Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Visiting Wrestlers: Tommi, Darling, Minxy, Venom, Maggy, Ginary

** Updated 9:55 pm: Just created a Visiting Talent page for 2014 visitors.
Whew, active blog this week.  Thank the coffee shop and the weird weather!  Here's an announcement I recently posted to the yahoogroup:

We have quite a number of visiting wrestlers coming to town in the coming months.  We've been in contact with the following ladies, all of whom are setting up to film with us during their visits!  Hooray!  Here they are:

Jan 26  Maggy
    Maggy's wb270 profile:

Feb 2 - 5  Toned Tommi 

Feb 7  Ginary
    Ginary's Model Mayhem profile:    

Feb 4 - 10 Darling from
    Darling's twitter:

March 13 - 19 Venom and Minxy Li

We look forward to welcoming these ladies to the Big Apple.  As always, we're open to hearing suggestions, though we do have some plans cooking of our own.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lethal Leotards Syndicate Rivalries - the Plot Thickens!

Although inclement weather and other circumstances has foiled my attempts to film with visiting wrestlers this month, we were able for further develop the female vs female angle of our Lethal Leotards Syndicate storyline.  Let me explain...

Following a snowy weekend, I gave a shout-out to the ladies to see who would be available for a last-minute, impromptu shoot.  VeVe and Candy Pain answered the call, so we all headed over to the big studio to get to work on Monday morning.

I'd originally been considering a Syndicate agent showdown between Candy and Orlandoe, a la bondage wrestling style.  But Orlandoe was busy on the evening we were looking to shoot that, so it went on hold.  However, I was still interested in filming the first glimpse of Agent Candy.  But VeVe and Candy had already had a bondage wrestling match last spring.  So, these agents were going to have to do something else.  

Here's the story...

Some of you may know that there's been some chain-of-command issues between Agents VeVe and Orlandoe in the Lethal Leotards Syndicate.  VeVe is the formal Head Mistress of the organization, but Orlandoe often prefers to think of herself as the Head Mistress, and she likes to issue her own orders to agent underlings.

As such, Orlandoe has ordered rookie Agent Candy to infiltrate an underground warehouse and steal valuables for Syndicate use.  However, Agent VeVe had claimed that specific mission as her own and so was already at the compound when Candy arrived.

Did Orlandoe already know that VeVe had claimed the mission?  Did she just not care?  Did she want to cause trouble for VeVe?  Trouble for Candy?  Did Orlandoe want her underling to claim the prize before her rival?  One thing's for sure: the two agents ran into each other, and they were not pleased about it.

Time was ticking, and this job was only big enough for one agent to handle.  When questioned, Candy insisted that she had received direct orders from Orlandoe to take this mission (and secretly, Candy expected that success with the mission would raise her status within the organization).  VeVe, however, was none too pleased with that explanation, reprimanding Candy and cursing Orlandoe's presumptuousness.

But two agents was indeed too many, and only one could be allowed to return with the prize in hand.  So, the ladies set their gear aside and squared off to settle things in traditional Syndicate manner: with a duel!

Now, agents of the Lethal Leotards Syndicate are infamous for their tendency to use their legs to immobilize, strangle, constrict, and otherwise incapacitate their victims and opponents.  In fact, they do quite enjoy using their legs for such nefarious purposes.  And so, when two agents engage in a duel, entwining legs and squeezing thighs are a guarantee.

With little more than a nod of acknowledgement, the two agents engaged.

Agent Candy had much to prove, not only fighting to clear her name in this debacle, but also taking on the her very own Head Mistress.   As they tangled, VeVe continued to reprimand Candy for stepping on her territory and for daring to square off against her.  In harsh, cold tones, the callous Agent VeVe disarmed her foe both verbally and physically.

As Candy struggled for survival, her own pantyhose split a run down one leg and then down the other - a dire situation for any agent.  With her hose in disarray, Candy redoubled her efforts; to lose a duel with one's nylons torn would be quite a disgrace.  But despite Candy's efforts and impressive legs, Agent VeVe's expertise tipped the tables in her own favor.

VeVe finally incapacitated her underling with a choke and then, to teach the rookie a hard lesson, VeVe hogtied her with the intent of leaving her at the scene.  The Head Mistress gloated over her victory, sadistically scolded poor Candy, and made off alone with the loot and the glory.  All before intentionally activating the warehouse's silent security alarm...

