Sunday, May 18, 2014

Candy Pain's last NYC shoot: Blade Runner Homage, Superheroine, and Bodypaint

Hello all!  I'm here in Las Vegas right now on Sunday morning.  This is stage #1 of the western filming.  But more on that later!  Right now I'm going to talk about what we did in NYC right before we jumped on the plane and headed out here.

On Friday evening, I got together with Candy Pain, Lance, and VeVe to film our last official NYC shoot with Candy.  If you hadn't heard, Candy is moving out to Los Angeles at the end of May.  We're sad to see her go!  However, VeVe had quite a number of ideas for filming with Candy before her move...

The Blade Runner scene.

Candy is a former gymnast, and though she has often practiced back handsprings between videos at our shoots, we had yet to get her acrobatic action on film.  So, hold this thought for a moment.

Now, some of you may recall VeVe's special request Mrs. Fothergill Modesty Blaise scene recreation from last summer.  This was the scene where Mrs. Fothergill deals with her "new toy," who happens to be a mime.  In our version, the mime was played by Twiggy.

Anyway, in response to this scene recreation, a viewer suggested a scene recreation from the movie Blade Runner.  That'd be the scene where the protagonist Deckard "fights" the acrobatic replicant Pris.  This scene is similar to the Mrs Fothergill scene in that they both involved standing head scissors with all kinds of close-ups.  But the Blade Runner scene was a bit more complex...

After watching the original Blade Runner scene ourselves, we concluded that Candy would be a great choice to play the back-flipping Pris.  VeVe had originally deemed Hanz to be the most "Harrison Ford" looking of our ensemble to play Deckard, but since Hanz is still out of town, the role passed the second runner-up: Lance.

And so, we kicked off Friday's long shoot with the most complex piece of the evening... which would actually yield the shortest actual video result (it was just under 3 minutes long).  We tried to stay as true to the original as possible, but with one key exception: in our version, Deckard forgot to bring his gun.  See for yourselves how that played out!

Here is the original...

And here is our version...

A pretty good warm-up for the shoot!

And here is some "making of" raw footage of Candy's gymnastics action that we used in our scene:

Superheroine Transformation!

Candy and Lance then went on to film another video together; this one having a damsel-in-distress turns superheroine theme.  The general idea is that Lance is an evil henchman to a crime boss, and he's captured this poor damsel Candy Plain for his boss.  He ties her to a chair, gags her, and calls for his boss to come get them.  However, Candy tricks him into ungagging her and then says her magic power phrase... changing from lowly Candy Plain into superheroine Candy Pain!  She then breaks free and turns the tables on Lance.

I got a chance to use some "old school" transformation tricks to make this one happen, which was a lot of fun.  We were going for a vintage Batman TV show feel.  Have a look at the transformation segment:

After that, we released Lance to go enjoy his weekend, and then Candy and I took the stage together.

More Crime Fighting for Candy: Scissors Crime Buster!

For our next trick - which was actually the least tricky of all filming this evening - I got myself ready to rob Candy's basement.  Well, not really.  I mean, I tried.  Well, no, I mean I was just looking around, you see...

Candy comes down to her basement looking for some old video tapes when she discovers a burglar poking about.  Fearless as always, Candy attacks the burglar and tackles him to the ground.  Since she doesn't have any rope or weapons, she decides to hold on to the intruder with some readily accessible assets: her legs!

So, Candy locks me up in a variety of very incapacitating and immobilizing scissors holds as she whips out her cell phone and calls the police.  Of course, it takes a little while for the police to arrive, so Candy amuses herself by switching through various scissor positions and also throwing in some grapevines and facesitting pins to further make her point: you just don't mess with Candy Pain's property!

Despite the crushing aspect of the scissors - and Candy does have some powerful legs! - the video was quite fun to make.  Candy has a great bubbly-dominant persona, and her dialogue is amusingly witty.  I look forward to grabbing some more screen captures from this one. (update: video is now out!)

