety of things going on, that it is overwhelming to even begin writing about them.  Why?  Because A) I will inevitably leave something out, which I don't want, and B) I will probably end up writing way too much.

But since I am in a hot and stuffy room right now, maybe that will force me to keep it as short as possible.  But then again, I do always try to keep it as short as possible.

Well, here goes.  To keep things simple, I will just address the bondage wrestling work.

More Bondage Wrestling with VeVe

Like, everyone's doing it.  At least this season!  The most recent victim was your humble narrator.  Just this past Monday evening (3 days ago), I made my return to the small Big Screen in a custom request video which is titled both "Bondage Grudge Match" and "Hogtie Abuse."  Both titles are accurate sum-ups.

Hanz manned the camera for me on this one, and he did a great job.  I was able to add a bit more mass to my body since my last video in July - VeVe's Mixed Wrestling Challenge - where I seemed to be headed back to leanness (not quite June 2011's "Interrogation Torture" or "Indra vs Diablo: Bondage Wrestling," where I was 10 lbs lighter).  So, I was pleased with that.

Anyway, enough talk of beef and back to the bondage wrestling.

This video started with some good, competitive bondage wrestling.  Both VeVe and I have come quite a ways in terms of understanding rope use in wrestling, since our first bondage wrestling video together in Nov 2010.  For example, folding the rope in half and using loops is certainly much better than attempting to tie knots during the initial phases of a battle.

It actually took me quite a while during Monday's match before it occurred to me to start working for knots. Loops, snares, and lassos are really just so much better.  Knots are more of a finishing touch type thing.

Look Ma, no hands!
But as fate would have it, I didn't end up tying any lasting knots that evening anyway.  No, instead they were tied upon me instead.

By special request, VeVe threw me into a hogtie, taking a very specific route about it - she had to work to make the ties in a specially requested order.  Starting with a particularly painful double hammer lock tie with my arms behind my back.  She got only one arm behind my back first, and I fought single-armed for quite a while.  As a matter of fact, I continued to fight for the entire time.  Single arm, no arms, bound legs, you name it!  I will admit, I did have to quit once the ball gag went on.  I hate those.

It was a long video, and my shoulders got put to the test in that hammer lock tie.  Ouch.  Because once I was fully hogtied, there was still a lot more to go.  Teasing, taunting, ha ha ha.  I got to stomach the whole nine yards of VeVe's delighted meanness as a result of getting caught.  Gah!

Orlandoe Gets Her Share of Hogties

A week or so previous to the above mentioned bondage match, VeVe faced off against her ol' rival Orlandoe in an Escape & Attack challenge.  I talked a little bit about this in my Bondage Wrestling Blog earlier this morning, so I won't do too much rehashing.

Basically this - after VeVe first attempted the Escape & Attack challenge with Jason, we decided to keep working in that specific sub-genre of the Bondage Wrestling super-genre.  Plus, there just needed to be an F v F version of this!  Orlandoe was an absolutely excellent candidate, for several reasons: wrestling and rope skill, plus pre-existing affront to VeVe!

At the risk of being redundant, I will say that VeVe proved to be the savvier escape artist.  And Orlandoe, well, she ended up tied into a rather unhappy ball.  The title of that video?  It all became clear with the match result: VeVe's Vengeance!  Bondage Wrestling.

Oh goodness, I am seriously running out of time here.  Quick summary, then:

Previous bondage work in September included a very artistic-looking "Ballet Shoe Bondage" video with Indra and VeVe playing rival ballerinas.  And in a related, but not specifically bondage wrestling vein, we had the kick off of our new Stockholm Syndrome series of mixed wrestling domination videos.  So far, VeVe, Indra, and Athena have appeared in this video set, along with Adrian and Thrash.

We also filmed competitive matches with Clobberetta and newcomer Sircee.  And to make a nice, ancient Grecian theme (somewhat!), we filmed a competitive match between Athena and Sircee.

More to come!  Back to the grind!