Friday, November 11, 2011

VeVe and more 2-on-1 fighting

POLL QUESTION: VeVe fought valiantly in her mixed wrestling 2-on-1 competitive challenge match against Ben and Diablo. We'd like her to try a 2-on-1 competitive female match. But whom should the opponents be? Choose from the below or e-mail suggestions to

- Athena and Indra vs VeVe, 41.67%
- Orlandoe and Wrecks vs VeVe, 25.00%
- Athena and Orlandoe vs VeVe, 33.33%

And speaking of double teams and 2-on-1s, tomorrow we will be filming yet another 2-on-1 mixed wrestling challenge (among other things).

VeVe will this time take on Ben and Twiggy simultaneously. A slightly different combo from the Ben & Diablo team that VeVe faced last. This time, VeVe will have a closer match in terms of opponents' weights.

As for the Female 2-on-1 match, we are going to be pitting VeVe against Athena and Indra. Not tomorrow, though, since we couldn't quite get everyone's schedules to line up there.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mixed Wrestling, Judo Throws, Pantyhose, and Clips4Sale in October

Wow, October has been really kicking my but. So, let me begin this post with an obligatory apology for not posting enough lately. But there sure has been a lot going on in the realm of wrestling media production.

Firstly, we opened up our own clips4sale store. Yes, I know, we are a bit behind the 8-ball on this, but we're open and live! We opened up at the end of September, actually.

The clips store is nice, since it is a good place for shorter little tid bits in the 10-minute range and also for "edgier" material, such as bondage wrestling and the ever-popular pantyhose domination wrestling.

It's also a great place for darker physical domination videos, such

as Interrogation Torture and Domestic Discord. Meanwhile, our regular website can focus on female and mixed wrestling matches.

And speaking of mixed wrestling matches, let me just throw a nod out there to little VeVe for her latest competitive mixed wrestling undertaking. I wish I had more time to write about this, but I have about 30 minutes before a shoot, and I've already got a million things to do beforehand.

Anyway, about a week ago, VeVe was challenged to take on both me (Diablo) and Ben in a competitive mixed match for both pins and submissions. Ben's a former school wrestler, and I have a few years of grappling experience under my belt, so, needless to say, it was a very hard fight for VeVe. But she wasn't shut out, surprisingly. It wasn't me! Poor Ben sticks his neck out too much!

But anyway, it was a ton of fun. Ben and I executed some very coordinated attacks, which I was really able to appreciate when watching the playback of the match. We did a great job there, and VeVe got a run for her money!
But she is quite the trooper, I must say.

All right, now I am terribly, horribly short on time.

I've also been filming some judo throwing videos with VeVe. Recently, she filmed judo throwing with Indra and also with Mark. Both had a "judo throws in pantyhose" theme. Mark got pretty rough-handled yet again in this second judo-throw-in-pantyhose video he's done with VeVe.

More throwing and now with some foot-to-face punishment as well. Plus, red stockings with a garter belt! VeVe looks like a superhero!

By the way, did I also mention Indra's Nylon Domination with Thrash? Yes, we grabbed that one quickly as well. It is in our clips store. It was a quick pantyhose + scissors + feet + knockout scene that Indra was kind enough to enact for us on poor Thrash.

Ok, off we go. Enjoy autumn, everyone. More to come!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tons of filming, Indra's Back, Kicks, and Lift and Carry

Ok, folks, I do mean to get a blog up as soon as I can! I know it's already September, but it has been a crazy busy September!

Why, just last week we filmed
a custom bondage video with VeVe and Annie,
a bondage wrestling double team with Indra,
a custom match with Annie and Kali,
a competitive match with VeVe and Hanz,
a strip match (domination) of me vs VeVe,
and a hard belly-kicking video with VeVe and Indra

All in one week! I'm pleased to say I also finished post production on all but one of those videos (the strip one)!

And now, even as I'm trying to blog and get out of here, VeVe is IMing with me about ideas for a Lift & Carry video series.

By the way, I also filmed a Lift & Carry with VeVe and Indra!

And I got a little Lifted & Carried away myself:

Ok, got to run. More soon!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A little Summer Recap: Kicks and Bondage

I don't know about you, but August always seems like the end of summertime to me. Yes, I know that September has a little summer aspect to it and that fall doesn't "officially" begin until Sept 23 this year, but I do always think of Labor Day as being summer's end.

With that said, we're coming into late August now here in NYC.

And times have been busy. Travel has been eating up a lot of my time - and not to mention vacation travel as well! But I'm going to get a blog out this weekend while most of the wrestling ladies are away - also on vacation!

