Friday, March 29, 2013

So busy with Indra, Springtime, and More

So busy.  Sorry for the lack of posts!  But I'm still here!  Just buried.  And doing a lot of filming with Indra and friends.

Work has included these fun projects:

Indra Dominates Ben
Bondage Wrestling: Indra Abuses Mark
Indra's Judo Lesson
Indra's Tickle Bondage with Thrash
Well, anyway, as you can see, Indra has been abusing some poor, hapless men.  The Queen of Sass will have her way.  Or else!

VeVe Gets Angry
And VeVe gots a little furious at Mark during one special rules match.  When Mark was super defensive during their competitive Nelsons match, VeVe cranked up the intensity as her anger flared.  You wouldn't have wanted to be Mark in this one...

I also filmed with Dominique Danger, Hanz, Athena, Orlandoe.... and did I mention I got to experience 30 minutes of mixed wrestling victory?  Maybe I mentioned it in an earlier post, but if not....

Diablo Dominates: Pro-Style Mixed Wrestling
I'll take it!