Friday, June 30, 2017

Today's Matches, Aralia, Sweetie, Frankie, and Match Sets

Whew, such a sweaty time in the big studio today!  Aralia, Sweetie, Frankie, competitive wrestling, hot summer day, no air conditioning, no windows = massive sweat effect.  And now I'm back at the office again, at the blog, getting ready to put these video matches together.

We had a lovely pair of matches.  The ladies got to test themselves against Frankie, and Frankie got to test himself against them.


First we had Aralia (115 lbs) vs Frankie (150 lbs).  The competitors were so energetic and scrambly right from the start that they started generating sweatiness very quickly.  Scrappy and suspenseful, with both pushing the pace.  And Sweetie Dreams got to guest-star as the opening interview hostess.

After a break, we then had Sweetie Dreams (225 lbs) vs Frankie (150 lbs).  Sweetie had watched Frankie's match against Aralia, so she has been formulating a game plan for her match.  She came out with gun blazing, really bringing it on.  When Sweetie first charged him coming out of the gate, it was like Frankie was getting hit by a truck.  A truck with bad intentions.


I'm excited to release these matches as soon as I can.  But I am contemplating different ways of doing that:

Multi-Match Sets

I initially wanted to collect 3 mixed matches for each lady wrestler and release them as 3-Match sets.  For instance: Sweetie vs Frankie, vs Cincinnati, vs Rizzo.  Same for Aralia.  However, if those other 2 matches don't happen soon, I don't want to have to wait too long.

I considered releasing today's 2 matches as a set, but they were fairly different in tone.  But it could be "2-Matches: Frankie's mixed wrestling day in June"  .... !

I also kind of want to do both of these sets.  (I love making sets).

Maybe I should?!  Maybe I should just release today's 2 matches as a set with a note that the matches will also later be released separately in differently themed sets.  So, people who want to see both of Frankie's mixed wrestling adventures from today can have a set, if they like.

And people who would rather see a collection of Aralia's mixed matches or Sweetie's mixed matches can wait until the other 2 opponents have been faced for that set to be released.

Of course, they will also be released individually.

Do you have thoughts on sets?  On the organizing of sets?  I don't want things to be too confusing, and I don't want to spend too much of the release description talking about organizations of sets or upcoming sets.  Or is that all right?  Ok, I'll curtail this now.  Footage is imported, and there're match videos to finalize!

Competitive Mixed Matches to Come and Spoiler Warnings

A quick thought that I wanted to elaborate on here, since Twitter is too micro of a blog to discuss such things fully:

Competitive Mixed Wrestling to Come... and Spoiler Warnings

But first, an intro:

I've been very excited to see our "newcomer" wrestlers Aralia and Sweetie Dreams progressing nicely in their training.  They've been diligent, studious, dedicated.  They've been going through the School of Hard Knocks at times and learning some tough lessons that only come from tough experiences.  But they're also starting to have things really click, and they are gradually finding their personal styles.


Aralia (5'4" and 115 lbs) and Sweetie (5'8" and 225 lbs)

They've had several official F v F matches.  They've won some, lost some.  But currently, especially at practices, they are winning more often against opponents of similar skill levels.  I've been watching their F v F matches and thinking, hmm, ok, we're going to have to get some mixed competitive matches into the program and see what happens.

Both ladies have suffered mixed wrestling losses months ago, at the hands of years-more experienced male wrestlers.  But how about some matches against guys who are more equal to them in experience level?  Well, my friends, this is what our new season of competitive mixed wrestling is about to reveal!

Mixed Matches Coming Up

We have several guys in the area who are comparable in experience level to Aralia and Sweetie, and we are excited to match them all together.  We've got:

Frankie -- 5'4" and 150 lbs.  An impressive muscular physique with explosive power potential, but no formal wrestling training.  He's been wrestling with us since 2014, but he's mostly taken on wrestlers who were way above him in experience level.  We are all curious to see how he does against the newcomers who've been training up this past year.

Tonight he will face off against Aralia and then Sweetie to kick off the season.

Cincinnati -- 5'8" and 160 lbs.  A punk musician and novice wrestler.  He started training in submission wrestling about 7 months ago, but had absolutely no prior wrestling experience before that.

He's scrambly and scrappy.  He has less experience than either Aralia or Sweetie, but he puts a lot of effort into his wrestling.  He'll be facing off against these ladies soon enough.

Rizzo -- 5'6" and 130 lbs.  Rizzo's been training in submission wrestling for about a year, but he hasn't been able to practice very frequently.  He's light-weight and quick, and he has roughly about the same amount of experience as Aralia and Sweetie, though the ladies have had more actual, formal competitive matches than Rizzo has.

We are very curious to see how the match-ups go with Rizzo.  I suspect they could be quite competitive.


Dachi - 5'2" and 120 lbs.  Despite being the smallest of the newer guys, I suspect Dachi would be the toughest opponent.  Dachi has been training formally in submission wrestling for *about* the same amount of time as Aralia, and they both get a lot of practice sparring at their respective grappling schools.

I think Dachi may be too advanced for Sweetie at current, but I am VERY curious to see Dachi vs Aralia.  In fact, I spoke with both of them individually, and they both admitted they think it would be a tough and very competitive match.  I haven't seen Dachi wrestle in a while, but I see Aralia frequently.  Not sure what Dachi's been working on, but I'm eager to see these two clash on the mats.

So, what is this about Spoiler Warnings?

Yes, that!  So, when we release competitive female/female matches, we usually don't reveal the winner, and people usually like that suspense.  But with competitive mixed matches, people have mixed feelings.  Some people love the suspense, but others really need to know whether it is the woman or the man who comes out as the winner.  And I totally understand that.

So, since we have all these mixed competitive matches coming up, and they could go either way, and since some people like that they could go either way while others do not like such surprises, I have decided to do a Hidden Spoiler for competitive mixed matches.

The spoiler will actually not be on the same page as the video release write-up, though.  Viewers would need to click a link to view the spoiler.  The spoiler will reveal the winner and general tone of the victory, but I will not reveal the exact score (unless people really need that info...?).

Well, anyway, this has gotten too long.  I have to go get ready for today's filming.  Much unrelated things to film during the day-time.  But this evening kicks off the competitive mixed wrestling season for the newcomers.  Exciting!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Anastaxia & Wrestling Holds: Sponsor Pool #1

We will be filming with Goddess Anastaxia on Monday, July 3.  This post is to kick off Sponsor Pool Idea #1, which is based on an e-mailed-in suggestion.  I'm going to give this structure a try.  I've consulted with VeVe, and this is my proposal:


Anastaxia and Wrestling Holds

  • Anastaxia performs specific wrestling holds on a victim, repeatedly or long holds
  • Examples: headscissors, camel clutch, boston crab, triangle choke, etc

  • 5 minutes for $25 if 4 people go in for this pool
  • .
  • Everyone going into the pool must agree on the same hold and same victim.  Must also agree on attire and attitude.
  • Example: If 4 people join together and agree on creating a 5-minute video of Anastaxia performing camel clutches on Aralia, each will contribute $25.  All contributions go directly to the wrestlers involved for this idea.

(You can see examples of Anastaxia's previous video work with us here: Anastaxia's page)

Victims definitely available that day:

VeVe Lane  (Profile)
Aralia  (Profile)
Rizzo  (Resume)
Diablo (Resume)


If this idea is of interest, please drop us a line ASAP.  Both VeVe and I will be monitoring the Sponsor Pool e-mail address, and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible to help coordinate this one.


In Subject line, put the following:  "Anastaxia Holds Sponsor Pool"

Thanks all!  Let us know what you think or if you are interested in this idea.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sponsor Pool for Custom Videos (Getting Started)

UPDATE 6/28: Sponsor Pool Idea #1 has posted: Anastaxia and Wrestling Holds

Hey folks!  This post is a starting point to talk about VeVe's "Sponsor Pool" idea for custom video commissions.  I think I will be handling the blogging portion of this endeavor.

If you've yet to see VeVe's Sponsor Pool presentation video, that is here: (and my summary is below)

Here, VeVe proposes an idea to create group-sponsored custom videos.  That is to say, if more than one person would be interested in a custom commission idea, these multiple people can come together and split the production cost between them.

To start, VeVe asks that people who are interested e-mail her so that she can begin to get an idea of who and how many people are keen on this.

She would even like to create mini mailing lists for certain genres, such as competitive mixed wrestling, competitive female wrestling, pro-style, bondage wrestling, etc.  And when an idea comes up in one of those genres -- or if a new guest wrestler comes to town who can do any of the above --, she will inform the list of it, in case anyone would like to join in a new pool to create a new work.

ok!  So, there's a lot of organizing involved here!  This is where I come in.

VeVe had thought to use her blog, but since she is often quite busy with e-mail, we have opted to use my blog instead.  This, we hope, will be the public posting communication hub.

As ideas and suggestions come in, I will make blog posts for them, so that people can see what's on the table.  These listings might also spark people's imaginations and encourage them to submit other suggestions that aren't specifically listed.  I may at some point create a page for this on the Doom Maidens website, but, for now, the blog is the sleekest and more easy to update on the fly.


Stay tuned for more to come.  I am trying to be concise right now, just to get this post up, but I'll go on more about this later as well.

To submit ideas and suggestions for the Sponsor Pool, you can reach us by e-mail here:

Or via Twitter.  Our Doom Maidens twitter is here:
And VeVe's Twitter:

Cheers for now!