So, what have been some recent summertime happenings in my world of wrestling media production? I've mentioned a few in previous entries, but here are some other goings-on.

Karate Nylons with Orlandoe and Athena

Thanks to a special request and sponsorship, I had the opportunity to film two "karate kick" type videos with the ladies in July. With VeVe acting as script interpreter and director, we filmed the first video with Orlandoe and Thrash. A week later, we filmed the second with Athena and Jason.

The script was basically the same for both shoots, with slight alterations for the second version. Both followed the premise of a series of "karate men" who have escaped from prison, only to be tracked down and defeated, one by one, by a karate kicking femme fatale in black nylons and leotard. In each version, the various "karate men" were always played by the same male performer.

As a videographer, it was very interesting for me to observe the different ways the two sets of performers handled the material. While our patron had given a very specific script and directions, Orlandoe & Thrash interpreted the characters and script slightly differently than Athena & Jason. They also interpreted the "speed of action" differently, as well as how much contact their strikes would make and how their characters would speak the set dialogue.

Both sets of performers put out some great work in a relatively short amount of time. We had a few takes on certain scenes, but they did a fine job learning their lines and choreography on the spot. Kind of made me think of soap opera production. Just a tad, a tad.

Also, I would like to point out that Orlandoe comes from a background in the Afro-Brazilian martial art of capoeira, and Athena comes from a background in Afro-Brazilian dance. Coincidence? Yes, it is, actually!

VeVe's Competitive Bondage Wrestling with Thrash

Thrash did such a great job in various videos lately, including the above-mentioned Karate Nylons, that VeVe invited him to give bondage wrestling a try.

Of course, Thrash has never tried bondage wrestling before. First time. And VeVe is not above hazing hapless first-timers.

We had been getting requests that the male be as fully bound as possible if he were to lose at a bondage wrestling match. And VeVe took that note to heart. Thrash lived up to his namesake as he tried to evade VeVe's binds and throw some knots on her himself, but his efforts were rather in vain.

He ended up in a rather TIGHT spot, actually. Twice, I would point out. And VeVe managed the ties in record time. Once of which was a pretty abusive-looking hog tie. Kind of made me think of a bow & arrow. Here's a little picture of that one:

The moral of that story: if you've never tried bondage wrestling before and you go up against VeVe, you are going to be humbled real fast. Then she'll probably laugh at you a little bit or drag you around, or some such! Those little fingers are rather nimble when it comes to rope work... and it helps that her wrestle holds will keep you in place long enough for the ropes to get into the action.

Needless to say, I was impressed.

Shortly after this shoot, we filmed another bondage-themed video with VeVe and Thrash. Only this time, there was tickle torture involved. In that video, which was a special commission, once Thrash was bound, VeVe tickled the soles of his feet mercilessly. A slight variation on the theme, but real great if you're into mixed tickle torture on the footsies. More about that one will come in time.

Now moving slowly into autumn. VeVe's got a tournament to fight in Montreal, and I know she's visiting Robin in CA in September. Hopefully we can get some more catfights on the table, since I hear there are some new ladies in town who are raw talents and potentially interested in scrappin.' More to come, as always. Stay tuned.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Orlandoe vs Ginger Martin? Make this Match?

I just posted this message to our yahoogroup. I wanted to also record it here:

Some of you know Ginger (aka "Hot Muscle Mom") already.

Some of you may remember her from her match against VeVe Lane in June 2010.

Many of you have seen the trailer for that match:

Now Ginger is coming back to NYC at the end of July, and we've been pondering setting her up with a match against Orlandoe.

Orlandoe has challenged VeVe on several occasions during in-house competition, including both a wrestling bout and a hardcore catfight. And let's not forget to mention Orlandoe's "dive bomb" attack on VeVe during VeVe's bondage wrestling victory pose over Athena.

And Orlandoe was crowded Champion at the Showcase Tournament this past June, defeating Lily and Indra to rise to the top in our local competition.

An Orlandoe vs Ginger match-up looks like it could have some great competitive energy, considering the potential combattants.

If this match interests you, if you are interested in joining a sponsor pool for it, or if the possibility of it tickles your fancy even a little, then please let me know. You can respond on list here, or write to me off-list.

Looking forward to hearing from you and encouraging more good, sweaty competitive wrestling goodness.

Filming Physical Domination of a Sadistic Sort

Whew, onward to blogging. Finally!

We're here into July now in NYC, and we're approaching mid-July at that! Time flew between my last blog entry and now. No more blog slacking; it's time to get cracking.

