Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Indra Onslaught, VeVe Fights Angry, Pro-Style Potential

Hello April.  Whew, that was a long March.  I feel like I have just been stamping "March 2013" on so many video pieces lately.  And, well, I think indeed I have been.

My last post was a little quicky, though I hope the pictures added up to the thousand words they are suppose to.  Now that I have a moment, I am going to give a more proper recapping.  Here goes.

Indra Onslaught

As you have likely gathered by now, I filmed quite a lot with Indra recently.  She arrived from London for March, and she got right out in front of the camera almost immediately.  March 2013's works are filled with Indra; she's done customs, company-ventured pieces, tickling, bondage, nylons, judo foot action, and even some balloon popping for VeVe's balloonery endeavors.

Indra + Mark = Endless Abuses.  ShortFuse Mark came back for a visit late in March, and he had a marathon day of filming with Indra.  I filmed pieces for both his studio (Brutal Beauties Wrestling) and for our studio (Mixed Wrestling NYC).  All with Indra putting the hurt on him in a variety of ways.

She wrestled him down, tied him up super tight, and harassed him.  She got into her nylons and scissored him silly, adding even more insults to injury.  She pushed him to the limit to get him to "safeword" out of a thrashing she'd been giving him.  And she judo threw him, kicked him in the knees, and subjected him to the agony of "de feet."  And even though she did new video after new video, she kept it fresh and alive every time.  Very impressive, but I have always been very impressed with Indra's trash talking domination abilities, professionalism, and performance skill.

She and Mark worked very well together, and good chemistry is essentially for a great result.  They communicated well during the shoot, understood each other, and got on a roll.  A good recipe for pushing limits and boundaries in a beatdown type situation.  Great work, both of you.

VeVe's Goings-On and Fighting Angry!

I must also mention that VeVe kicked off the Indra/Mark shoot day with her own video with Mark.  This one makes for a good telling...

VeVe was asked to do a fully competitive Full Nelsons Match with Mark.  No big deal, right?  I mean, it's Mark.  However, things are never as easy as they may appear.  You see, even though Mark is useless as an attacker, he can be tenacious as a defender.  And in a match where the one objective is to achieve a certain difficult hold, well, the defensive-oriented player has the "edge."

So, here's VeVe working and working and working to get both of her arms snaked around Mark's neck for the full Nelson, but Mark kept forcing his arms down and had a leverage advantage in doing so.  So... VeVe tosses him over and over, throwing him into different positions in order to try and work his arms loose.  But he kept defending.  And time was ticking.

Here's a tip for your own safety: don't make her frustrated.

Well, here she was getting frustrated.  And it just isn't pleasant to experience this if you are her opponent.  So, Mark soon found that he was getting heel kicked in the hips and torso.  And he was getting slammed down with a little extra force, that he was getting elbows dug into him, that he was about to get his head detached from his body.

I was watching this, and I was getting a little nervous, actually.  She was getting furious, she was fighting angry, and Mark was still holding on for dear life.  I mean, it was great emotion in the fight; it was raw and right out there.  I've experienced her fighting angry before, and I really don't think any of her male video opponents have had the pleasure.  Basically, it looks like she is out to kill you.  And maybe she will!

Finally, finally, and much to my great relief (I was sweating!), his limbs started getting exhausted and giving out on him, and as VeVe flipped him face down, she ferociously slipped her arms behind his neck and locked on like a pitbull.  I've shown this before, but this still is from a few moments after that, once she'd rolled him face-up:

It was a really great, passionate fight.  Once VeVe scored her first full Nelson hold (held for 15 seconds), Mark's adrenal burst had been spent.  So, VeVe helped defuse her anger by locking him up more and more, all as he struggled to get his bearings.  But his body was just too spent from about 13 minutes of heavy, heavy resisting.  So, he had to bear the brunt of more nelsons and grapevines as VeVe ground her win into his face.

Ok, wow, recounting that was actually pretty exhausting!

Pro-Style Potential

Taking a break from the above train of thought for a moment, allow me to talk about a potential new addition to our wrestling video community.

I met a young lady two weeks ago, introduced to me by Orlandoe.  She's a performance artist with a 13-year background in gymnastics.  She also has a background in mud wrestling and jello wrestling, and she's a big fan of the ladies of G.L.O.W. (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, from the 80s).  As we also learned, she is also a friend and colleague of Amazon Annie, who was also inspired by the ladies of G.L.O.W.

Well, how great!

She's about 5'8" and 170 lbs, with long wild hair, strong legs, and an energetic personality.  However, she has yet to reveal her wrestler name; she's working on finding the perfect name for herself.  I wish she would have it soon!  

Anyway, we invited her and Indra to come down for a Pro-Style Holds workshop this past Monday, and the ladies had a great time working together.  I think our newcomer has great pro-style potential, and she and Indra got on very well.  While I was able to grab a few snapshots from the workshop, I admit I wasn't able to run the camera very much... and we did work on quite a number of holds, ranging from the simple surfboard, to the camel clutch, boston crab, and even ceiling hold.

New Talent putting Indra into the Boston Crab

Indra getting lifted in the Atomic Drop
We are very excited to see her in her first video, and she is especially interested in performing in female vs female pro-style videos.  Hopefully we can also get some of our male talent trained up enough to get more involved in pro-style as well, so we can also get her involved in mixed action.

Speaking of mixed pro-style too, I think I have my sights on Hanz as my next trainee here.  I'm not really sure how he will do, but I think he may have potential.  What do you think, Hanz, are you reading this? :)

Hanz and I need to switch roles here in the pro-style genre - he always films me, so it's his turn for me to film him being all spandex-clad and larger-than-life.

Well, so there's my update for now.  I hope you enjoyed!  More to come as we head into April and even further into spring.  Hooray for warmer weather!