Body Paint Wrestling

And lastly, we ended the evening with a project that VeVe has been longing to do for some time: body paint wrestling!  Of course, the adventurous Candy was very excited to give this a try!

So, VeVe picked up some "classic" blue-and-red wrestling colors from the costume shop, brought in some white sheeting for the mats, and we all got ourselves ready to make some (more) art.

VeVe got painted up in a light-ish blue, ending up looking like some sort of Avatar homage or perhaps even some kind of pixie.  Candy painted up in red, looking strikingly like a devil woman.  She was especially amused by how the red paint on her face and body make her white teeth so very noticeable.

Behold, here are the ladies as they prepare for the match:

The match itself started out slow and smooth as the ladies tangled and tried to smear their colors on each other.  But as they went on, they started ramping up the intensity, until the match became very competitive toward the end.  And by that time, both ladies' colors had become rather muddled!

Here they are AFTER the match:


What a great send-off shoot day for Candy!

It was excellent fun and nicely diverse, most definitely!  I look forward to getting these videos all processed once we return from our west coast tour here, but I do think I should be able to grab a few more screen stills from the raw footage (I brought a copy of the raw with me).

We wish Candy all the best in Los Angeles... and, hey, Mistress Kara is in L.A., so many those two ladies can get in contact. Side note: Jason moved to L.A. recently, and we're set to film with him and Mistress Kara while we're there this coming week.

Best wishes to Candy Pain... we hope to film with her again in the future!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

VeVe's Official West Coast Filming Announcement

Posted by VeVe to our yahoogroup:

Hello, Everyone!  

I'm going to be hitting the road for my West Coast + Las Vegas tour THIS SATURDAY, and Diablo will be joining me, video camera in hand.  There are so many amazing wrestlers and models on the other side of the country, and we're currently lined up to shoot with at least five of them!

Send us custom requests for any of these ladies ASAP [e-mail: ]  Keep in mind we'll be filming in hotel rooms, and the primary opponents/partners available for these ladies will be Diablo or me.  Possibly we'll be able to line up local opponents (especially if you have someone in mind), but the rest of our New York roster won't be available.

In San Diego, we'll be shooting again with Sinn Sage.  Awesome, since we immediately wanted to shoot more with her after meeting her this March.

Sinn Sage

In Los Angeles we're booked with Savannah Foxx and Mistress Kara (different days).  We're thrilled to see them both again after working together in NYC last October since they're both fantastic.


​Mistress Kara​                                 Savannah Foxx

In San Francisco we're shooting with Ariel X and Andrea Rosu (same day, same shoot).  It's been nearly three years since the first and only time I met Ariel, and it'll be my very first time meeting and filming with Andrea, so exciting!  

Ariel X                                                                      Andrea Rosu​

Also, we're tentatively scheduled to shoot with Scarlett Devine in Las Vegas.  It'll be great if this works out.  And Cheyenne Jewel JUST tweeted to me that she's available during my Vegas dates too.  Certainly do send requests for Scarlett and Cheyenne too -- it will help us to confirm the shoots!

Scarlett Devine                                                          Cheyenne Jewel​

Also, to note:  My full tour schedule is Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle.  If you have a custom request for me to work with another wrestler in one of these cities, let me know, and we MAY be able to fit it into the busy schedule.  And, of course, if you're interested in a session in one of these cities yourself, get in touch, but do it quickly because there's very little free time left!

Have I overwhelmed you all yet?!  I'd be overwhelmed myself if I weren't so excited to get started on this whirlwind adventure!

         - VeVe
* * *

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More News: Mistress Kara and Savannah Fox

Wow, so the West Coast filming trip is indeed shaping up.

We just lined up separate filming days with Mistress Kara and also Savannah Fox.  So that makes several confirmed shoots.  We're all ears to hear suggestions!  Here's a recap on who we're filming with:

Sinn Sage
Mistress Kara
Ariel X and Andrea Rosu (together on same day)
Savannah Fox

If there's time, maybe we can film with Cheyenne Jewel in Las Vegas, but most of our time for filming will definitely be in California.