June was a busy month for us here at the "ranch." On a non-wrestling note, I had to have some follow-up surgery at the start of June, so that knocked me out of commission for "on-screen" time. Fortunately, I got in on a great bondage wrestling video with Indra and the pro-style video in tights with VeVe, not to mention also the sweet little interrogation scenario.

So, I'm back behind the camera again. It's other people's times to shine!

We recently filmed a special request video take-off on Interrogation Torture. The same dastardly minds that brought to life that dark, creepy mixed wrestling beatdown scenario next dreamed up a new scenario which we filmed in the last week of June...

And it was even darker and creepier!

This one was dubbed "Domestic Discord," and it featured VeVe in her femme fatale role and attire. She's been doing a lot of wrestling and physical domination in her black tights and leotard lately, I must say! Anyway, speaking of physical domination, yes, that is certainly the genre of "Domestic Discord."

I loved the story line - VeVe's character is a spy-assassin who has been deep undercover, married to a government official (played by Thrash) for years. He hasn't the foggiest idea of her true purpose and nature; their marriage has been nothing but peaceful and happy since the start. And she's gotten to know him very well.

When the day comes that she receives orders to kill him, she arranges a special evening surprise for him when he arrives home from work. The scene unfolds from there.

VeVe's character is totally a black widow in this one, absolutely. I mean, aside from the fact that she's dressed in skin tight all-black, of course! She sets up for a nice romantic evening at home, offers her husband wine, coos sweet nothings in his ear... but once his back is turned, she drugs the wine, strips into her sleek, dark "taking-care-of-business" attire, and proceeds to pleasure herself by making her poor victim suffer... and erotically.

See, during her years of spying, government intelligence was not the only vital information she gathered; she had also studied her husband's favorite fetishistic indulgences. And she uses each of his fetishes to bring about his end.

... again, much to her great delight, which she expresses so well for the camera.

Dark and creepy, yes. And very well done by VeVe and Thrash!

Also in that week, we filmed a small series of karate themed kicking videos with Orlandoe and Thrash, and then with Athena and Jason (the green wrestler from Lucha Spandex Smackdown). Both Orlandoe and Athena have some great leg flexibility, what with Orlandoe being practiced in capoeira (brazilian martial art) and Athena in afro-brazilian dance. Thrash and Jason threw great kicks in return, each of the gentlemen looking very sporty in their white karate uniforms.

I'm finally caught up with work, so, whew, a chance to write a bit. But just a bit.

I've got a folder full of photos open and waiting for my attention today. Hopefully I will be able to bang them out and get a new photo gallery up for VeVe. These are photos from a shoot she did in May with photographer Gary Dates in New Jersey. Some very artful shots which really show off VeVe's body quite well. I will be posting certain selections from that shoot. Plus, on that same shoot, she also dressed up as a "feral girl" and did some sweet action posing in the wilderness at night. Those coming soon as well.

Ok, off we go to photo work next.

Update, the gallery is now up: VeVe Lane: Blue Posed & Feral Girl

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Update: Gia Primo, Roxy Fox, VeVe, Pro Style Mixed Wrestling!

Holy Moly! I am due for an update, and badly!

The biggest problem with being busy and blogging is that when you're busy, it's awful hard to get to blogging. There has been SO much going on lately, so many great matches and shoots, and I keep thinking "I need to blog about this," but it all piles up so high that I then end up thinking:

"Whoa, this would take such a huge blog entry, that it is just too immense to think of how I would organize it!"

In early May, there was the travel to Chicago to film VeVe's match with Gia Primo in a very interesting battle ground - a rather narrow wrestling room with walls on 3 sides and a small stair case on the 4th side (which they fortunately only fell off of once).

Natural lighting made for a cool moodiness to the look of the match.
In later May, there were the swell bondage matches with Indra, which I have already blogged about.

Toward the very end of May, VeVe and I visited Michelle Falsetta's Mixed Wrestling Event in Brooklyn, where VeVe fought many mixed matches on the main mat, including a bondage wrestling match. I got to kick back that evening on one of the sofas.

While we were there, we had a chance to meet Roxy Fox from Amsterdam. One thing led to another, and we set up a match between Roxy and VeVe for the very next day. We had to move quickly, since Roxy only had a few days left in NYC before she headed back to Europe.

So, that next evening indeed, we filmed a competitive match between VeVe and Roxy Fox. Two really tough ladies, great competitors, both a real pleasure to work with. Roxy was charming, professional, and had a lot of heart. A great shoot!

Sorry, I'm moving quickly here. Just summarizing mostly.

I also had some time in the spotlight. Literally.

