Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tons of filming, Indra's Back, Kicks, and Lift and Carry

Ok, folks, I do mean to get a blog up as soon as I can! I know it's already September, but it has been a crazy busy September!

Why, just last week we filmed
a custom bondage video with VeVe and Annie,
a bondage wrestling double team with Indra,
a custom match with Annie and Kali,
a competitive match with VeVe and Hanz,
a strip match (domination) of me vs VeVe,
and a hard belly-kicking video with VeVe and Indra

All in one week! I'm pleased to say I also finished post production on all but one of those videos (the strip one)!

And now, even as I'm trying to blog and get out of here, VeVe is IMing with me about ideas for a Lift & Carry video series.

By the way, I also filmed a Lift & Carry with VeVe and Indra!

And I got a little Lifted & Carried away myself:

Ok, got to run. More soon!