Available from our end will be VeVe and myself (Diablo).  Possible guest appearances by relocated NYC wrestlers Jason (L.A.) and/or Conrad (San Fran), but we don't yet know the availability for these guys.

We've been brainstorming quite a bit for these various shoots, but, as always, suggestions and custom requests are welcome.  Send thoughts over to VeVe:

Monday, May 12, 2014

West Coast Video Tour: Sinn Sage, Andrea Rosu, Ariel, Kara, Savannah

I'm pleased to announce that on this Saturday we'll be heading out to the West Coast for a wrestling video tour!  With camera in hand, I'll be joined by VeVe Lane and am scheduled to film specific videos with Sinn Sage in San Diego and then Andrea Rosu and Ariel X in San Francisco.

Model Mayhem Profile from these above ladies, which is where these pictures came from:  Sinn Sage, Andrea Rosu, Ariel X.

Upon my announcement about the trip, fans also suggested we reconnect with Darling.  We'll also be stopping in Los Angeles, which is where Mistress Kara is as well.  Oh my, suddenly a lot of possibilities.  We head out in only a few days from now, and I'd like to be able to set up with Darling and Kara, if time scheduling permits...

I'd certainly love to add more videos to the already-slated schedule, and I'm definitely open to suggestions.

Aside from a special opponent for one video with Ariel and Andrea, I am the only male victim/opponent who will be readily available for each of these filming stops.  More Diablo action in the works?

I'll certainly keep you posted.  And, as ever, suggestions are welcome!

** For suggestions and custom requests, write directly to VeVe:

* Updated Information:

We are indeed set up with Mistress Kara for filming when we are in L. A.

VeVe also just confirmed a shoot with Savannah Fox for our West Coast visit as well.  Sounds good!

I also realized that 2 of our relocated male wrestlers are also out in California cities where we'll be visiting:  Jason (L.A.) and Conrad (San Fran).  Jason is where Kara is.  Conrad is where Ariel and Andrea are.  Maybe they are up for some filming as well...?


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Big Update: Keri, VeVe, Sinn Sage, Howl, Spring 2014

Oh wow.  Soooo sorry for the delayed update!  I see my last posting was in March, and already today it is May 1.  I've been thinking about blogging, but my hands have been seriously tied lately (not literally this time, though!).

Last night, April showered its way into May as I was wrapping up a late night shoot with VeVe, Keri, and Indra.  I got home soaked and exhausted after taking a bunch of travel mats on an alternative subway route back from the midtown studio (my primary train line was having night time construction).  The rain last night was an absolute deluge, but at least it wasn't too cold... and at least none of my electronics got wet.

But in any case, last night's shoot, which closed out a very busy April 2014, featured a tickle bondage wrestling video with Keri and Indra, and then a bondage wrestling wrestling-shoe foot enslavement video with VeVe and Keri.  Keri got to tie and be tied; Indra ran her mouth as always; and VeVe got to be a little meanie.

Speaking of tickle bondage wrestling, VeVe and Keri also had their own tickle bondage wrestling match recently as well in late March.  And it was during that same shoot day that we met and filmed with Sinn Sage from California.  That was a late night shoot too, and we met up over at Keri's place, where we filmed three videos with Sinn and VeVe: a facesitting and smothers match, a bondage wrestling match, and a muscle worship scene.

Filming with Sinn Sage

Sinn has ample assets to easily win the judges' favor in a facesitting match, and little VeVe got to experience that ability first hand.  But when it came to the bondage wrestling, VeVe was the one with the strong advantage there.  Sinn was a real firecracker and put up a valiant resistance for a bondage wrestling newcomer, but she eventually ended up hogtied and ball gagged.  The ladies "cooled down" with a bout of muscle worship, with Sinn appreciatively oiling VeVe's pumped-yet-lean musculature.  Sinn has a background in muscle anatomy and physiology, and she said she was amazed that she could see individual muscle so easily on VeVe.  Sinn looks forward to giving VeVe another muscle massage in the future, and we look forward to filming with Sinn again (very likely this month, actually!).