On June 2, I co-starred in two matches with VeVe. Of course, I was the unfortunate victim! In the first, called Interrogation Torture, I played a prisoner who was to be interrogated by a sultry and wicked inquisitor played by VeVe. I got pushed around *a lot* and foot choked more than I'd ever like (I never like to be foot choked, actually). As a matter of fact, I was put in more choke holds than one could shake a stick at. I had a pretty sore neck the following day.

We had some awesome lighting for that shoot, which really added to the interrogation atmosphere. Great downlight from overhead cliplights in the studio, with the tiniest bit of natural light coming in from an obstructed window. You can see that in the background of the picture I have at the right. There were also some sweet echoes in the room, what with it being so large. Really nice, creepy effect!

We also shot a "pro style" match between me and VeVe. We were both in tights and wrestling boots. Hooray! She was technically wearing a body stocking. It was a really neat match, and I really loved the tights and boots combo. Especially since the white stood out so well!

Pro-style is so fun and whacky. We both gave and received various punishing holds. Here's a picture of me dishing it out with a Boston Crab!

We also replayed and re-filmed that match two days later at the June 4 NYC Wrestling Showcase. We needed a slight wardrobe correction for VeVe, and I also wanted the camera operator to shoot a wider angle. The June 2 version is shot with a lot of close-ups and moodiness, which is pretty neat. But I also wanted a version that showed the full bodies in the frame, and that's what we got with the June 4 version. The June 4 one was also filmed before a live audience and had more mutual flipping.

Yeah, Pro-style is fun. And it helps that I went to school for theatre and trained in stage combat. And, again, I was really digging my white wrestling boots. They just felt so comfortable.

And there you have it, my friends. I'll leave you at that! I'll write about the June 4 NYC Wrestling Showcase soon as well. It was VeVe's first invitational FVF tournament, and it went very well! The ladies fighting included Indra (London), Orlandoe (NYC), LotusLily (Toronto), and Athena (originally London, now NYC). It was a 4-way single elimination tournament with a consolation match. Ok, more to come. There's that for now!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meeting Indra and More Wrestling with Ropes

Well, I know my last post was on our expanding genre of bondage wrestling, and, as fate would have it, last week brought me into contact with even MORE bondage wrestling.

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Indra, a wrestler from the London Wrestling Studio. Indra is visiting New York City for a short stay, and she expressed that she had experience in bondage and rope work, having apprenticed to a domme at one point. Well, great! I asked her if she'd like to try some bondage wrestling, and she was totally up for it. And super excited to give it a try!

Indra's first bondage match was with me, the infamous nemesis Diablo. I hadn't been a rope-tie mixed wrestling victim since my match with VeVe last November, so this was my grand return to the video arena. And it was my first time tangling with Indra... and her nasty trash talking!

She sure is a trash talker! And a meanie on the mats, to be sure, particularly when it comes to wrestling domination. Ouch!

It was my job to try and wrestle her without getting tied, but that job was rather impossible; both of my wrists and ankles were pre-set with leather cuffs with D-rings, and my one wrist had a rope pre-attached. As usual, we had the various other ropes strewn about the mats for Indra to grab and put to use.

Between her wrestling, the ropes, the cuffs, and her jumping on me while I was flattened, I didn't have much other option than to just try to hold out, hip out, and give her a general hard time. But, of course, that could only last as long as it took her to loop the ropes through all of the my cuffs' D-rings...

VeVe manned the camera on this one, and she did a very nice job. Round of applause there.

Not only did I get bound up in that match, but I was also dragged, spun in a circle, and stretched backward. Hey, innovative! Kudos to you, Indra!

But we didn't just stop with the mixed match....

Following my match with Indra, VeVe stepped out from behind the camera to take on Indra in a competitive F v F bondage match. I actually just finished work on that one a few hours ago, and it is all set to go.

The ladies nixed the ankle cuffs and instead only kept one wrist cuff a-piece. Of course, each had the requisite pre-attached rope, with the other ropes out on the mat. Our current, developing standardized style.

They went hard at each other from the top of the match, with Indra being fired up from just finishing her mixed domination match. VeVe played a smart game, working toward binding her opponent's legs together. Bound legs - a real disadvantage in wrestling. Indra managed to bind VeVe to HER in a few instances, which made for some interesting movement and exchanges.

I won't say too much about the final outcome, but I will say that there was actually a submission due to rope-bite. Even better: it was a nice, clear verbal submission. Basically, the lady to submit had been bound in such a tight way that she needed to plead for her opponent to release her. Now that's a great outcome for a competitive bondage match!

We were also able to shoot a pair of custom costumed matches with Indra, both involving stockings, and one involving both ladies in corsets!

All in all, Indra was great to work with! Very personable, charming, intelligent, and game for challenges. She's feisty and can indeed be mean when it comes to domme-ish style. She and VeVe has a grand time talking about and examining costumes and costume ideas.

Indra heads back to the UK in June, but we'll be seeing her again tonight at the Brooklyn Mixed Wrestling Event. She was a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend her as a personable and professionally mannered performer.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thoughts on Bondage Wrestling

Many thanks to a certain mixed wrestling fan who long ago introduced VeVe Lane to the art of bondage wrestling. And many thanks to VeVe who picked up the art and skill of tie-up wrestling and shared it with other mixed wrestling fans. And then, again thanks go out to VeVe for getting up in front of the camera and a lot more people just what she means when she talks about "bondage wrestling."

At this point, I have filmed 3 bondage wrestling video matches with VeVe. In the first of those 3, I was the opponent. The second and third matches were F v F matches. These 3 different matches had slightly different objectives, and therefore different flavors. And we learned a bit from each one.

In my bondage match with VeVe, the idea was for her to attempt to tie me, and for me to attempt to avoid the ties. However, there was an unspoken understanding, as part of the conditions of the match, that I was not allowed to directly remove the ties. I also had to wrestle her and attempt to control her, which, of course
, brought me into close contact with her, wherein she was able to loop her rope skills into action on my limbs.

Speaking from first hand experience, those thin ropes she uses do bite a good deal! A lot of the control VeVe gained in that bondage wrestling bout was due to the rope loops hurting my wrists and ankles and forcing me to move in a way to relieve the pressure.

VeVe's second bondage wrestling video match was with Keri of FemFightClub and Spectrum Fighting. This was a competitive bout wherein these two skilled female grapplers were mutually attempting to tie each other and secure each others' limbs. The difficulty here came from each lady actively workin
g to remove a tie or loop once it had been established on her body.

Like my match, the match with VeVe and Keri involved 4 pre-set, pre-looped ropes being set out at the corners of the mat. VeVe had the edge over Keri in the loop placement and rope skill, but Keri was clever and watchful. Even when VeVe was nearing a secure tie, Keri would be able to figure out the pattern of the tie and begin to wriggle to freedom. And, like me, Keri also remarked on how those rope bites do rather hurt.

Overall, the ladies reported that the match was exhausting, mentally stimulating, and quite challenging. However, I was not quite satisfied at leaving it at just that, since no full immobilization was achieved.

Thanks to a suggestion from a bondage & wrestling fan, following the Keri vs VeVe match, we headed to the Leather shop and got a new set of items to add to the mix: leather wrist cuffs with D-rings. New rule: each wrestler would wear a cuff, and a "permanent" rope would be attached to the D-ring of the cuff. That cuff rope could never be removed during the course of the fight.

VeVe and I agreed that this cuff-rope would open greater possibilities for control and completed ties during the course of a tie-up match.

So we gave it a shot.

This time, only a few months ago, we put VeVe up against then-newcomer Athena for a bondage match. The ladies locked on the wrist cuffs, looped on the cuff ropes, and went at it. And, as expected, the cuff rope led to greater rope security and a great complete tie-up.

Of course, that match later involved a little surprise dive-bomb visitation by Orlandoe. And so we got to see how double-team bondage wrestling worked out. And it sure can lead to a quick tie job!

So, what's next on the bondage wrestling front?

The wrist cuff method seems like a nice addition. We've also considered pitting VeVe, a wrestler who can tie while fighting, against an experienced bondage tie artist who also wrestles. Who would have the upper hand there?

What about a match in a pre-set rope body harness? That would surely make a good opportunity to get grips and secure ties.

VeVe has been working to develop bondage wrestling techniques of her own. Maybe she should look into hojojitsu for inspiration, which is a Japanese art of rope tying a struggling opponent. But I think those toes are supposed to focus on looping the neck... And we want to avoid that.

Well, here's to more of that to come in 2011. And here's VeVe's website, if anyone wants to drop her a hello and chat bondage wrestling: VeVe Lane at

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Female Tickle Wrestling!

I'd been curious to see what competitive tickle wrestling would be like. So, we gathered together two local ticklish female wrestlers and set them head-to-head. The result?

That little trailer just gives a glimpse of the madness that ensued.

Of course, gotta love it, the "m" in the final aspect of the ".com" of the web address attached to the video had to fall onto the lower line. Well, you know, since that was such a crazy video, there needed to be a little additional craziness in there.

