Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tommi & Sunny in NYC and News on Raquel vs Bettie

Hi folks,

News on the potential Raquel vs Bettie match up. Although both ladies are game for the fight, we have just learned that their travel dates will not line up for this month. While Bettie will be in NYC at the end of January, Raquel will not be here until the end of February.

So, unfortunately, this potentially epic battle in the Big Apple will not take place this time around. But we're still eager to set it up for the future. In the meanwhile...

As VeVe mentioned, two skilled wrestling ladies named Tommi and Sunny are here in NYC right now. While I personally don't know much about them, their profiles certainly look good, presenting them as experienced and competitive.

We're curious to shoot with them, but we don't quite know what specifics to go for... mixed competitive? Female competitive? Tommi vs Sunny? Or Tommi or Sunny vs VeVe? .... or both in a 2-on-1 vs VeVe?? (VeVe may not be too keen on that last idea, but who said she has to like it!)

Toss us some suggestions, and we'll set up with the ladies while they're here.

Monday, January 9, 2012

VeVe + Pantyhose = Homage Montage

While filming a special request custom video on Friday with VeVe and Thrash, I was struck by an idea.

I had recently stumbled across LMFAO's music video of "I'm Sexy and I Know It," all after listening to it over and over and over on the radio at work (you know how mainstream stations just repeat the same 4 songs all day long). In Monday's film, VeVe played a vain spy-assassin who was turned on by wearing skin tight outfits and who enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror. So, since we've been doing some fun pantyhose, leotards, and tights wrestling lately, I sat down last night and came up with this...