But let me not neglect that tickle bondage wrestling match with VeVe and Keri.  It was absolutely wild!  I don't remember when this happened in the order of the shoot, but Sinn had a chance to watch and be very thoroughly entertained.  You see, both VeVe and Keri are incredibly ticklish and, as you may know, both ladies have a tendency to display large-and-loud personalities.  Plus competitive; did I mention they are competitive?!  Massive multi-tasking, rope, tickling, wrestling, fighting to NOT be tickled, shrieking, laughing, falling out the door and into the next room - it was quite a sight.  Both ladies handled the challenge incredibly well, and VeVe even mentioned on her Tumblr posting: "Possibly the hardest thing I've ever done!"

So, that was in March... But April, as I was saying.  Oh my, I don't think I'm going to be able to get everything in here, but I'll do the best I can.  But before I do that, one more from March (see what I'm talking about here?)

Howl's Video Adventures

Late March also brought us two very splendid competitive mixed matches featuring newcomer Howl.  I may have mentioned Howl earlier, but he's been a great athletic addition to our local crew.  He wrestled a little in high school and keeps very fit currently, but he doesn't train formally in any fighting sport.  He's 5'8", 130 lbs, and very flexible.

Howl took on VeVe in a fully competitive mixed match, which ended up rocking his world a good bit.  VeVe both shocked and impressed Howl with her skill, strength, and arsenal of techniques, and the two of them together created a little whirl wind of athletic energy on the mats for their bout.

And Howl is a little new to getting choked during a wrestling match, so he was particularly vulnerable to them, and sometimes a little slow on the tap out... But no knockouts occurred, if that's what you're thinking.  Just some bleary eyes and wobbly legs.

After a little rest, Howl then faced off against Orlandoe in a bondage wrestling match.  And, you see, this part was particularly interesting:

Originally for this shoot, VeVe had called on Howl and Lance to team up against her for a mixed 2-on-1 competitive bondage wrestling match.  She figured, hey, both Howl and Lance are of a good light weight, and neither of them had done bondage wrestling before, so surely they would make a good match for VeVe as a double-team.  She thought, hey, sure, she could have a good chance of tying both of them - why not?  But Lance had to call out with a back injury, leaving Howl by himself.  And since VeVe and Howl had just fought in wrestling, we turned to Orlandoe to help Howl get his feet wet with the rope-tie style.

But Howl needed no help at all.

Ropes in hand, Orlandoe and Howl set off at a great pace, with Howl very quickly coming out on top and lassoing Orlandoe with confidence.  Maybe he was fired up from his match with VeVe.  Maybe VeVe's "How To" lesson really stuck with him.  Maybe Orlandoe severely underestimated him.  But whatever the case, Howl came very close to immobilizing the very indignant Orlandoe... until Orlandoe's fury said otherwise.

Once Orlandoe got her bearings and realized it was all almost over for her, she put her powerful legs to work and squeezed Howl into near submission into order to get herself back in the game.  From there, she made a big comeback, and she paid Howl back rather handsomely for his stunning efforts (FYI, "paid back" = tortured).

Howl was a big hit with fans and viewers, and he appeared in two more videos in April.  He faced off against Mistress Trish in an athletic domination mixed match, where he suffered through Trish's verbal harassment, crushing scissors, and even more choke attacks as he worked to mount an offense of his own.  I'm working on the release information for that video right now, actually. (update: it's now released!)

And later that same day, Howl played jobber to me (Diablo) in a men's pro-style domination bout, where he suffered through more choke holds, plus camel clutches, back-bending holds, and all sorts of scissors.  Howl came out of all that declaring his not-so-much-love for head and body scissors.  It was a tough day for Howl, but he loved it and looks forward to more adventures in wrestling!