I've filmed some tickle wrestling before, in a mixed match video involving Veronica Vicious. The was more of a one-sided match, where Veronica was the one doing the tickling, and her opponent could do nothing more but survive the tickle torture. That was maybe a year or more ago. Whatmore, on the same evening of the tickle match between VeVe and Annie there, I also filmed a tickle torture match between VeVe and infamous wrestle-victim ShortFuse Mark. Like Veronica's mixed tickle video, this one was also one-sided, with only VeVe allowed to tickle.

But this match between VeVe and Annie was a mutual tickler vs tickler type of match. And it was hysterical. I'll tell you , when you watch people tickle each other or attempt to tickle each other - you know, the way that ticklers make the tickletickle verbalizations - well, when you watch that going on, it's just hard not to laugh yourself.

So, I realized I had a smile glued to my face as I was editing the match. And every time I watch the match or the trailer. Your mileage may vary, but that's my experience-take on the matter!

I know a lot of people have been asking for bondage wrestling combined with tickle wrestling. That item is also on the to-do for us. The thing to do there, though, is to consider suitable opponents. But that is speculation for another day!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

VeVe, Jasmine, Boots, and Upcoming Tickling

Ok! Closing out March 2011 with a bang.

We released 4 new videos this month, handled a bunch of intriguing commissions, and enjoyed time at a very successful wrestling party in Philadelphia. All in all, not a bad month, despite the lingering cold weather!

In addition to the VeVe vs Raquel match and the mad-cap Lucha Spandex Smackdown, we also had VeVe vs Jasmine Flower - at long last! - and VeVe's Leather Boot Beatdown with good ol' ShortFuse Mark.

I enjoyed shooting the VeVe vs Jasmine match because it took place before a live audience at an
underground wrestling party which had some really swell lighting in effect for the filming. I'll include some photos so you can see what I mean:

That sure as heck beats fluorescents (the bane of my existence). I was able to rig up the lighting so it was mostly downlight directly over the mats, leaving the audience area in relative shadow. Theatre in the round style. I also had a touch of red sidelight from a mini spotlight and some red downlight far in the background. It looked great, especially considering the shoestring lighting budget.

Of course, filming at a live event is always a challenge as well, what with the trying to avoid catching the audience on camera. I have to say that I'm pretty good at that. Live audiences push you, as a camera operator, to find new angles that highlight the wrestling action while keeping the spectator faces out of the frame and at the same time keeping out of the spectators' viewing path. You need a good awareness sense to go at that task. I must say, the challenge does add to the fun of it, if you're a multi-tasking fan.

VeVe pulled out a red lace bra & panties set for her match with Jasmine. I think this was a new outfit reveal. Not as mind-blowing as a Lady GaGa outfit reveal, but still very nice. And surprisingly sturdy for wrestling! Now, to get her to do a catfight in that combo... I'm sure she'd be totally game for it.

The party, by the way, went excellently. Great guests, great mood, music, ambiance, and generally lots of wrestling, as always! Good space down in Philly.

To close out March, I also put together the short domination wrestling novelty match of VeVe twisting up Mark. As mentioned above, VeVe wore leather boots for this: tight-high, spiked heel, black leather boots. Typically these are a huge no-no for the mats, but VeVe pulled it off without a hitch.

I have to say, regarding the spiked heels and the mats, I wasn't concerned at all and had total confidence in VeVe's ground movement skills. She locked up Mark for the first takedown, and then stayed with ground holds for most of the time. Most! She managed to sit and kneel herself up on poor Mark several times. Hey, when you're avoiding the mat, why not make the victim your new floor? Sorry pain fans, but she didn't step on him with the heels. However, she did scissor him into near-oblivion, get leather-clad feet and legs on his throat, and give him a good dose of pretzel-twist humiliation.

Now with April looming on the horizon, we are gearing up to shoot some tickle wrestling matches. Aiming for a mixed match with VeVe and Mark, as well as a F V F match, with may include Amazon Annie, Athena, and/or VeVe. We've been getting some requests to couple tickling and bondage, and that is certainly something the ladies are up for.

Where February saw a lot of bondage wrestling, perhaps April will have a tickling theme... onward and upward!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Raquel, Wrestling, New Blood, and New Assignments!

What's the word today?

Why, "wrestling" is the word, of course.

And since actions speak louder than words, what's the action, then? Well, the action is in the wrestling videography.

There's been a lot of filming lately, and there's more to come before this week is over. We're barely into March 2011, and I've already released a number of matches, shelved processed data, and am clearing up my hard drive for more to come. Let's have a look at what's been go
ing on and what's yet to come this week.

