Saturday, September 18, 2010

VeVe Lane battled Julie Squeeze this morning!

And what a battle it was!

We've been trying to get these two ladies to meet on the mats for some time now. And they finally did. Just this morning. For a 20 minute competitive match (two 10-minute rounds)... which was preceded by an arm wrestling bout and push up contest.

And special conditions: no straight arm bars or rear naked chokes allowed. All other submissions were legal.

The video is being processed this very moment! Coming soon! I'd write more, but I am exhausted from a loooong day and ready to hit the hay.

Friday, September 10, 2010

VeVe to London and then to fight Julie Squeeze

I just bid safe travels to VeVe, as she stepped out the door to the airport on her way to London this weekend to wrestle at Monica's. She'll be away until late Tuesday night.

And while VeVe was making her London travel preparations this week, she was also negotiating for her next match here in NYC. Upon her return next week, VeVe will be gearing up to face a travelling wrestler who's in town lately:

Julie Squeeze

All negotiations seem to be set, and we are aiming to shoot late next week. Perhaps next Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. We have a sponsor involved for this match who has also requested some special conditions for VeVe to observe: VeVe is not allowed to use straight armbars or the rear naked choke (choke from behind). This should pose an interesting challenge for the Petite Powerhouse and will force her to think fast during the fray. Julie has got the size advantage and is very athletic, so, get ready for an exciting fight.

And that's what's new from over on this front! If you're in the UK and near London, swing over to Monica's and say hello to VeVe.