Wow, I'm taking up a lot of space, so I'll just hit on just a few small topics before heading back to the grind.

Three Mean Ladies and One Sorry Gentleman

Also in April, we filmed a very fun video called "A Lesson He Won't Forget," which featured VeVe, Amazon Annie, and Candy Pain all in black leotards and tights giving a very difficult time to poor Thrash.  In a sort of "Karate Nylons" style, Thrash appeared in his karate uniform while the pantyhose-clad ladies threw kicks at him in a variety of ways.  In "Lethal Leotards" style, the ladies were particularly mean and sadistic in their alluring black attire.  But novel to this video was one particular aspect for the ladies: glee!

I have a feeling that Annie and Candy really upped the gleefulness.  But despite Annie's big smile and Candy's cheer in contrast to VeVe's more casual smugness, they were all celebrating the punishment and humiliation of their sleazeball victim.

The premise was that Thrash had planted a hidden spy camera in the ladies' locker room, which they, of course, discovered.  And so, they plot and enact a fitting payback.  Behold, enticement via pantyhose-clad legs, teasing, mesmerizing.... followed by lots of kicks, double teaming, belittling, victory poses, victory poses galore!, more teasing, more kicks, more unhappiness for the poor little wanna-be spy.

The ladies all worked fantastically together, coordinating all of their moves right on the spot, communicating excellently in the moment, feeding off of each other's energy, and spinning the story out effortlessly.  It was like a very well rehearsed piece of theatre.  But it hadn't been rehearsed at all.  Really, hats off to VeVe, Annie, and Candy (and poor Thrash) for the great coordination and improvisation!

Zentai Suit Wrestling and More Nylon Adventures

For my last note in this entry, which sadly can't cover it all, I just want to mention my adventures in zentai suit wrestling.

We first tried zentai wrestling back on a very snowy day in February, where VeVe wrestled a guest named Raj for a mixed semi-competitive style bout.  The style and idea were well received, but VeVe was not pleased with the way her teal suit fit her.  Indeed, the inseam was a little too long for her.  However, when Minxy Li came over to visit in March, we discovered that the teal suit fit her just perfectly.  The red suit, which had been a bit big on Raj, fit Amazon Annie like a glove.  And so, Minxy and Annie suited up and gave us our very first female zentai wrestling video, which took place in the big studio and under lighting that encouraged a fine shine for the suits.

Here's Minxy and Annie suiting up:

We were so inspired by the zentai wrestling, the feeling of the suits in a scramble, and the fun of introducing people the sensation that VeVe went on to commission order four new zentai suits: a silver and blue for her and a pink and green for larger wearers.

Once the suits arrived, we created two new zentai wrestling videos, one mixed and one female/female.  The female/female came first, featuring Candy Pain in pink and VeVe in blue.  This was Candy's first time in a zentai suit, let alone a zentai wrestling match, so she was very excited to give it a try.  Candy is a fan of all sorts of costumes and second-skin attire, so the zentai wrestling was a great experience.  And Candy Pain in a bright pink zentai suit?  That just seems like a good combination!

VeVe kept on her blue suit and then tangled with Lance, who dons the neon green.  Lance is tall and thin, so in the green, he earned himself the character name of The Green Bean.  Blue and Green hit the mats for a slide-y, shiny domination wrestling bout.

Here are Candy, VeVe, and Lance suiting up:

We went on to also open a new studio for videos featuring zentai wrestling, zentai anything, plus spandex, nylon, lycra, and shiny and/or skin tight attire.  It's called Second Skin Videos, and it just opened today, May 1.

All righty, so I'll top things off here.  We look forward to May and the warmer season to come.  Looking forward to working more with Mistress Trish and also to the return of Hanz Vanderkill in June.  But we'll sadly be saying farewell to Candy Pain, who moves to California at the end of May.  Let's try to get her on camera some more before she heads west.

More to come, as ever, onward and upward!