Monday, November 15, 2010

I was a Spandex Wrestling Video Victim

Since I'm lean and mean lately, VeVe called me back to co-star in another wrestling video with her. The theme of this work: Spandex Wrestling Domination.

VeVe had been wanting to do a new spandex wrestling domination video for some time. Her first in this style was a match against the fully spandex-clad Silver Ghost. Since quite a few video fans seemed interested in and intrigued by the mixed wrestling spandex match, we reloaded and set up to shoot this new one, taking place over a year or two later.

VeVe and I both wore very shiny, slick spandex for this video. Essentially, our attire consisted of dancewear. VeVe had a white spandex half-body suit over which she wore a teal-ish blue leotard. Her laying of garments created an interesting effect with all of the white and blue straps crossing over her back and shoulders. Both of these spandex pieces had smooth and slippery textures.

I also wore a half-body suit, but it black. Since the upper part of the body suit wasn't quite working for us, I instead rolled it down and essentially turned it into a pair of leggings. I was pleased and surprised at how well the body suit stayed in place as leggings and didn't unroll during the course of the struggle.

So, on to the meat of the matter.

This was indeed a domination style video, and the focus of it was to get my head crushed by spandex-clad legs as much as possible. For 20 minutes of filming. I can out of there with a bloody nose, a slightly irritated larynx, and a light headed feeling.

Then, of course, there was also the spandex legged body scissoring - some sore ribs for the next morning - and a good deal of School Girl Pinning and rough facesitting, which I believe was the cause of the nose bleed.

Normally I can fight through a nose bleed, and I have been able to get them to stop during matches before, often with no one really realizing it had happened. However, when white leggings are crushing my face, blood will show up real fast and will cause a lot of staining. So, after I noticed that I couldn't easily stop the blood with VeVe constantly smashing my face, I had to take a moment to directly address the matter.

I had to wonder, though, if viewers would be interested in seeing the brutality of this blood all over the light-colored spandex. Imagine my face, a tight head scissors or leg triangle wrapped on me, and blood streaming out of my nose with nothing I could do about it. But, for the sake of VeVe's brand new, shiny attire, we passed on that opportunity.

I will say that spandex is damned slippery. It's kind of like oil wrestling without the oil. Sort of. It was quite an interesting feeling to try to lock onto VeVe's spandex-clad legs with my spandex-clad legs. Total slippage. But it's a nice, smooth slipping feeling. Real minimal friction. Smooth like ice. And, as a result, it is fairly easy to slip out of attempted holds and locks. Well, except for those darned School Girl Pins. But perhaps a spandex face mask might have helped with that...

Anyway, I got a thrashing in this video. Although it was domination style in favor of VeVe, she sure didn't hold back or simply "indicate" any of the holds - and thus for my bumps and bruises. It was a little bit like being sucked up into a tornado, actually.

Clobberetta ran the camera for this one, and she did a fine job of getting in to capture all of the spandexy punishment that VeVe was dishing out, along with all of my suffering.

That match should be along soon, though screen stills, as you have seen, are up and about and should be around in VeVe's photo galleries even sooner.

And so, that's it for now. Oh boy, never a dull moment in wrestling video production.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Catfight Brutality and the Aftermath

Well, VeVe didn't get to fight Dia Zerva last night. But she did get to fight what may well have been her most vicious fight of the year. As a matter of fact, as I do my Dana White impression, I have decided to award this match our company's "Most Brutal F v F Bout of the Year" award from my stand point as a producer.

Last night, VeVe fought the powerhouse that is Clobberetta.

I knew this fight would be a good one, since I know that both of these ladies have an extremely high tolerance for pain, and I know that neither one gives up submissions easily. At all. You know, the sort where you need to actually damage their joints or knock them unconscious before they will give.

Of course, while both VeVe and Clobberetta are capable of fighting civilly, courteously, and technically - and while that is something they often do when faced with out-of-town guest wrestlers - civil fighting was NOT on the table for last night's battle. Last night was an all out catfight!

And I chose that format for those ladies because I know them well. See the above! Add that all together, and you have a recipe for an intense fight.

One thing that surprised me was the ladies' willingness to start from a standing position. I tried to discourage them from doing this, given the considerable weight difference, but they were so fired up, that they just jumped into it for the first round, going right for standing slaps and takedowns. I hoped for the best and kept the camera rolling. For the second round, same deal: they jumped up to start from the feet, and looking for sweet-spot face shots.

I'll also mention that when we started rolling for the second 10-minute round, I announced that the winner would take a victory pose over the loser. That, I think, added even more fuel to the fire. While these ladies love to fight for fighting's sake, after that announcement, they knew they
were fighting for stakes. And since both of them are rather prideful fighters, the drive for the W
climbed even higher. This was a delight to see.

I'm trying to avoid saying to much about the actual specifics of the match and the eventual outcome, but I will say that the Victory was really up for grabs here, and I could have gone to either one of these fierce competitors.

