Friday, March 21, 2014

Pictures with Lela Beryl, Rachel DD, VeVe, Howl, Diablo

Since I haven't had a moment to blog about our filming session with visiting models Lela Beryl and Rachel DD (aka Goddess Rachelle), I'd like to share some screen captures from the shoot.

We filmed a number of videos which also featured local talent VeVe Lane, Howl, and myself (Diablo) alongside our visitors.  We filmed a special custom with Lela and Howl, mixed wrestling domination with Rachel DD and Diablo, Lingerie Party Facesitting, bondage wrestling Diablo vs Lela, competitive wrestling VeVe vs Rachel DD.  All represented in the pictures below!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Filming with Sinn Sage and Keri on March 24

Hi All,

This is just a quicky, since time is short today.  But just a heads-up that VeVe and I will be filming with Keri's special guest Sinn Sage, a model visiting from California.

We'll be heading over to Keri's studio in New Jersey for this one.

For custom video requests featuring any combination Sinn Sage, VeVe, or myself (Diablo) for this shoot, please contact VeVe here:

See Sinn's picture at left.

That's for March 24, 2014.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Filming Today and Upcoming: Lela, Rachelle, Minxy, and More!

Greetings once again, gentle readers.  I'm going to fire off a quickie right now, since I need to do several things today before everything gets rolling this evening.

So, we're FINALLY turning the corner into spring time here in New York City, which is VERY welcome!  Yesterday was lovely, and today is quite nice as well (though expected to rain).  So everyone is generally in a good mood and really ready for wrestling and videos.

Later today we will be filming with two visiting models, Lela Beryl and Goddess Rachelle.  Also joining us will be new male talent Howl, who is a lean, light-weight fellow.  The ladies are set for some FvF work, as well as mixed facesitting and also mixed bondage wrestling.  For the mixed bondage, I'm slated to be the opponent in that one, for a competitive rope-tie go-round.

As we're filming, visiting wrestler Minxy Li will be arriving in town to spend a week with us here in NYC.  She should be arriving at the studio just as we wrap up the shoot.  Probably no filming for Minxy today, but we would like to do a lot with her while she's here - in particular, some cosplay pro-style with VeVe, possibly a competitive match with Orlandoe, possibly a 2-on-1 bondage revenger attempt with her and Indra against me, and more (VeVe's cooking up ideas).

Also re-emerging from the winter are Amazon Annie and Sircee.  Both ladies are raring to go, and we have a few ideas for them as well.  In particular, I'd like to see a competitive match between them.  Annie is 200 lbs and Sircee is 190 lbs, so that would make for an interesting heavy weight match up.  Adrian (200 lbs) has also been angling for a competitive match against Sircee, so that would make a good heavy weight mixed match up as well.  And, too, Annie and Adrian would like to have a shot at each other as well.  So, a little possible round-robin there.

And Orlandoe is back in action as well, after finishing up her school work.  She made her return with a "Lift Wrestling" video with VeVe earlier this month, where she showed off her lean, toned physique.  In addition to a competitive match against Minxy, we'd like to get Orlandoe in on a mixed competitive match against me as well.  Possibly also with Adrian, within time.

Whew, ok, really tight on time here.  Got to get pick up my bike from the shop.  But I just wanted to throw those things out there.

I've been watching and involved in some discussions recently regarding competitive mixed wrestling, and I've been thinking to get myself back on camera again for some of that.  Our buddy Hanz is away at school for the next 3 months, so he won't be hitting the mats with the ladies until this summer.  I'm thinking I will step in in the mean time.  

But more about that soon!  Got to run and get the bike!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

VeVe Lane Q&A Session for March 2014

VeVe came back to NYC last night from her trip to New Orleans, and a mere hour after getting off the plane, she came into the studio to answer the questions she received for her new March 2014 Q&A video.  She received so many questions that she had to select 10 of them for time's sake.

She was tired from her travels, but also full of energy for talking!  She answers questions about fitness, training, wrestling opponents, tattoos, being inside a balloon, making videos, and more.  And so, enjoy VeVe's latest Question & Answer video:


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Filming March 12: Lela Beryl and Goddess Rachelle

Even more visiting talent will be coming into town for this month: March 2014!  Coming in first will be Lela Beryl and Goddess Rachelle on March 12, followed by a return visit from Minxy Li and Venom for March 13-19.

We just this past week received word from Rachelle about her visit.  Both Rachelle and Lela are new faces for us, and so we are curious to hear video suggestions and welcome custom requests for these two ladies.  They will both be filming with us next week on Wednesday, March 12.

Here is some low down on these two new visiting ladies:

Lela Beryl
Homebase: Tampa, Florida

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125 lbs

Full-time fetish model with experience in a wide variety of genres, including feet, tickling, and bondage.

Lela appears to be new to wrestling and has been working as a model since 2012.  Lela's Model Mayhem profile is here:

Goddess Rachelle / Rachel DD / Harley Rae
Homebase: Baltimore, Maryland
Height:  5'5"
Weight: 120 lbs

Full-time glamour and fetish model.  Glamour, swimwear, fitness modelling.

Rachelle's website says: "Goddess Rachelle is not just the 34DD blonde bombshell of your dreams. As a professional dominatrix, certified personal trainer, glamour model, and fetish performer, Goddess Rachelle has a diverse set of skills and experiences that make her a truly unique personality in the fetish world."

VeVe is currently cooking up the specifics on filming plans with Lela and Rachelle.  I'm still not entirely sure what she has in mind, but with a lot of our local gentlemen out of town currently, I think I may need to get on camera for this go-round of filming.

But in any case, for custom requests with either or both of these ladies, please reach out to VeVe here:

Onward and upward!