Thursday, May 21, 2015

2015 West Coast Tour Releases to Come!

Greetings readers!  I just finished up an entry in the Bondage Wrestling Blog that made mention of matches filmed on our very recent 2015 West Coast video tour.  So, here's a general post talking about the wrestling and video goings-on from the tour!

We kicked off the tour 2 weeks ago, departing from NYC on the morning of May 6.  Upon landing in Los Angeles, we immediately headed out to get ready for our first shoot of the tour.  That day, VeVe filmed with Liz Lightspeed, Nikki Fierce, and Jennifer Thomas.  In later days, we filmed with Sinn Sage in San Diego, Maria Queen and Cheyenne Jewel in Las Vegas, Andrea Rosu in the San Francisco area, and then finally Robin upon returning to Los Angeles to conclude.  All videos we filmed for our company were F/F videos; no mixed filming for us on this one.

Here's a listing of planned releases from the tour (in order of filming):

 1. VeVe vs Liz Lightspeed - competitive female wrestling RELEASED!

 2. Cleave Gagged Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Nikki Fierce - bondage wrestling with both competitors starting gagged (cleave gag) and staying gagged throughout the entire match. RELEASED!

 3. 4-Way West Coast Bondage Wrestling Battle: VeVe, Liz Lightspeed, Nikki Fierce, Jennifer Thomas - bondage wrestling mayhem RELEASED!

 4. VeVe Meets Jennifer Thomas - a short competitive wrestling bout, plus flexing and physique appreciation. RELEASED!

 5. Wonder Sinn in Peril - Sinn Sage as a superheroine ambushed and bound by Evil Cheetah VeVe. RELEASED!

 6. Pantyhose Agent Duel: Sinn Sage and VeVe Lane - the female agents duke it out, gliding nylons and pantyhose leg action. RELEASED!

 7. Balloon Popping Mayehm with Sinn and VeVe - a little extra fun! RELEASED!

 8. VeVe vs Maria Queen - competitive female wrestling - RELEASED!

 9. Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Maria Queen - the name says it all. RELEASED!

10. Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Cheyenne Jewel - the name says it all. RELEASED!

11. Rival Agent Bondage Caper: VeVe and Andrea Rosu - VeVe in latex outfit, Andrea in thong leotard, bondage, battling, and turning tables. RELEASED!

12. Pantyhose Bedfight: VeVe and Andrea Rosu - the name says it all RELEASED!

13. Tickle Wrestling: VeVe vs Robin - the name says it all!  RELEASED!

Whew, and there you go!  Stay tuned as these become available over the spring and summer seasons!