Sunday, October 24, 2010

VeVe's Bondage Wrestling Challenge

Tonight we shot VeVe's very first Bondage Wrestling match ever to be caught on video.

VeVe is fairly experienced at this art form she calls "bondage wrestling," and she has practiced it several times in the sessioning realm. And while I've heard VeVe talk about this wrestling style before, tonight was the first time I got to witness her bondage wrestling skills in action. You see, that's me right there:

Yes, dear readers, I had the pleasure of facing off against little VeVe in this challenging sort of match. Clobberetta handled the camera on this one, and she did a great job of it.

The match ran for 20 minutes total, made up of two 10-minute rounds. VeVe's objective: to tie and capture me, all while wrestling for position and control. My job: don't get tied! Now, that's easier said than done when your opponent has loops and lassos pre-set all over the mat space. If we rolled near a rope coil, you bet that thing was coming into use real quick.

VeVe is pretty smart when it comes to bondage wrestling. I have to say, she did a fine job of distracting me and using that distraction tactic to slip quick-tie coils on my wrist and ankles. The ankles ties were the absolute worst. Not only were they considerably painful (rope bites), but they were considerably immobilizing. Go ahead, you try wrestling while your feet are tied together; legs are very important in this game.

I was able to get a few sweeps in, despite my bound ankles, and I even nearly got a one-armed rear naked choke while I had both legs and one wrist tied. Not too shabby!

Despite my thrashing attempts to shake her off, VeVe kept her cool and went about her business like a pro. It's a tough fight when your opponent can get great grips and you and you can't really grab her back.

So, there's my little run down as I simultaneously work on the editing for this video, set for a release tomorrow.

What do I think of bondage wrestling with VeVe after this experience? Well, I certainly think it leads to a very frustrating situation of immobility! Her quick-tie roping neutralized my strength advantage, making the struggle a tough one for me. All in all, it was pretty damn fun!

And on that note, if you like struggle, I do indeed recommend you give this style of bondage wrestling a try!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Making match compilation DVDs

It took an unexpected phone call about a month ago to get me thinking of this. Or maybe I had thought of it before, but it took that phone call to actually get me to put this seemingly obvious idea into action: the creation of multi-match DVDs.

You may be tempted to say "Duh, Mr. D, that's just so obvious!" But allow me to explain.

When we produce a new match video, our turn-around time is very quick; the match is filmed and released usually within a day or two. While that works excellently for downloadables - people can get the download quickly, with the full excitement of the match still lingering fresh in the air - it isn't that great for DVDs.

To release a match quickly on DVD typically means the release of a single-match DVD. Unless, of course, multiple related matches are shot within the same week, such as two F v F or two mixed matches of the same style. However, since we didn't stack shoots like that in our earlieryears, that led to the production of many single match DVDs.

This is the way it went for some time.

Then one day I received a phone call from someone asking for a printed list of our DVDs. Since we had never received that sort of request before (most people use the internet listing), I thought it might be interesting to assemble a printed listing. And that is when I realized just how many single-match DVDs we had. Whoa, now that had to be tightened up.

Luckily, I had the raw files and footage for a number of the single-match DVDs, so I have been slowly assembling the related matches onto single discs. My latest compilation DVD, for example, has been all of Jay's mixed matches: Jay vs VeVe (Oct '09), Jay vs Kim (Jan '10), and Jay vs Jenny (June '10).

One thing I like about making the compilation match DVDs is that it gives me, as editor, an opportunity to see the evolution of certain wrestlers over time, in the various matches. The DVD viewers would also get to have that comparison experience.

So, in an effort to provide greater value for DVD viewers and fans, I am going to include at least two matches on each new DVD produced. And I am also working to combine as many of the pre-existing single-match DVDs as possible. Unfortunately, I do not have the raw files for a few of our older single-matchers, so they will remain as singles. Also, our 40-minute long matches will remain as singles.

One of these days we will get a 60-minute long match, but I digress...

Future releases will be speedy on the download, but will have a slight delay on the DVD, as I also assemble other footage to add to the disc.

So, there is a little bit of talk and insider info on why I do what I do and have done what I've done. More to come, as always!