Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sable and Honey of LWS visiting NYC in September

We've got some visitors coming into town, and VeVe was good to write-up a little notice about that.  Here's what VeVe has to say:

Hello, Everyone!

You've been hearing a lot lately about visitors coming to the Female Wrestling Expo in October, but heads up because there are two very exciting visiting wrestlers coming to New York City even sooner than that!

Sable and Honey from the London Wrestling Studio will be in town September 20 - 25.

Sable is LWS's premier competitive wrestler.  She also comes to wrestling from a professional dance background, making her as graceful as she is deadly!

Honey is a pillar of London's wrestling scene, an experienced pro-styler, and a versatile fantasy wrestling star.  

Both of these ladies will be available for custom videos with each other or any of our local wrestling talent.  Get in touch with us to discuss video ideas and requests for them!  Write to: veve.wrestler@gmail.com

Photos of Sable:

Photos of Honey:


That was the latest word from VeVe via the yahoogroup.  Thanks for the announcement, VeVe!  Looks like I better haul ass to get this queue fully emptied out so start loading up on new footage!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Supervillain VeVe at FetCon (a glimpse)

A small glimpse of VeVe at the Superheroine Showdown this afternoon at FetCon, where she, along with a host of other supervillainesses attacked and tied up all the superheroines.

Here we saw VeVe capture and tie up her superheroine victim, Angela Sommers.

One quick picture:

Plus VeVe and Angela Sommers with comicbook artist and Showdown host George Perez:

These are camera phone pictures, but they're not bad!  Got some more too:

If only this didn't come out blurry!  But getting camera phone pictures in the crush of the crowd at this time was very difficult:

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mid-August News: Amazon Annie and FEMWIN in NYC

Hey All,

It's again been a while since I last wrote up a blog entry.  And believe me, it has been on my mind.  However, I just haven't had a quiet moment to sit down with the little Compose screen.

As always, a lot is in the works.  This season, in particular, a few new things are in the works.

Amazon Annie's in the House

For one, we welcome Amazon Annie's smashing return to the wrestling scene after a few months hiatus.  Annie's home area was hit particularly badly by Hurricane Sandy from last November, so she spent a lot of this year dealing with that.  But with everything well recovered now, she made a great return to action in June by crashing the ladies' Scissor Squeeze Contest and demonstrating her foot size & power in her Foot Comparison video.

Annie also came over to the studio in July to film a wonderful little video to demonstrate her abilities with bondage wrestling and mixed domination.  After receiving a little bondage tutorial from VeVe, Annie was raring to go with the ropes.  She set her sights on new victim Julian and went to work.  Thus resulted Amazon Annie's first bondage wrestling video.

And also for fun, I created a little trailer for Annie of the torture she heaped onto Julian once she had him tied up, and even after he was unbound.  Here's that trailer:

Anyway, moving on to other news.

FEMWIN NYC 2013 Update

As you may recall from previous entries, I am still communicating with FEMWIN regarding the filming event event we've scheduled for October.

It's been an interesting series of negotiations, and my local crew here in NYC has been working to get as many female wrestlers involved as possible.  Currently we've got 9 ladies slated to attend for the event, including Minxy Li, Skylar Rene, Indra, VeVe Lane, Candy Pain, Jenn D (CatfightJenn), Scorpio, Orlandoe, and Amazon Annie, with other negotiations still in the works.

Some of you readers may recall that our crew hosted FEMWIN here in NYC in March of 2007.  That was a 2-day event, and we were also hit by a large snow storm over that weekend.  The event drew primarily from NYC local wrestling talent, since a few of the visitors were way-layed by severe weather.

Since then, VeVe and I co-organized 3 live filming events on our own here in New York.  These were known as the NYC Female Wrestling Showcase (volumes 1, 2, and 3, respectively).  Our first Showcase was in January 2010, featuring Kim of Italy, Jenny Sjodin, Veronica Vicious, Miss Juliette, and VeVe.  Our second Showcase was in June 2010, featuring Rachel Sinclair, Sherry Stunns, Dominique Danger, Lady J Diesel, Amazon Annie, Clobberetta, and VeVe.  

And the third Showcase was in June 2011, which was run a little differently than the previous two events.  The third Showcase was a one-day event that ran in true tournament style.  We created a bracket of 4 of the featured guests: Indra, Athena, Orlandoe, and Lotus Lilly.  This event also featured a live pro-style match with VeVe and myself, which came to be called the "showcase version" of "Pro-Style in Tights" (since then, we've done a lot of pro-style in tights, so the title seems a bit simple now!).

And now here in 2013, we're back to looking at FEMWIN again.  For this event, FEMWIN has called for 3-days of filming, which is larger than any live filming event we've hosted here before.

FEMWIN is planning to film 20+ matches, the majority being competitive female wrestling.  I myself plan on filming some bondage wrestling, in particular a bondage match between Minxy Li and VeVe.  In addition to the lady wrestlers listed above for this event, we are also reaching into unknown local NYC talent, including athlete friends of the wrestlers and glamour and fetish models.

We will also be joined by other production companies, such as Keri's Spectrum Requests and Mark's Brutal Beauties.  Indeed, there's certainly a lot of diversity in filming potential slated for this get-together.

We've got a month and a half to go, and I'm proud of the work being done by my local NYC contacts and crew at helping this all come together.

FetishCon Upcoming

The next step here for August is FetishCon.  VeVe and I have made the trip down here to Florida to represent our little NYC crew and venture to FetishCon (FetCon) for the first time.

We're taking it easy on this trip, just to check out the scene, though we did end up with some filming lined up.  Notably, we'll be filming a bondage wrestling match with VeVe and fetish model / stunt fighter Orias Baset.  That could be a wild time.

If all goes well with this trade show this year, I'll look to bringing down more of the NYC local crew for next year.

But, in the meanwhile, since I mentioned bondage wrestling at least twice here in this blog entry, I'm now thinking to head over to the Bondage Wrestling Blog and say a few words over there as well.  Ok, onward!