Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meeting Indra and More Wrestling with Ropes

Well, I know my last post was on our expanding genre of bondage wrestling, and, as fate would have it, last week brought me into contact with even MORE bondage wrestling.

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Indra, a wrestler from the London Wrestling Studio. Indra is visiting New York City for a short stay, and she expressed that she had experience in bondage and rope work, having apprenticed to a domme at one point. Well, great! I asked her if she'd like to try some bondage wrestling, and she was totally up for it. And super excited to give it a try!

Indra's first bondage match was with me, the infamous nemesis Diablo. I hadn't been a rope-tie mixed wrestling victim since my match with VeVe last November, so this was my grand return to the video arena. And it was my first time tangling with Indra... and her nasty trash talking!

She sure is a trash talker! And a meanie on the mats, to be sure, particularly when it comes to wrestling domination. Ouch!

It was my job to try and wrestle her without getting tied, but that job was rather impossible; both of my wrists and ankles were pre-set with leather cuffs with D-rings, and my one wrist had a rope pre-attached. As usual, we had the various other ropes strewn about the mats for Indra to grab and put to use.

Between her wrestling, the ropes, the cuffs, and her jumping on me while I was flattened, I didn't have much other option than to just try to hold out, hip out, and give her a general hard time. But, of course, that could only last as long as it took her to loop the ropes through all of the my cuffs' D-rings...

VeVe manned the camera on this one, and she did a very nice job. Round of applause there.

Not only did I get bound up in that match, but I was also dragged, spun in a circle, and stretched backward. Hey, innovative! Kudos to you, Indra!

But we didn't just stop with the mixed match....

Following my match with Indra, VeVe stepped out from behind the camera to take on Indra in a competitive F v F bondage match. I actually just finished work on that one a few hours ago, and it is all set to go.

The ladies nixed the ankle cuffs and instead only kept one wrist cuff a-piece. Of course, each had the requisite pre-attached rope, with the other ropes out on the mat. Our current, developing standardized style.

They went hard at each other from the top of the match, with Indra being fired up from just finishing her mixed domination match. VeVe played a smart game, working toward binding her opponent's legs together. Bound legs - a real disadvantage in wrestling. Indra managed to bind VeVe to HER in a few instances, which made for some interesting movement and exchanges.

I won't say too much about the final outcome, but I will say that there was actually a submission due to rope-bite. Even better: it was a nice, clear verbal submission. Basically, the lady to submit had been bound in such a tight way that she needed to plead for her opponent to release her. Now that's a great outcome for a competitive bondage match!

We were also able to shoot a pair of custom costumed matches with Indra, both involving stockings, and one involving both ladies in corsets!

All in all, Indra was great to work with! Very personable, charming, intelligent, and game for challenges. She's feisty and can indeed be mean when it comes to domme-ish style. She and VeVe has a grand time talking about and examining costumes and costume ideas.

Indra heads back to the UK in June, but we'll be seeing her again tonight at the Brooklyn Mixed Wrestling Event. She was a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend her as a personable and professionally mannered performer.