Sunday, May 26, 2013

Filming with Kim, Shauna Ryanne, Sircee, Indra, VeVe - whew!

So, yesterday was an epic filming day.

And when I say "epic," I don't just mean it in the common, colloquial manner of "awesome" or "super duper."  No, when I say epic here, I mean like the Odyssey.  And the lliad.  And the Aeneid.  All rolled up into one and strung out end-to-end!

So, yes, THAT sort of epic.

No shit, there I was - together with VeVe, Indra, Sircee, Shauna Ryanne, and Kim of Italy.  And my trusty camera, of course.  Thus we commenced a long, multi-hour, multi-part, multi-person filming day.

The shoot was initially set up as a 4-girl bondage wrestling shoot featuring VeVe, Shauna, Indra, and a 4th lady yet-to-be-found but who was to resemble the 3 others.  VeVe returned from her long road trip and immediately began a week-long search for the 4th.  She posted to various modeling social media sites and networking sites, she petitioned friends and colleagues to ask their friends and colleagues, but unfortunately everyone was unavailable (we were to film Memorial Day weekend, you see).

Finally, one day before the scheduled shoot, we got a message from Kim of Italy saying that she would be in town and asking about borrowing mats.  VeVe threw a "hail Mary" pass and sent a shout out to Kim to see if she'd like to be in the video as the 4th person.  Kim is not a native English speaker, so VeVe did her best to explain the fairly complex scenario.... and Kim agreed!

Well, how intriguing.  Kim had last filmed with us in 2010 before she went back to Italy for the next 3 years. This was before we instituted bondage wrestling.  So, Kim came into the game completely new to the rope-tie style.  Kim, however, had fought in a great many competitive wrestling videos, several of which were against VeVe.  She was always a fierce competitor and game for a match.  Now, just add some rope and a story, and a few other players...

VeVe and Indra were the first to arrive at the studio on filming day.  Shauna was embroiled in a pre-fight struggle with the Long Island Rail Road, so she was delayed for the shoot.  So, we called on Sircee to come early to join the action (she was scheduled to come much later), and VeVe and Indra entertained Kim and the camera with some bondage escapes.  First VeVe and Indra raced each other in a hog tie escape.  Then they worked collectively to escape several ties that involved them being tied together.

After the ladies' entertaining escape antics, we switched into a new studio as Shauna arrived.  Then, with Sircee still in transit, we started the 4-way bondage wrestling shoot.  And this is where the temperature really started to climb...

This video was an every-woman-for-herself 4-way match.  No double teaming or team work of any sort was allowed.  Basically, there would be two simultaneous matches, which would determine the final two competitors.  They ladies draw straws to determine who would fight whom first - VeVe vs Shauna / Indra vs Kim.  The grand winner would then win the honor of tickling the feet of the hogtied losers, ball gagging them, and then tickling them some more.  And so, with the conditions set, off we went...

After 9 minutes of struggle, Shauna and Indra found themselves immobilized, leaving VeVe and Kim to face off... again.. after 3 years.  But for the first time with rope.

We all expected VeVe to secure the victory within 10 minutes, perhaps with ease.  However, it didn't quite work out that way.  You see, by this point, there were only 3 pieces of rope left, and bondage wrestling requires more rope for faster results.  VeVe bound Kim's ankles together, but Kim bound VeVe's ankles together, leaving only one short piece of rope to work with...

The struggle that followed was long, sweaty, highly competitive, and quite vicious.

I thought for a moment that I was filming the VeVe vs Hanz: REMATCH again.  Total deja vu moment.  Indeed, VeVe's temper was rising as Kim slipped out of a near-finish  - a miraculous escape from VeVe's patented double elbow tie after about 15 minutes of fighting.  When she fought Hanz, VeVe had no problem getting nasty and vicious in order to get her way, breaking grips, rope-burning skin, and using submission attacks.  But could she do that with visitor Kim?  Wouldn't it be rather impolite to rough-handle a guest?  As the match wore on and Kim continued to resist, VeVe started to put her quibbles aside...

As their fight neared the 30-minute mark, VeVe contemplated choking her opponent unconscious.  After all, according to the rules, submission holds are allowed if they help further a tie.  But they will not stop the action, score any points, or be held after a tapout.   The match blazed on, with the competitors working furiously and fighting over the three ropes.  And in the meanwhile, hogtied Shauna and Indra looked on, calling encouragements until they both fell into silent amazement at the length and ferocity of the match.

And finally, FINALLY, VeVe captured Kim's ankles and bound them painfully tight.  With Kim at last beginning to tire, VeVe forced on the double-elbow tie, still, though, with difficulty.  She used the remaining rope to bind Kim's wrists together and then removed the double-elbow rope in order to complete the hogtie.  And, oh my, that was tense!

VeVe moved into the tickling punishment.  But when she moved on for the ball gagging, Kim resisted yet again, causing VeVe to handle her former foe quite harshly.  The air was full of tension static and humidity, but the match was finally competed.

But we had only completed one of our three schedule videos.

