Thursday, June 2, 2016

3 New Wrestlers Welcome the New Season! Summer 2016

I've made some previous posts here about our two newcomers Aralia and Cat Wily, but we are now being joined by a third newcomer:  Kinzie Fire!

So, that is three new wrestlers all from our local NYC area -- wow!

Our newcomers are all novice wrestlers; they all started training with us at local community practices that we've hosted over the past year.  Their experience levels range from 6 months to 6 weeks, so they are very novice, indeed!  However, they are feisty and spirited, and they really enjoy the physical tussle of wrestling.

And they're all quite different from each other.

Aralia is petite and scrappy, but also studious.  She's also a figure model for artists.  She had the "pleasure" of taking on Howl in fully competitive bondage wrestling as her very first video match.  With so many advantages in Howl's court, Aralia ended up roughed up and tied up pretty soundly in that one.  She seems set on revenge, but she also has great potential as a bondage model!

Additionally, Aralia also was the "prey" in a Python and Prey video with Howl.  I had a sense that she could really rock that part and she really understood how to handle one of these fantasy scenarios.  She definitely hit the mark.  I also wanted to give Howl a chance to show off his latent, menacing predator persona, and he executed that very well.  Aralia and Howl were great together... but I do suspect Aralia wants to get one over on him when she can.

She also had a competitive F/F match against the fabulous Indra.  Truly, none of the match-makers knew what to expect from that combination.  But Aralia ended up getting a taste of Indra's classic sassiness, along with her equally classic squeezing and smothering.

Stats:  5'4" and 120 lbs.

Aralia on Twitter:
Aralia's beginner profile:

Cat Wily is quite an opposite to Aralia; she's got considerably more size, she's got a slinky and sassy personality, and she's got radiating potential for domination.  Cat has only done one video match so far, and it was a competitive fight against male wrestler Adrian.  This was a tough, uphill battle for Cat, but she kept a stiff upper lip and learned a lot.  Like Aralia, she got a School of Hard Knocks welcome.  But also like Aralia, she is scheming, working, and planning her vengeance.

Cat Wily is also keen to show off her scissorhold potential and physical domination abilities.  Again, she's got a great natural dominant streak in her personality, and I would love to give her an opportunity to show that off and see where it goes.  I also think she could do really well with nylons/pantyhose domination, and she might be able to devise her own personal style of "Python and Prey" scene, featuring her as the predator.

Stats:  5'7" and 260 lbs.

Cat Wily's e-mail:
Cat Wily's beginner profile:

Kinzie Fire is our newest newcomer, but she's a real natural when it comes to wrestling and struggle play.  Kinzie may be a novice wrestler, but she is tough, scrappy, has a great "mat sense," and takes to rope-tying quite well.  She's done some modeling before and is jovial, savvy, and outgoing.

As of writing this, Kinzie has yet to appear on video, but she is excited to give it a try as soon as possible.  She's quite interested in bondage wrestling (and gave it a try last night at practice), and she has been curious about a bondage wrestling match against VeVe Lane, to see what that is like (more hazing, for sure!).  Kinzie and Aralia are also eager for a match against each other, which I think would be a splendid idea.  On its own, this match would definitely be fun, but it could also be great as part of a larger live filming event (more on that topic later).  It's even possible that Kinzie may get a chance to get on camera this coming weekend.  Stay tuned for more on that.

Stats: 5'3" and 173 lbs.

Kinzie on Twitter:

All righty.  Thanks for reading folks!  Look forward to more from our newcomers as we move forward into the summer season.  They've been doing great, and I'm excited to see them learning more and more with each practice.  And...

Live Filming Event?

There's some possibility that we may do a "mini" live filming event to give the newcomers a chance to match up against each other all in one place, in the same day.  It's sort of a tradition around here to create little live filming events when we encounter a new "class" of novice wrestlers.  VeVe was baptized in fire at a live event in NYC in 2007.  Amazon Annie, Indra, Orlandoe, and Crazy Azy made NYC debuts with live filming events, in 2010, 2011, 2011, and 2013, respectively.  Maybe it's time to fire up the crew for another "big" "mini" get together.  It'd be great to also get Rachel DD and ShaSha in on the action as well, since they might make good opponents for the newcomers as well.

All right!  Now, I'll curtail for now, since I've already made this entry pretty long!  Send best wishes the newcomers and say hello to the on Twitter, if you're on there as well.  Until next time, dear readers!

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