Sunday, March 26, 2017

March 2017 Madness: So Much Filming!

Hello Blog!  It's been a while!

Despite all of the fun I've been having this past year with Twitter and the great, fast reactions & discussions that come via tweeting, I am turning my attention back to the ol' blog today.  And hopefully in days to come as well.  The traditional blog allows for a lot more expanded composition and explanations, and it has more staying power than the fast-moving micro-blog of the Twitter-sphere.  However, sadly, it is much more time consuming to compose a blog entry here than it is to tweet on Twitter, and quiet time for composing has been rare.  Especially these days... especially this month.

Hello March Madness!

March 2017 is almost over, but it has been a whirlwind for filming.  Lots of filming with lots of different wrestlers, both local and visiting.  And, in fact, there's even more March filming yet to come.  Let's talk about that a bit.

Actually, you know what, I'm looking at the calendar, and there was so much filming this month that I am going to just omit discussing the first 3 weeks of the month, for the sake of brevity.  Let's just look at this past week.  Whoa.

Vika, Cat Wily, Sweetie Dreams, Sahyre, Regan (aka Kyla), Megan Jones, Mia Annabella, VeVe Lane, Nikolai, Aralia, Hanz.

Those are all of the wrestlers I filmed with this past week!  JUST this past week.  Not all at the same time, mind you, but over the course of multiple days.  Here's what we filmed:

Vika -- Sunday, March 19
     Vika is a visiting model from Texas who we met last August while at FetCon.  There, she got a chance to participate in our 8-Way Bondage Wrestling Free-For-All, as well as several other videos.  Now, this month, she came up to NYC while on tour, and she jumped in for more:

1. Pro-Style special: "Taking Out The Trash" Vika gets smashed by VeVe
2. Mistress of the Gym: Vika & VeVe in black leotards & tights, similar to an agent duel.
3. Sensual Catball Fight: Vika & VeVe in low light, bare legs, sensual tone, rolling on bed & floor
4. Bondage Wrestling: Vika vs VeVe (Released!)
5. Super Vika Captured: Superheroine captive bondage scenario

Cat Wily & Sweetie Dreams -- Monday, March 20

1. Competitive bearhug contest with Cat vs Sweetie

Sahrye & Regan -- Wednesday, March 22
     Regan is a visiting wrestler from Louisiana, and Sahrye came out to visit us from Long Island.  These two ladies filmed together and also, alternatingly, with VeVe:

1. Woman to Woman: Sahrye and VeVe
2. Hair-Pulling Catball Fight with VeVe & Regan in pantyhose
3. Competitive Wrestling: Sahrye vs Regan
4. Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Sahrye
5. Showdown: VeVe & Regan. Similar to an agent duel, but without pantyhose.

Megan Jones & Mia Annabella -- Friday, March 24
     Megan was on tour with her friend Mia.  Mia is a newcomer, and Megan was helping her learn the ropes.  Mia spent more time on camera this time around, but Megan also stepped in to smash me a bit.

1. Pantyhose Catball Fight: VeVe and Mia.  Classic catball in sheer black nylons
2. Villainess Triumph: Mistress Megan and Diablo. Bondage and wrestling domination
3. Bondage wrestling: VeVe vs Mia

VeVe, Aralia, Hanz, Nikolai -- Saturday, March 25
     Rounding out the week with work from local wrestlers.  All mixed. Domination & competitive.

1. Stockings domination: VeVe & Nikolai
2. Stockings Strike Again: VeVe, Aralia, Hanz, Nikolai
3. Competitive Mixed Wrestling: Aralia vs Hanz (for Hanz's studio)
4. Competitive Mixed Wrestling: VeVe vs Hanz (for Hanz's studio)

And here we are now on Sunday morning, March 26.  Whew!  And I emphasize again, that was ONLY this past week.  All of these videos have been completed and processed fully, and the special commissions have been delivered.  But, as you can see, there are now a lot of new videos!

I'd like to get some pictures up here from these, but I'm woefully short on time now.  I have to get to work on some of these new releases.  But I should also point out that coming up this week we have....

... a new multi-way female bondage wrestling event as well!

That'll be on Wednesday, and it will feature Sarah Brooke, Constance, Tara Tied, Aralia, Lana, Kaia, VeVe, and who else...?

Ok, well, I better stop now.  Just writing about this is making me think of all of the work I'm going to need to do.  Well!  So, look for updates and pictures on Twitter while I'm buried under all of this doing.  Follow us here:

And before I go, I'll share a few candid behind-the-scenes pictures from *some* of these shoots.  These are just pictures I happen to have on this laptop.  But it's by no means all of the behind-the-scenes pictures that we have from these, though.  But all of them have been tweeted on Twitter as we were taking them.  Cheers all!