Our rental time had expired in that studio, but we quickly then switched out the 4 bondage wrestlers for me and Sircee.  VeVe took the camera and filmed a 10 minute video we've dubbed "Sircee's Facesitting Smother and Scissors."  And, the name says it all.  Essentially, Sircee discovered the true effectiveness of her pinning ability in her 2-on-1 matches with Candy against VeVe, and so, she gave us an unrestrained demonstration.

Sircee's video follows VeVe's "Facesitting and Scissors" series of videos.  After having been crushed by both of these ladies, I can say that Sircee has a definite edge in smothering power and crushing ability.  And her scissors were rather destructive; she's got a lot of leg to work with.

After that, we moved all of the mats and gear downstairs to the next studio.  Sircee took up the camera as I prepared for another dose of punishment.  Now I was to face a 20 minute bondage beatdown delivered by VeVe and Shauna clad in leather domme-ish attire.  Why me?  This is not normally my gig!  But our previously-scheduled victim Thrash had gotten sick the night before, and since we could not secure a replacement in time (despite my efforts!), I was the only one left to take up the mantle.

And, of course, by this point the camera battery decided that it had had enough.  How's that for stress?  Time to plug into the wall with the power adapter.

And on we go for the meanness, nastiness, knock down, take down, disrobing, punching, slapping, leather boots, scissoring, crushing, mocking, tickling, bondage, belittling... and I mentioned meanness, right?!  You see, I was playing a creepy stalker who got his comeuppance.  Ouch.

I don't know about you, but by this point I was pretty exhausted.

I had entered the studio building at 3 pm, and we wrapped up at 8 pm.  Yeah, it was epic.  It was an adventure!

And now, it's all getting finished up here in the editing studio.  Whew!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Recent May News, Bondage, and Double Teams

I recently posted this to our yahoogroup, but it also really belongs here as well.  My time is very limited right now as I prepare for the first of today's filmings.  But I'm very excited about recent goings on for May, so here is a quick summary:

As we entered May, we got to thinking "We need to get in a bit more bondage wrestling and some more multi-person matches."  And, well, that certainly has gone into effect so far!

As you've seen from recent announcements, last week we filmed a Karate Domination scenario with Indra and Adrian.  And since these two worked so well together on that video... and since we had some time left over, Indra and Adrian shook hands to settle their differences, pulled VeVe off of her director's chair, and took her on in this month's first 2 vs 1 match.

In late April, we tried for a 2-on-1 of Sircee and Candy vs VeVe, but Sircee couldn't make it to the shoot (but this resulted in a lovely bondage wrestling match between VeVe and Candy).  However, yesterday we finally got a chance to put our 2 new heavy-weight wrestlers against VeVe.

And they got two chances at this!

First Candy (5'8" and 170 lbs) and Sircee (5'7" and 178 lbs) teamed up for a pins & submissions wrestling match against VeVe.  The ladies grappled for 12 minutes in this match and get incredibly sweaty.  And I will mention that they gave VeVe quite a bit of rough-handling.  But VeVe saw the MOST rough handling in the match that immediately followed:  Candy & Sircee vs VeVe in a 2-on-1 bondage wrestling match.

VeVe is clever, skilled, and squirmy.... but being outweighed, out numbered, and beset by ladies with ropes... ladies who had concocted a game plan ahead of time... well, that  makes for a really tough time.  Crushing, rope burn, sweating, exertion.  It looked great!

And on the topic of bondage: earlier we released a bondage wrestling spy-assassin domination video with VeVe and Thrash in the Lethal Leotards Syndicate series.  And now today, in 30 minutes from now, we'll be filming a different style of mixed bondage wrestling match.  Indeed, VeVe and Hanz dig up an old grudge as Hanz seeks to redeem himself in a bondage wrestling REMATCH.  Almost exactly a year following his initial defeat and immobilization at the hands of rope-wrangler VeVe.

VeVe has had QUITE a week, fighting two tough 2-on-1s yesterday.  She's coming straight from MMA sparring class to take this match with Hanz.  Does she have enough strength and energy to power through these exhausting times?  Or will she find herself tied into submission?  Can Hanz capitalize on this moment?

Well, for one thing, I'll know soon enough!  You guys will know soon after that.  Stay tuned!

Can you tell we love wrestling when the weather takes a turn for the warmer? ;)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Been posting in the Bondage Wrestling Blog

Hi Readers!  In case you've been wondering where I've been and what's been going on with these wrestling production adventure -- I've been posting over in the Bondage Wrestling Blog.

For the latest word on our work this spring, see our other blog:

And as a special announcement for that blog: We are pleased to welcome guest-contributor VeVe Lane to the Bondage Wrestling Blog!  She's sitting down right now to write her first post.  Hooray!  And stay tuned.

As for other wrestling adventures, stay tuned there as well.  I just filmed a 2-on-1 mixed match of Indra and Adrian vs VeVe.  That following a karate scenario video with Indra (in a gi) and Adrian.  Plus Kim of Italy is returning to visit us here in NYC later this month.  I'll post more about these things soon.