Sunday, November 24, 2013

Filming with Keri Spectrum: VeVe's Shout Out

VeVe posted the following to her yahoogroup and Twitter today.  Suggestions are welcome!  Send to:

Hey, Everybody,

I wanted to send out a heads-up that we've got a video shoot set up with Keri of Spectrum next Saturday.

We're filming one cop vs. robber bondage wrestling scenario for sure, but what else would you all like to see?  Send us any suggestions or custom requests ASAP!

        - VeVe


Monday, November 4, 2013

October Wrap-Up: Rope, Karate, and New Venues

Hi All - I'm still here!

Well, so, there went October 2013.  It was a good month.  It was a very full and busy month.  But it also somehow felt like a pretty short month.

We kicked off October with our big NYC wrestling filming event, which came fast on the heels of September's visit by Sable and Honey of LWS.  I had just managed to finish the majority of my materials with Sable and Honey (and some September work of VeVe's) when I was hit by the massive amount of footage from the mega event.  But at this point, actually, I'm pleased to say that I've gotten past the mid-way mark on releases from the event.

I think.

Actually, yes.  Just checked my titles list.  Most matches and materials have been released!  So that's where October went while I over at that grindstone.

New Venues and Rope Ties

Also in October, I discovered two new filming spaces.  One is a performance art space with a great underground warehouse or club type feel to it.  The other is actually literally under ground, with bright lighting and plain surroundings.  I thank my buddy Hanz Vanderkill for finding and scouting out space #2 and also for encouraging our very first shoot in space #1.

So, space #1, the "underground warehouse."  Hanz, VeVe, Mahea, and I got together in late October to take a crack at filming at this new venue.  It was a Thursday evening, and the shoot ended up running from about 8-11 pm (right? somehow?).  We had our usual 10' x 20' mat space to work with, some improvised and imported lighting, and a lot to get done.

I first filmed several matches for Hanz.  He had his wrestling rematch against Mahea (at Hanz's store).  He also challenged Mahea to a wrists-bound match.  Then I filmed several variations of contests between Hanz and Mahea, some for him and some for a commission of his.

By the time we wrapped all this up, it was getting a bit late.  VeVe had waited patiently throughout, snapping some pictures with her camera phone.  She and Mahea had intended to do a bondage wrestling match as part of the shoot.  Mahea still had plenty of energy and was good to go, so bondage wrestling was to see us through the evening!

I'll talk more about the bondage wrestling match in the Bondage Wrestling Blog, but I will say a bit here.  So, VeVe was feeling a little pressure since we were coming toward the end of our booking time, and she also had a feeling that Mahea would be a pretty determined escapee... so, VeVe turned on the heat for this match and went into speed-tie mode.  She wasn't going to take any chances or give any wiggle room (haha).  And the end result was a lovely example of deft, skilled, functional, competitive capturing of an opponent via ropes.  Thus we all bore witness to VeVe's fastest real-time hogtie to date.  That's the short version of the story, any way.

So that was a great shoot.  And the space was fun and interesting to work with.  Very spacious too, I must say.

Karate for Amazon Annie

Then how about some words on a shoot in space #2?  Ok, no problem!

So, this shoot technically took place in November, but it was November 1, so I will consider that fair game for the October wrap-up blog.  This was a karate commission with VeVe and Amazon Annie.  Yes, more of Amazon Annie in a karate gi!

We first saw Annie in a gi in Victory Pose Lesson, also featuring VeVe and Adrian.  Granted, this was just a gi jacket.  You see, she worked up gradually to the full attire.

The karate filming featured VeVe and Annie having a sparring match using primarily chop style attacks.  Then Annie performed a variety of karate strike attacks at the camera, which I feel she did very well.  It was quite a time getting POV karate attacked by an amazon!  For example, see below!

I think there will be some more karate and more gi videos for Annie in the future.  After all, amazon feet and karate kicks do make an interesting combination of elements.

And speaking of Annie, she's in Detroit on session tour right now with newcomer Crazy Azy.  Annie's been touring a lot this season, on short single-city stops.  This is Azy's first time on tour.  I'm interested to hear how it goes.

Anyway, my time is short now for the blogging, so I will wrap things up.  Looking forward to things to come and also thinking of my to-do wish list of items...

More for the Lethal Leotards series, potentially with Annie or again with Indra
Matches for Crazy Azy
A competitive mixed match with VeVe and Justin
Candy Pain Lethal Leotards?  Some potential there...

All righty, that's it for now.  Signing off from the blog for today!