20 minutes of slapping, hair-pulling, and general crushing is pretty rough, wouldn't you say? Just sayin'.

When I was editing the video, it sure looked to me that VeVe was clutching on to Clobberetta's hair for almost the entire time. No wonder Clobberetta said that her scalp hurt when the match was over. And VeVe did not escape unscathed from the harsh hair-pulling. Oh, no. Clobberetta grabbed VeVe's hair at one point (or several) and jerked her so hard that VeVe woke up today with a sore neck. Both ladies have been twittering today about being considerably sore and bruised this morning, so... I'll leave it at

Personally, I happen to love catfights. They are my preferred form of female fight video to shoot, truth be told. Getting slapped in the face really makes you see red. It pisses you off, and it makes you want to strike back with a fury. Hair-pulling is just as powerful. Yes, indeed, slaps and hair-pulls must surely have been designed to piss off the receiver! They are less damaging than punches, kicks, and Thai knees, to be sure, but they are absolutely great for heating up a fight on an emotional level. So, in my mind, slaps and hair-pulls are great!

And I loved watching the blood boil at last night's fight.

... it was boiling so much so, that the winner did more than just take a victory pose over her opponent. She channeled her fight rage, took her opponent down after time was called, and mounted her for a humiliating School Girl Pin slap down. That's right, she rained down unanswered slaps on her defeated foe. It's tough losing these sorts of matches, you know.

Lastly, before I move on, I will say a few words about the setting. Since this match was to be particularly violent and noisy, we took it to a secret and private location. No open studio here. No harsh lighting. No outside influence. We set up in a gritty stockroom warehouse space in Hell's Kitchen - a perfect setting for a catfight.

Now, if only I can get that space for more matches...

Anyway, hats off to you two, VeVe and Clobberetta. Great fight. It was very exciting to shoot and edit, and very difficult to select promotional screen captures for - there were just too many great stills to choose from. Let's keep it rollin', ladies.

[This entry refers to this match: VeVe vs Clobberetta: Catfight Wrestling!]

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quick screen captures from VeVe and Clobberetta's catfight tonight!

Now THAT was a heck of a vicious catfight! It will be out and ready tomorrow!

Here's a screen still of some of tonight's crazy hair-pulling. VeVe and Clobberetta are intense competitors who push to the max!

MVI_0088 004_0004.jpg

And some mutual hair-pulling:

MVI_0088 004_0003.jpg

And VeVe taking a hard slap. One of MANY:

MVI_0088 003_0002.jpg

Great action on its way. Stay tuned.

Now, I have to get some sleep!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Slap Down is on its way!

This is quite amusing to see develop. Looks like I'll be filming a splendid catfight between two very physically different opponents tomorrow: VeVe Lane vs Clobberetta. I love filming catfights! Here's some of what the ladies have been saying to each other on the DM yahoogroup:

Clobberetta started in with:

So, yesterday while training with VeVe I noticed there were an unusual amount of 'accidental' slaps and scratches. I think she's been getting a little too comfortable in the catfight/MMA setting. I'm not a catfight gal myself, but hell hath no fury like a Clobber-woman's scorn! If she likes to hit, then so be it - I can slap, too. Bring it on, little furious thing... you will be crushed!

So, tomorrow I'm going to be doing my first catfight video against VeVe Lane. As a newbie to this, I don't know what people generally wear - I'm used to singlets. Does anyone have any catfight attire suggestions?


So, VeVe answered back:

Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait just a second here!

Sure thing, Clobberetta, you want a catfight, that's just fine by me. But let's get some facts straight here first. Who was the person throwing her weight around all over the mats during our training yesterday? And by weight I don't mean good, old fair-fighting body weight, I mean those big clumsy elbows of yours.

I guess a few warning slaps weren't enough to teach you to watch yourself, look out for your opponent, and keep a nice, friendly grappling match friendly. No problem, you're a newbie yet. We can switch over to catfighting and make the lessons a lot harder and faster.

You can thank me tomorrow.
- VeVe

Get the popcorn out, folks. This is going to be a great fight. These two both have a high pain tolerance, so, at least from my point of view, it will be quite a sight to see just how much slapping goes on here! Also, does such a size difference make a difference in a catfight style bout? Time will tell!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Some Tie-Up Wrestling Action and Dia Zerva coming to Town

First thing's first: I finished up a trailer for the Tie-Up wrestling match I had with VeVe on Oct 24 (see previous blog entry). That trailer video is embedded below. If you like to see some grappling + thrashing all rolled up into one, that trailer is for you.

Next: We have Dia Zerva coming to town, and she is lined up to have a match with VeVe. I was supposed to film the match between them this past week, but Dia's travels were delayed. Instead, we will be filming this coming Tuesday evening. We have no special conditions for that match, but I am certainly willing to listen to any that anyone might toss out there...

In the meantime, here's that trailer: