Thursday, August 14, 2014

FetCon 2014 Brief and the Water Camera

Greetings Gentle Readers.  Welcome back!  I went quiet for a little while during the last two weeks, since I've been road tripping along the East Coast for videography purposes.

FetCon 2014 Visit

This trip brought us down to Fetish Con ("FetCon") 2014 in Tampa, Florida.  VeVe and I joined up with Minxy Li, and  we enjoyed a bit of vacationing amongst the filming goings-on.

I filmed a tickle bondage wrestling video featuring VeVe and Mutiny, which also gave me an opportunity to meet Mutiny for the first time.

After the tickling, VeVe and Mutiny geared up for another video together: a superheroine / villainess bondage wrestling scenario, wherein SuperGirl Mutiny was presented a "gift" of krypronite ropes by villainess Evil VeVe.  As you may expect, that didn't go well for Super Mutiny, and she ended up helplessly bound.

Over to the left is a little camera phone picture of VeVe and Mutiny before their superheroine shoot.

We also filmed a bondage wrestling video of Minxy Li vs Ginary.  This was a return visit to the bondage wrestling arena for Ginary, but this match with Minxy proved just as difficult, if not more-so, than her last rope-tie appearance.  In short, Ginary ended up tied up pretty quickly and fully dominated by Minxy.  Ginary then had to suffer through physical tormenting and eventual ball gagging as Minxy roughed her up, taunted her, and generally enjoyed herself at Ginary's expense!  Here's a camera phone picture that VeVe snapped over my shoulder during this filming.

And after the bondage wrestling, VeVe and Minxy teamed up for a Lift & Carry video with Ginary, where they kept Ginary off the ground for 10 minutes, trading her back and forth as they performed various lifts.

We also got to meet Tomiko (of Las Vegas) for the first time as well.  VeVe and Tomiko filmed together for 2 videos, doing a superheroine / villainess video for Tomiko and a 1960's -esque skin diver girl battle for us. That was fairly madcap and, in my opinion, quite retro-looking in terms of action and videography style.

Superheroine Showdown

Like last year, VeVe also joined in on the official FetCon Superheroine Showdown again (hosted by George Perez).  VeVe appeared again as a villainess (notice a theme here?), this time sporting her post-apocalyptic thong attire.

For this Showdown, the superheroines escorted their captured supervillainesses up onto the stage.  And just as the superheroines introduced themselves and showed off their captured criminals, the Big Boss lady villainess Saharra Huxly burst in to cause a distriction.  Just what the villainesses needed to turn the tables and escape from and subdue their captors.  Now the shoe was on the other foot!  The villainesses then took over and made their introductions as they displayed their newly-captured superheroines.

Villainess VeVe was captured by and then captured in-turn a superheroine called Miss Mapleleaf.  I myself captured quite a few camera phone pictures of the action, and a photographer named Mig grabbed some high resolution pictures with is pro still-photography camera.  I'll share some of those here:


Also at FetCon, VeVe and Minxy got a chance to meet up with popular dominatrix Goddess Phoenix, who was visiting from Atlanta, Georgia.  Here is a camera phone snap shot of these three ladies.  Also a group shot of Ginary, Minxy, and VeVe.

Water Camera

Following FetCon, VeVe and Minxy headed over to Clearwater Beach, where they got to swim in the Gulf of Mexico and also test out our new waterproof video camera.  That camera is really small - about the size of a cell phone, and held the same way.  It took a bit of getting used to, but I came around to it quickly.

I grabbed some video of the ladies floating in the waves and playing with a giant beach ball, but the ocean waters were too misty for good underwater filming, and it was too hard for the camera to see very far while below the surface.  But the camera certainly was not phased at all by being dunked under the water, salted, and rained on.

We later arrived at another hotel as we travelled further south and east in Florida, where I was then able to film VeVe underwater in a pool.  And THAT produced a very nice, clear underwater picture.  Here's a little excerpt from a fuller video we filmed under the surface in the sunny pool:

Very nice results in the pool!

And some stills I took from this footage:

We also brought the waterproof camera back out again as we travelled north in Florida, capturing VeVe flexing in the water at Neptune Beach in the early morning.  Waves crashing and water droplets falling onto the camera?  No problem.  I would never want to stand waist deep in the ocean with my normal dry-land camera, but with the waterproof mini camera, I have no such fears.  But, granted, the little water proof thing is very simple and doesn't have a power stabilizer, so if I'm walking and filming and waves crash into my legs, the camera will certainly feel it (and show it).  But anyway, here is another video from the water camera, this time above the surface:

Whew, and there we have it for now!  Just a brief little summary, but hopefully with lots of helpful and interesting visuals.  I'm here in a splendid cafe in North Carolina on our way back up the East coast, and it's about time for me to get back on the road again.

I hope you enjoyed this little check-in entry, and hopefully too this underwater camera footage is inspiring!

When we get back up to NYC, I'll be attending a weekend-long stage combat seminar on both Saturday and Sunday.  VeVe will be attending as well.  It's a little brush up for me, but it will be some of VeVe's first formal training with weapons-based stage combat.  That should yield some interesting results!

See you all later, and thanks for reading!