After a lot of pantyhose, bondage, and mixed wrestling, we're swinging back into the regular female vs female competitive realm. At the tail end of February, I filmed a much-anticipated match up between VeVe and Raquel. Now, granted, I never knew much about Raquel beforehand, but all of my wrestling friends and colleagues had been anxious to see here in F v F competitive action. I had heard that she has been in the industry for a long time, that she has a great deal of freestyle-esque wrestling experience, and that she is a fantastic athlete.


To top that all off, as I found out when I met her, she is also quite a sweetheart and a pleasure to work with. Everything I like from my filming talent: prompt, cordial, professional, self-contained, great physical control, and able to stop and start on a dime.

Because Raquel expressed a curiosity about wrestling for pins and/o
r submissions, I proposed the match be for pins and submissions, similar to the match that VeVe had against Wrecks in the singlets. Raquel was all for it, and VeVe agreed.

That match provided a huge challenge for VeVe, especially when it came to dealing with the threat of pins while at the same time defending against choke attacks. Think about it: turn on your back, you can get pinned, but turn to all-fours, and you can get choked. Raquel was very strong on the takedowns & takedown defense, and that gave her a tremendous edge for getting on top first. I was very impressed with her standing game and ability to win control on the way to the ground.

If Raquel swings back to NYC again, I'd definitely love to have her for a second match up with VeVe.

In the meanwhile, we continue to develop our local talent here. And speaking of local talent: just moments before we started filming the VeVe vs Raquel match, I just wrapped up filming a new bondage wrestling match with VeVe, Orlandoe, and newcomer from London, Athena.

Thanks to some feedback from customers of our previous bondage wrestling matches - with me (Diablo) & VeVe and with Keri & VeVe - we had decided to enlist Athena for a new bondage wrestling idea.

I don't want to get too into talking about this match, since I'm running out of space here. But I will say that the idea involved using a leather cuff with D-rings on the wrist of each wrestler, through which one rope was permanently afixed. There were other ropes scattered about the mat for the wrestlers to use as they saw fit.

VeVe came in as a very experienced bondage wrestler. Athena, on the other hand, has never done this sort of thing before. Needless to say, VeVe made good use of that permanent rope on the wrist cuff - and the other ropes around the mat! I asked VeVe to strike some victory poses over her defeated foe.... and then, secretly, I had Orlandoe rush in from behind and surprise attack VeVe while she was posing! One thing led to another, Athena wriggled herself free (with the help of her teeth on the ropes!), and both Athena and Orlandoe double teamed VeVe. Now, that's not a nice thing when we're talking about bondage wrestling!



There's this week. And this week we have some fun stuff coming up:

There's another female competitive match I'll be filming of VeVe vs Jasmine Flower. This will take place before a live audience at the Philadelphia Wrestling Party. All are welcome to attend. Philly wrestling party info is HERE. We've been hoping to get a VeVe vs Jasmine match on video for some time, and I'm glad to finally have this opportunity!

Than on Saturday, I'm filming with VeVe and Jennie Vaughn. They will be having a competitive match, as well as some other smaller matches, some of which will involve beating up "ShortFuse" Mark (who recently co-starred in Judo Throws and Pantyhose).

Ok, let me publish this post before it gets way too long. Just finished work yesterday on the Lucha Spandex Smackdown masked wrestling video series. Cranking up the camera for the weekend. Here we go!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lucha Spandex Smackdown Shoot last night

It's been a wild time in wrestling media production world. But isn't it always a wild time?

Last night we just wrapped filming of what I have dubbed "Lucha Spandex Smackdown." It was a complex shoot involving 4 people (2 girls and 2 boys), leotards, tights, luchador masks, bondage, tag teams, and five different 10-minute matches.

Thanks to the energy and cunning talents of VeVe, Orlandoe, Hanz, and Jason, we were able to make this shoot happen with flare, style, and pizazz. And thanks to our patron, we were able to get all these wrestle-kids kitted out in spandex and nylon goodness.

I had no idea what to expect from this shoot, but I knew I was working with good people. I must say that the experience took me back to my theatre days, and I certainly felt like I was filming an interesting theatre exercise on this one:

Unidentified male and female figures. In combat. Wrestling. Tying each other up, tying each other together. Full body coverage. Skin tight. Basic colors.

Anyway, I was very pleased! I am excited to work on this even into the post-production phase. It was some great wrestling, great bondage wrestling, great mixed wrestling.... and all in these lucha masks and tights.

I wish I could talk more about it, but the DVD master just popped out of the burner, and I need to run off to the gym now!

