Sunday, May 27, 2012

Filming with Shauna Ryanne and Wrestling vs Striking

Many of you may have seen a flurry of Twitter activity last night regarding the multi-hour filming session we had with VeVe and visitor Shauna Ryanne... and if you didn't see the flurry, then be sure to follow us on Twitter!

We first filmed an arm wrestling match between VeVe and Hanz for VeVe's personal clips4sale store.  That's here:

We then filmed a 20 minute competitive wrestling match of VeVe vs Shauna.

After a very short break, we moved right in to film a 15-minute special request match...

VeVe vs Shauna: Wrestling vs Striking - a competitive bout where Shauna was allowed to punch, elbow, knee, and kick to the body and slap to the face.  And VeVe was only allowed to wrestle and use grappling submissions (chokes and locks).  That reminded me of some of those early UFC events!  That one was a little nerve-wrecking for your humble cameraman, but the ladies are good at what they do and managed to stay safe despite beating each other up.

We hope to release these two matches between VeVe and Shauna soon, as soon as we receive distribution permission from the "Wrestling vs Striking" sponsor.

Following that intense little bout, Hanz jumped up to take on Shauna for a 20 minute bout of submission wrestling for his clips4sale store, Hanz Vanderkill's Mixed Battle Theatre.  VeVe was pleased to get a rare opportunity to sit down and watch.  All as the evening grew later.

And following all of that, Shauna gathered up her luggage and raced off to catch a bus down to Baltimore to continue her east coast tour.  Whoa!

What a very busy evening we all had!

..... and on top of all that, we managed to miss a big thunderstorm while we were inside shooting.  Great - there was enough rumbling going on inside the studio that night!

Doom Maidens Wrestling

Friday, May 11, 2012

Judo, Karate, Rope, Wrestling Catch-up!

Whew, so, it has been a while since I've really had a chance to sit down to the blog.  I've been using the Doom Maidens yahoogroup and our excellent Doom Maidens Twitter account a fair bit to chat, think, and announce.  But all that while, the blog was getting no love.

So, now is a good moment for a recapping, a foreseeing, and perhaps even some speculating.

The most immediate news is that tomorrow morning, Saturday, May 12, Orlandoe will take on Hanz Vanderkill in a competitive mixed wrestling bout.  This will be Orlandoe's first competitive mixed bout on video.  And it will be our first video with Hanz without his mask.

Frankly, I'm excited to see this match up.  Orlandoe has been training like a fiend in grappling, and her legs are looking great and strong lately.

I even got to feel her fury and power earlier this season as her unfortunate victim in "Orlandoe Gets Furious," a mixed wrestling domination video wherein Orlandoe takes out her frustrations against VeVe on yours truly.  That was actually her first mixed domination video, and it was great and hard-hitting... well, hard squeezing!  I've included a little still from that over on the left.

Hanz has also been upping his training.  Over the past year's time, his fitness level has been dramatically improving, and his motivation has been high.  He's been training in Cross Fit for this season, and he's looking good and fit.  But the real question is: does he have the grappling chops to go toe-to-toe with Orlandoe?

We also just bid a temporary farewell to Indra, who was visiting us here in NYC from March through April.  We did a heck of a lot of filming with Indra while she was here, especially where Karate, Judo, and foot domination are concerned.

Indra filmed judo/foot customs and also was kind enough to stay after a shoot to give us "Indra thrashes Thrash" - a close yet unintentional reference to Veronica's "Veronica Thrash Dr DJ" from several years ago.  She also filmed two karate videos with VeVe in a set we've dubbed "Karate Style: VeVe vs Indra."

And speaking of Judo and Karate - they have been popular lately!  We'll come back around to the bikinis soon, but people have lately been enjoying martial arts uniforms, throws, and kicks.

Indra will be returning again later this year, by the way, perhaps some time in the fall.  Just wanted to mention that.

Oh, and one more thing about the bikini wrestling - Orlandoe will handle that for us tomorrow.

And back in March, we filmed with a visiting model named Miss Pandora.  Pandora was very short and giggly, and thus she provided a new and interesting dynamic.  We filmed a female bondage wrestling video with her, since she has a history with bondage modelling.  This was also with VeVe and was called, most descriptively, "Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Pandora in Garters and Stockings."  Athena had at that time also returned to NYC from months of travel overseas, so we filmed a video with her, me, and Pandora as well.  The title says it all: "Pantyhose Double Team Mixed Wrestling."

And just one more thing about feet and judo.  We have recently released a lot of videos involving VeVe, feet, and judo throws (or judo ground work).  Just to list them, we had "Judo Throw Punishment," which we filmed with Mark, which involved VeVe tossing him many times while wearing heels (in the first half, at least, before she removed them).

We also had VeVe's recent "Judo Foot Conquest" with Thrash, which was more about ground work and foot/power dynamic than about throws.  And then "Judo Female Feet" with VeVe and Orlandoe, which was a spin-off from "Judo Foot Conquest" and again focused more on ground work, armbars, and triangles.

These are all in the Mixed Wrestling NYC clips store.  And I have a short little trailer for VeVe's "Judo Throw Punishment," here:

All right!  So that was a long entry!

Now to prep for tomorrow's mixed competitive shoot!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Updates! And VeVe vs the Balloons.

Just a quicky!  Sorry, blog, I have been missing you!  Here's one of my recent announcements to our yahoogroup:


First off...

We were all set to film a new competitive mixed bondage wrestling match last night- VeVe Lane vs a male wrestler who was exactly VeVe's size (5'4" and 125 lbs).  Unfortunately for our bondage wrestling fans, VeVe's opponent wasn't able to make it to the shoot with but 2 hours til go-time.  And, also unfortunately, none of our regular video wrestlers could make it out on such short notice.

So, there we were with a frustrated VeVe, a camera, a late night studio room booking and..... 

A short trip to the store across the street, and we emerged with a bag of balloons, some black nylons, and a beach ball.

Moments later, VeVe was on camera squeezing the daylights out of the inflated balloons and beach ball.  And thus we focused VeVe's frustration and collected her first scissor & bearhug balloon popping video, along with a separate video of VeVe's abuse of the beach ball.

Our first clip from that shoot is ready and in our clips store:  

VeVe vs the Balloons:
Running time: 6 minutes.

And here's a teaser!

Next item...

I'd like to mention that yesterday we uploaded a very brief set of excerpts from VeVe's "Domestic Discord" video to our youtube channel.

This is a scenario-based video in which VeVe plays a spy-assassin who reveals to her husband (played by Thrash) that the time has come for her to execute him.  And to do this, she uses his most beloved fetishes against him...  The excerpts on the youtube upload are just a small taste of this and the very beginning of the video.  Filmed in July 2011.  A chance to see VeVe and Thrash in some scene work together:

More to come.  Stay tuned!