Friday, September 12, 2014

Summer's End: Mixed, Jade, Rachel, Sircee, VeVe

Well, it's only been a relatively short time since our return from the August FetCon road trip, but there's been a surprisingly huge amount of work going on!  I mean, really, I can't believe the amount of filming that's taken place in this past few weeks.  Basically, one thing leads to another, and once that ball gets rolling, it just picks up speed...

Here's a little run-down:

The Great Outdoors

In late August, VeVe, Hanz, and I took the camera outside again for more outdoor filming adventures.  We hit a wooded area to film both a special custom video and an "experimental" (for us) mixed wrestling themed scenario video which came to be called "Wilderness Mugging Gone Wrong!"

In the "Mugging" video, Hanz played the role of a mugger who stalked hiker VeVe on the trail, only to find himself in tremendous trouble once he finally attacked her.  I was really pleased with the aesthetics on this one - the various shades of green and sunlight through the trees just looked so appealing.  Plus VeVe wore a red shirt, which really made her stand out amongst the surrounding greenery.  Here's the cover image from that video, so you can see the colors in effect:

I'd love to be able to do more outdoor themed filming, and I'm definitely sure that VeVe and Hanz would like to as well.  In fact, I think that VeVe and Hanz are the most available for outdoor filming.

Actually, now that I think of it, this video was inspired by a stage combat workshop that VeVe and I had attended in late August.  I wish I could have gotten Hanz there as well, but it was just too short of notice.  In any case, I got to refresh my stage weapons handling knowledge, and VeVe got to give it a first try.  We mostly ended up getting into "unarmed" classes, which is ironic considering that's what we actually have the most work-experience doing.  Oh well!  But we got to do some classes in knife, small sword, and broad sword, too.

I once held SAFD recognized stage combat proficiencies in Rapier & Dagger and Quarterstaff, but that was many moons ago, and that workshop was my first stage weapons refresher in about a decade.

Anyway, VeVe and Hanz are both very excited to try weapons-type battles - sword duels, high fantasy settings - so we'll have to let them give that a try.  ... at some point... before the idea gets buried by this incoming mountain of To-Do!

But moving on, because, holy cow, there's actually been a LOT between then and now...

Filming with Jade Indica and Rachel DD

Also in August, we moved quickly into 2 other shoots, one featuring Jade Indica, and the other featuring Rachel DD.

VeVe and Jade filmed several videos together, including a slinky-yet-angry "showgirls" catball fight, featuring black pantyhose and lacy bras.  They also filmed a new little superheroine "cosplay" battle, which VeVe had been pushing for for some time.  VeVe was a big instigator on this video, which featured both ladies treading upon the mats with their high heel boots - VeVe in stilettos, in fact!

VeVe's cosplay pro-style battle with Jade also gave us our first chance at having a wrestler gagged while she's fighting and getting put in holds (VeVe tape gagged) and a chance to try some post-production special effects.  Both of these factors related to VeVe's character's super powers, which involved a powerfully disorienting banshee scream.

Needless to say, VeVe was super excited to try this one!

And only a few days later, we filmed with Rachel DD, which involved her revisiting her SuperGirl Rachel role, as well as even more catball fighting - this time with Rachel as a wealthy housewife and VeVe as a sexy burglar - and then some competitive bondage wrestling.

Since Rachel had to miss out on the big 6-Way Bikini Bondage Wrestling tourney from July, she instead got to face off against VeVe alone!  The end result was a wonderfully tight and tidy hogtie for Rachel, complete with cleave gag!

More Men and Mixed Action

Then as September started rolling around, we got into a big mixed wrestling kick.

Initially, a few fans had requested a male vs male bondage wrestling match take place, and we were certainly willing to give that a try.  Following their successful 2-on-1 take down of VeVe in July, Howl and Sato agreed to meet up later to bondage wrestle against each other.  And so, we looked forward to this match-up.

But Howl had plans to go out of town at the end of August, so our timeline for the Howl vs Sato match suddenly became quite tight.  And, as it turned out, we weren't able to get Howl and Sato together in time, but returning wrestler Twiggy stepped in for the match.  And so, our first men's bondage wrestling match ended up being Howl vs Twiggy.

Once that long, grueling match finished, we gave Howl a much-needed break as we moved on to a competitive mixed bondage wrestling match of Twiggy vs VeVe.  So, Twiggy got to experience wrestling both a total novice and a bondage wrestling expert that day!

Once Howl had recovered, and following VeVe's roping of Twiggy, VeVe and Howl broke into a costume bag and got themselves decked out for a much anticipated pro-style match.  And as we were getting attire together for Howl, we discovered that, remarkably, he fit into VeVe's shiny red thong leotard.  VeVe put on her black thong leotard, and then, after they both added boots and tights, we had a splendid Thong Leotard Battle on our hands!

And just as I was getting all of that footage processed and released, I suddenly found that I was scheduled to shoot 3 more mixed wrestling videos within the first few days of September.

We had a much-anticipated competitive match between Sircee and Adrian, which had some Twitter-sphere built-up as the opponents tweeted menacingly at each other for months beforehand.

Two days later, we had an audition shoot for two new gentlemen, each of whom faced off against VeVe in different competitive wrestling styles, one after the other.  New wrestler Kevin fought VeVe in a regular wrestling bout, and newcomer Frankie took on VeVe in bondage wrestling.

Both Kevin and Frankie did a great job in their videos, and we have gladly added them to our roster of available talent.

Whew, and now, writing all of this is also reminding me that I'v still quite a lot of work to do for upcoming releases.  I've got quite a few unreleased videos that have been calling to me:

- A "special conditions" bondage match of VeVe vs Sircee, where VeVe fights with her ankles bound from the start.  And where she is attempting to get a specific fun-suggested tie on Sircee.
- The awesome bondage wrestling match of VeVe vs Frankie
- The 6-lady "Slave Revolt" video featuring VeVe and Indra as mistresses who get overpowered by their 4 escaped female captives

Ok, more to come, as always, and more being planned as we speak!