Sunday, July 28, 2013

Yet More News for July: Upcoming Videos


It's still July, and I'm still pulling my hair out over a very, very full queue of video material.  well, no, I'm not really pulling my hair out, but I'm just pretty excited about a lot of the interesting material that is yearning for release.

The frustrating element is that all of these videos are fully completed, yet the the time-consuming process of selecting preview pictures and writing formal descriptions is, well, consuming time.

So here are the informal previews...

In the last entry, I talked about VeVe's Tomoe Nage mixed judo video with Hanz.  Our sponsor/patron for this video then made a request for something I've been hoping to do for some time now.... a multiple attacker judo video!  And we were able to film this fun little experience last week.

Hanz left town on vacation, so VeVe called on some other local male talent to gang up on her for some judo action.  This video featured Thrash, Conrad, and newcomer Donte.  VeVe first judo sparred with Thrash, who then invited Conrad and Donte to join in.  As a result, VeVe fought judo style for about 30 minutes, facing off against opponent after opponent after opponent... and sometimes with the guys attacking immediately one after the other.  It was an awesome and athletic sight, and it really reminded me of a martial arts movie from the 70s-80s.  In particular, it gave me flashes of Enter the Dragon.

Needless to say, VeVe was getting pretty exhausted!  Seriously, she just had to keep throwing and throwing, as these guys cycled in and out, each getting plenty of time to rest.  This one was really exciting.

Here are some really quick screen captures that I grabbed just this minute:

And speaking of Conrad and Donte, earlier this day they also shot another video with VeVe.  This piece, called Strength and Skill, follows a long-loved story line:  Men are training in a gym; woman walks in wearing heels and skirt, asking to train; men laugh at her; she challenges them to test of strength (arm wrestling) and wins; she challenges them to test of skill (wrestling) and wins.... the men get frustrated and double team her... and she defeats them both.

It was a lovely little piece with nice colors, nice light, very aesthetic look, and great athleticism.  Here are some quick screen capture grabs:

Whew!  What else?

I also have an Iron Palm Karate video featuring VeVe and Indra.  This one has been waiting patiently in the to-release queue for a few months now.  Basically, in this piece, VeVe demonstrates her new "Iron Palm" and "Iron Kick" techniques on Indra, resulting in Indra getting (fantasy) beaten up a bit.  Screen caps?  Sure:

Goodness, this entry is getting long.  I blame the pictures for taking up so much space.

Ok, let me speed this up:

We also had a competitive female wrestling match between Orlandoe and visiting MMA fighter Mahea.  Both of these ladies are blue belts in jiujitsu, so we figured they would make a nice match-up.  They turned out to be pretty dead even using rules for submissions-only and pins-and-submissions.  Their match was forced into a Sudden Death overtime, where we were able to finally declare a winner by pin after the long bout.

We were finally able to release VeVe's hitwoman video this past weekend, dubbed Triple Threat Femme Fatale.  Thanks to our patron for a fun script that gave VeVe a chance to take on her favorite sadistic / arrogant villainess role and also get 3 different deadly costume changes.  Adrian, Twiggy, and I got a painful shot of her meanness.  Hmm.

And what else?  There IS yet more...

I was just contacted by FEMWIN regarding throwing a female and mixed wrestling event here in New York City on October 4, 5, 6.  After a little hustling, I was able to secure studio space for long days of wrestling & filming for that weekend.  

We are now currently in the process of securing our visiting talent.  After only a few days of talking, we have confirmed with VeVe Lane, Indra, Orlandoe (Oct 6 only), Amazon Annie (Oct 6 only), and Minxy Li.  Keri Spectrum has been chatting with us as well, and though Keri won't be able to compete in the event, she will be coming in as a visiting producer.  FEMWIN is also reaching out to ladies Skylar Rene and Jolene.  My local contacts are talking with ladies in the NJ area as well.

I'll keep you updated on this as it progresses.

As for this blog entry, let me hit send now before my internet connection kicks out at this cafe (cafes are the best place for composing, in my opinion).  Cheers!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Super Intense Summer: So Much Wrestling Filming!

This summer has been intense!   And I don't just mean the heat...

Here's a quick run-down.  I'll do the best I can, since I am composing in a cafe with very loud music, screaming babies, fresh-cut onion smell burning my eyes, and very loud-talking hipsters....


In June, as you know from an earlier post, we had the little "wrestling holds party" with VeVe, Indra, Orlandoe, and Amazon Annie.  That's where we had the Scissor Squeeze Contest, which introduced Orlandoe's friend Benji.  We had the favorite holds, Indra putting VeVe into scissorholds, Amazon Annie's foot comparison with the other ladies, and a bondage Escape race with Indra and Orlandoe.

But also in June, we had the 2013 rematch of Kim of Italy vs VeVe, Latex Lube Wrestling with VeVe and Jay Dirtin, Toned Tommi's visit which yielded her judo throw video with Hanz and her 2-on-1 gang up with VeVe against Hanz.  We also released VeVe's bondage wrestling match with newcomer Conrad.