As for Candy - she struggled frantically to escape, but all to no avail; VeVe's binding was just too tight, and Candy has yet to acquire more advanced skills in escapology.  And sadly for Candy, the police arrived on the scene to discover the poor rookie bound and gagged and with runs in her stockings.

An embarrassment and a tough situation indeed.  But at least Agent Indra holds a high-ranking place within the local police force...

The Aftermath?

Oh, Orlandoe!  That rogue!  That trickster!

I don't think Candy will swallow this embarrassment so easily.  But I do think Orlandoe will have to answer for this little bit of misfortune.  And, frankly, I don't think Head Mistress VeVe will object to a little reckoning being had.

Now, about that proposed bondage wrestling match...

Monday, January 13, 2014

Filming with Jolie of Tempest Tonight (Cancelled)

*** Update as of 5:30 pm ** Sadly, this shoot has been cancelled.  But here's the original post regardless:

After a lot of back-and-forth discussion, a catch-up meeting, and some schedule-ironing, we've finally got a shoot date with wrestler Jolie, who is currently visiting from California.

And it's tonight!  In just a few hours...

When I first learned of Jolie, she was living here in New York City.  I first saw her on film in one of VeVe's very first wrestling video experiences.  This was in the autumn of 2007, a little over 6 years ago.  This video was a catfight wrestling match, originally set up as a private commission and filmed at Tempest wrestling studio.  I didn't film this one, but we did share rights on the footage with Tempest.

This video is also what led to us giving Jolie the name "Jolie of Tempest," as we have since called her.  For the sake of the video description, we needed a better way of identifying her, since her name was a little too short to stand alone.  And so came the surname "of Tempest," which also served to indicate that she was working out of the Tempest studio at the time.

In this video, newcomer VeVe tested her own unrefined catfighting and wrestling instincts against the more experienced Jolie.  The match was heated and aggressive, with that special essence of underground fighting between two people who don't know each other at all.  Only one submission was gained during the match, which was a head scissors that Jolie scored on VeVe.  However, a tad bit of controversy arose as Jolie called an end to the match before official time was called, saying that the match had become too sweaty to continue.  In the video of the match, the footage simply fades out toward the end of the bout, with no resolution or conclusion being shown...

Would the result have been any different if the match had continued for its full time?  Was it too sweaty to gain any further submissions?  We'll never know!

Shortly afterward, Jolie moved out to California.  While out west, I believe she had a video match against Julie Squeeze for Robin's Les Femmes Fatales, perhaps in 2009.  I didn't find the Jolie vs Julie match at Robin's site, though, so I'm not entirely sure.  However, I did find Jolie vs Liz Lightspeed from 2009 at Robin's site and also at Robin's clips4sale.

Back to the Present

And here we are, just kicking off 2014, and Jolie has made a return visit to old NYC.  She's had limited time on this visit, so I don't think we will be able to film as many different videos as we would like.

After some negotiation, Jolie has agreed to take on Hanz Vanderkill in a competitive mixed match.  I'm under the impression that this would make one of the only, if not the only, mixed wrestling she has done on video.  So, we are all excited about that.

She is also up for a competitive bondage wrestling match against VeVe.  People are always excited and curious to try this particular sport, and I'm certainly pleased to support it!

I, for one, am curious to see what happens tonight.  I personally haven't seen Jolie in action since that 2007 video, but she does receive very positive current session reviews.  How does she handle on the mats?  How does she handle on camera?  We're all curious here, and I think others are curious elsewhere as well.

The big studio is booked.  The local talent is set.  The weather is clear, nice, and warm-ish.  Schedules appear to be in order.  If all goes well, filming should commence in about 3 hours from now.  Stay tuned!

*** Update as of 5:30 pm **

Sadly, Jolie had to bow out of filming for this evening for personal reasons.  She reports that she won't be able to appear in any videos.  Alas.  So close!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Update to Planned Shoot w Savannah

For the sake of completeness, an update:

Sadly, a snow storm last week foiled our plans to shoot with Savannah Fox.  What timing!

The storm threatened travel on the Long Island Rail Road, so Savannah was not able to make it in to NYC from where she was staying.  So, we all took cover and set the camera aside for that evening.  Then she had to leave town the next morning to continue her tour.

Happily, Savannah Fox says she travels to NYC several times a year, and she may be returning again in the spring time or early summer.  We look forward to our next opportunity to film with her.  We'll keep you posted!