Tonight I'm filming with VeVe, Athena, and Orlandoe again. We're having a go at some F v F bondage wrestling double-teaming. Then I'm filming VeVe vs Raquel. Ok, now, really got to run!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Judo Throws, Pantyhose, Singlets, and Wrestling!

Oh, I've been a bit behind in posting lately. This tends to happen to me. There's been a ton going on outside of blogger-world, so I take this as a good thing.

I'm back on my feet, and I have personally been shooting a lot of matches lately. It's good to get back behind the camera instead of just doing the post-production work.

So, I just recently wrote about the Judo Throws & Pantyhose custom that I shot with VeVe and Mark. That was a great video, by the way, since VeVe got to throw Mark many, many, many times throughout the course of the 10 minute "throws" portion. It was fairly brutal on poor Mark, and he left with purple bulges under his eyes.

VeVe is looking into getting herself a short gi jacket so that she can wear it along with her dance tights for more throwing-type videos. Right now, all of the judo gi jackets she has are fairly long in the skirting part.

A week prior to the Throws video with Mark, we also shot a singlet match with Blazin' Ben. That was a 10 minute match, and I am still deciding what to do with it, since it's a shorty.

This match was supposed to have been in "pin style," but there were no specific rules in place regarding how long it would take to pin. 3 seconds was assumed. From this match, though, we learned that VeVe looked best with her singlet flipped to the blue side (it's reversible).

And most recently was a shoot with VeVe and Twiggy, with both competitors in pantyhose. This was a two-match set, where VeVe and Twiggy would switch color/style of pantyhose with each other for each segment. Match 1 was in "domination" style, while Match 2 was in pure competitive style.

Pantyhose do make for slippery wrestling! I observed this as I watched them struggle to clutch at each other with their legs. Furthermore, there is very little traction for the feet when you're foot-clad in the hose.

Twiggy was a great opponent for VeVe. It was great to work with him again, after not seeing him for so long. He's been busy lately, so we were pleased to get a hold of him for this bout.

More to come.

I'm still making preparations for the June 4, 2011 NYC Wrestling Showcase. We have a nice card lining up, including Jasmine Flower and Onyx, as well as visiting wrestlers from Wisconsin (JuMi) and Toronto (Lotus Lily) and local NYC talent: VeVe, Orlandoe, and Wrecks.

Onward and upward!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Video shoot tonight: Judo throws and Pantyhose

Just shot a GREAT dancewear judo throw domination video with VeVe and Mark tonight.

VeVe looked great in her pantyhose + leotard combo. Some nice, lean, dancer-like muscle. And hooray for Mark for surviving ALL those throws! VeVe really made him catch some air tonight.

Here's a cute little pose she popped for me after one of her throws:

Thanks to our sponsor for making this one possible! VeVe looks splendid in dancewear, especially when she is hip throwing people to and fro.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Matches on the Horizon for Jan 2011

Though I am still doing my surgery recovery thing, I have been setting up a number of match possibilities for early 2011.

The bondage wrestling match I had with VeVe in early November is doing very well and has become quite popular. Our fans and customers are intrigued by both the general style of the match and VeVe's dexterous rope work skills. The fact that she can handle the rope AND wrestle at the same time is really turning some heads.

As I may have mentioned, we are now aiming to shoot a F v F bondage wrestling match, and we've been tracking down Wrecks to tie-up with VeVe on this one. Wrecks is our number one pick on this because she has yet to face VeVe on the mats at all. A likely second is Orlandoe, though she and VeVe had a video match together earlier in 2010. And Clobberetta is a possible contender, since she is also skilled and experienced with bondage wrestling. However, VeVe and Clobberetta just had a fantastic video catfight match at the end of October, so I would prefer more time before they faced off again.

There has also been some discussion from the drawing board about VeVe offering a bondage match to Keri of FemFightClub.

We are also still considering a wrestling match-up of Wrecks vs Orlandoe.

Other F v F combinations that were thrown into the mix include Orlandoe vs Clobberetta (bondage wrestling), VeVe vs Wrecks (wrestling), as well as matches between VeVe and Jasmine Flower and/or Raquel.

For mixed matches, we have a mini series coming up between VeVe and Blazin' Ben. As soon as Ben's new singlet arrives, we'll be setting up to shoot a "pro-style" singlet match between VeVe and Ben. Following that, these two will shoot a competitive wrestling match wherein BOTH are wearing dance tights. It's a theme of "guy and girl wear matched fight attire."

And speak of the devil, Ben's singlet just now arrived via FedEx.

So, it looks like VeVe's matches against Ben are the next in the queue...