Tuesday, November 21, 2017

November 2017 Live Filming Event Follow-Up

This past Saturday was our Live Filming Event for November 2017, and I think it went very well!  The ladies were all full of competitive spirit, and they gave us all some fantastic displays of rough and tumble submission wrestling!

We had our 8-wrestler competitive tournament, where competitors fought to progress through the bracket, in hopes of making it to 1st place.  We also had 3 competitive heavy-weight matches, including a surprise last-minute addition.

I'm seriously pressed for time right now, but this post will include a list of matches and will show how our Tournament matches have been numbered.

Heavy-weight Stand-Alone Matches:
- Sweetie Dreams vs Kari
- Ursa vs Kari
- Sweetie Dreams vs Amazon Annie

Tournament Matches:
1. Aralia vs Lydia Vengeance
2. Lana Luxor vs Kim Chi
3. Taylor vs Ilarija
4. Lea Hart vs Rachel DD

5. Kim Chi vs Lydia Vengeance
6. Lea Hart vs Ilarija

7. Aralia vs Rachel DD (Rematch)
8. Taylor vs Lana Luxor

9. Taylor vs Rachel DD (Rematch)
10. Aralia vs Lana Luxor (Rematch)

At the very bottom of this post is the Tournament Bracket Sheet, for a visual.

All match footage has been processed, and all match videos are ready to go, both in usual 1280x720 (4 mbps) resolution and Full HD 1920x1080 resolution (6 mbps), for those who like larger files.

We are in the process of releasing matches to our store.  Some have already been released as I write this (whew, what a day).  If you would like to get any in advance of their release, you can reach us here to inquire:  orders@doommaidens.com