We also saw VeVe meet model Brian Alexander for a video with Brian wrestling a singlet and then a jockstrap.  Orlandoe put on her own pair of tight jeans and put VeVe into some scissorholds.    VeVe and Sircee had a pro-style match.

Whoa.  Then July...

VeVe and model Rachel Aurora filmed their lovely Pantyhose Bondage Attack! video (talked about in the Bondage Wrestling Blog).  Kim of Italy took on Hanz for a very close, grueling, and suspenseful competitive mixed wrestling match.  I think Hanz's improved skill and fitness took Kim by surprise on this one!  He keeps training hard at the gym and fighting VeVe, so that all pays off!  VeVe and Sircee filmed a new shiny sports pants domination video, where Sircee smothered VeVe as much as she could.

We filmed a storyline based cop/criminal video featuring VeVe, Twiggy, Adrian, and myself (Diablo), wherein hitwoman VeVe took us all down in various ways and in various outfits.


VeVe and Hanz created their Mixed Judo: Tomoe Nage video, wherein they throw each other over and over again throughout the course of 25 minutes.  Hanz's judo throw falls looked good in June's judo video with Tommi, so now he got a great chance to put them to use again.  And he did a great job!  Hanz has never studied judo before, but I was really impressed with how well he did in these last two throw videos.  And in this Tomoe Nage video, he even threw VeVe several times using that throw.

By the way, the Tomoe Nage, aka "monkey flip," aka "stomach throw," aka "front sacrifice throw," looks like this:

Prior to this video, and also in this season, VeVe filmed a judo throw video with Adrian (who outweighs Hanz by 20 lbs).  This video some stockings for VeVe:

Whoa, ok, what else?  Oh yes...

Amazon Annie filmed her version of Karate Nylons.  Jason returned to the scene to don the karate gi and be her opponent for this leotard & tights fantasy karate video.  I never thought to put Annie in leotard and pantyhose and have her throw kicks, but that ended up being a pretty good look.

VeVe and Twiggy also got together for their version of "Belly Punching Mixed Wrestling."  VeVe had this sort of match with "ShortFuse" Mark earlier this year, but Mark was thoroughly destroyed and offered little challenge as a competitor.  Twiggy, however, was a MUCH more game competitor.  Many belly punches were traded back and forth over the course of the 10-minute match.

VeVe also filmed a new muscle worship special request video.  Well, actually, Indra filmed it, literally.  She ran the camera while I got muscle-worship-dominated by VeVe.  This keeps happening!

And that's not all!

Coming up next week we have Mahea coming into town.  She is slated for two competitive female match with us: one against Kim and one against Orlandoe.

VeVe has also been talking about a multiple-attacker judo video for next week.  And probably something else too!  I need to check with her as soon as she gets back from her St Louis trip today.

Exhausting?  Yes!  August is coming up, and that means we make a company road trip down to Tampa, FL, for FetishCon.  Does it mean a break from filming?  Certainly not, since we somehow ended up booking things at FetishCon as well.

Ok, there's that for now.  Off to meet up with Kim and VeVe later!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Wrestling Ladies on Twitter. A List of Names!

What I am about the post below is also a post I made to the yahoogroup just now.  But I think it's important to put here as well, for recording keeping's sake!

I use Twitter a lot (  Not a TON.  Not as much as some people.  But I do use it more than I use Facebook or other social media platforms.  I just like it.  I have always liked Twitter, ever since I was introduced to it in 2009.

It's great for spreading news, for spreading news quickly, especially.  It's short bursts, but it also allows those short bursts to contain links and images.  Links to articles, websites, art, video media, other Twitterers.  

I in particular like it because of the Twitter widget I have embedded in our website, making my Twitter a quick and easy way to constantly be updating the news feed on the site.  Furthermore, my re-tweets (re-posting other people's updates) also appear on that widget's news feed, which I think it just great.  So even people who don't have a Twitter account can also benefit from the service, simply by looking at the feed on the site.

But anyway, here is my cross-post, which shares a list of wrestlers' Twitter names and accounts that I have collected.  These are largely people that I know personally or interact with.  If you're a Twitterer or looking to make an account, this list may be handy to you:

@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ 

Doom Maidens / Diablo:

It's certainly not all-inclusive, but it is a pretty good list, I think!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pantyhose, Bondage, VeVe, Rachel Aurora, and filming today!

Hi All,

Here is a small handful of preview pictures - plus a first-impression blog entry - from an excellent bondage wrestling shoot we had today with VeVe Lane and newcomer Rachel Aurora.  Following filming, we dubbed this video "Pantyhose Bondage Attack!"

Just got to share this mini preview:

Did someone say bondage WITH pantyhose?

Getting some really nice stills from this one, posted but a few.  Stay tuned!