Sunday, January 25, 2015

Howl Returns, Training Returns... A Live Event Returns?

Wow, it's been a while since I posted here in the Adventures in Wrestling Media Production blog.  And that's largely because I've been focusing mostly on the Bondage Wrestling Blog, I must admit.  Plus other discussion has been buzzing around over on Twitter (@DoomMaidens) instead of here.  But here's a chance for a post here!

So, what's new?

First off, we give a warm welcome to 2015 and great things to come in the new year!  Our local wrestlers are doing well, some of our men have returned home from abroad, and plans are in the works for gatherings, events, and more video action.

Light-weight guys Howl and Twiggy have returned home, after travelling far-and-wide for several months.  Howl returned two weeks ago, and Twiggy just two days ago!

Howl's Welcome-Back Filming

Howl received a welcomed back with an intense 2-video shoot, featuring a 30-minute men's pro-style-inspired pantyhose match where he got to display his incredible spinal flexibility and then a mixed catball fight with VeVe which had some pretty hard rolling.

The mixed catball, called "Angry Dancers! Mixed Catball in Tights" featured Howl and VeVe as battling ballet dancers and ended up with Howl getting bound up with many pairs of pantyhose in the finale.  I expected the pantyhose-bondage finish to be a quick conclusion for this video, but VeVe took it a step further.  She took a full 10 minutes to tie Howl up and really harassed him as she did it.  Then she covered his head with pantyhose and unexpectedly stuffed a ballet shoe into his face.  She's so darn spontaneous!

Training Returns

In other news, we've revived our wrestler training meet-ups to give our ladies and gentlemen more chances to refine their skills.  We just started up again last week, and we look forward to a good-sized gathering for this coming week.

Over recent years, we've had small training gatherings in our small studio to help wrestlers with their rope-work skills.  However, the small studio has only a 10' x 10' mat space, which forces the gatherings to keep to a rather small size.  Now however, for 2015, we have moved training to the large studio, which not only accommodates our 10' x 20' mat space, but also has much more room on the periphery.

Event Space

In addition to being a nice practice spot, our large studio is also a party space.  And that means that there may be an event in the pipeline for this coming year.

The studio is in a fairly accessible area of Brooklyn, directly reachable by at least 4 subway lines and several buses.  There's a reasonable chance for street parking too (and no parking meters).

So, if you enjoy live events and parties, stay tuned on this front.  I will admit that events and parties are often low on our priorities list, taking a firm backseat to shoot-scheduling, but they can be fun to make happen.

And lastly for this post...

VeVe's Custom Script Contest

VeVe has yet to actually blog about this herself (by the way, here's her blog), but she talks to me about it and would surely post about it if she had more time.  It's her "Custom Script Contest" idea.  

In a nutshell, this would be a chance for fans to submit script ideas for her to review.  She would select the submissions she found most do-able/appealing, would request a full script (if the submitter wishes to write one), and would produce a "custom" video from it.  She has a number of ideas regarding the logistics on this.  In fact, I just asked her about it right now, and she provided so many ideas in response, that I think it is just best that she address it all herself!

But anyway, be aware, she is thinking in these terms as a fun little way to try out new ideas and provide a large discount on the cost of a custom.  Keep you eyes on her for further developments on that.

And with that, I'll sign off on this entry.  The cafe I'm in now is getting a bit crowded, and we're moving from morning into afternoon at this point.  Until next time!