Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lucha Spandex Smackdown Shoot last night

It's been a wild time in wrestling media production world. But isn't it always a wild time?

Last night we just wrapped filming of what I have dubbed "Lucha Spandex Smackdown." It was a complex shoot involving 4 people (2 girls and 2 boys), leotards, tights, luchador masks, bondage, tag teams, and five different 10-minute matches.

Thanks to the energy and cunning talents of VeVe, Orlandoe, Hanz, and Jason, we were able to make this shoot happen with flare, style, and pizazz. And thanks to our patron, we were able to get all these wrestle-kids kitted out in spandex and nylon goodness.

I had no idea what to expect from this shoot, but I knew I was working with good people. I must say that the experience took me back to my theatre days, and I certainly felt like I was filming an interesting theatre exercise on this one:

Unidentified male and female figures. In combat. Wrestling. Tying each other up, tying each other together. Full body coverage. Skin tight. Basic colors.

Anyway, I was very pleased! I am excited to work on this even into the post-production phase. It was some great wrestling, great bondage wrestling, great mixed wrestling.... and all in these lucha masks and tights.

I wish I could talk more about it, but the DVD master just popped out of the burner, and I need to run off to the gym now!

Tonight I'm filming with VeVe, Athena, and Orlandoe again. We're having a go at some F v F bondage wrestling double-teaming. Then I'm filming VeVe vs Raquel. Ok, now, really got to run!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Judo Throws, Pantyhose, Singlets, and Wrestling!

Oh, I've been a bit behind in posting lately. This tends to happen to me. There's been a ton going on outside of blogger-world, so I take this as a good thing.

I'm back on my feet, and I have personally been shooting a lot of matches lately. It's good to get back behind the camera instead of just doing the post-production work.

So, I just recently wrote about the Judo Throws & Pantyhose custom that I shot with VeVe and Mark. That was a great video, by the way, since VeVe got to throw Mark many, many, many times throughout the course of the 10 minute "throws" portion. It was fairly brutal on poor Mark, and he left with purple bulges under his eyes.

VeVe is looking into getting herself a short gi jacket so that she can wear it along with her dance tights for more throwing-type videos. Right now, all of the judo gi jackets she has are fairly long in the skirting part.

A week prior to the Throws video with Mark, we also shot a singlet match with Blazin' Ben. That was a 10 minute match, and I am still deciding what to do with it, since it's a shorty.

This match was supposed to have been in "pin style," but there were no specific rules in place regarding how long it would take to pin. 3 seconds was assumed. From this match, though, we learned that VeVe looked best with her singlet flipped to the blue side (it's reversible).

And most recently was a shoot with VeVe and Twiggy, with both competitors in pantyhose. This was a two-match set, where VeVe and Twiggy would switch color/style of pantyhose with each other for each segment. Match 1 was in "domination" style, while Match 2 was in pure competitive style.

Pantyhose do make for slippery wrestling! I observed this as I watched them struggle to clutch at each other with their legs. Furthermore, there is very little traction for the feet when you're foot-clad in the hose.

Twiggy was a great opponent for VeVe. It was great to work with him again, after not seeing him for so long. He's been busy lately, so we were pleased to get a hold of him for this bout.

More to come.

I'm still making preparations for the June 4, 2011 NYC Wrestling Showcase. We have a nice card lining up, including Jasmine Flower and Onyx, as well as visiting wrestlers from Wisconsin (JuMi) and Toronto (Lotus Lily) and local NYC talent: VeVe, Orlandoe, and Wrecks.

Onward and upward!