Thursday, August 25, 2016

Filming from FetCon 2016! Sarah Brooke, Bella Ink, Asia Perez, Vika, Camille Black, and More!

We're back from a very, very busy time at FetCon 2016 in St. Petersburg, Florida!  And we filmed SO much with so many models and wrestlers, whew!

I arrived home from the road trip tour on this past Saturday, and I imported all of the video footage right away.  After completing and delivering all of the custom videos from the event, I'm finally now chipping away at the general releases!  Here's a list of things to come, potentially slated for general release, in order in which they were filmed:

1. Smooth Predator.  Whitney Morgan and VeVe Lane (a vampire-inspired Python and Prey themed vignette with emphasis on vintage stockings).

2. Mixed Pantyhose Battle. VeVe and Diablo.  Evenly matched, smooth pantyhose wrestling, both in hose.

3. Tickle Wrestling. Asia Perez and VeVe.

4. Python and Prey: VeVe and Asia Perez AND Vika (2 scenes).  VeVe and Asia Perez and VeVe and Vika.  (Released!)

5. Bondage Caper: VeVe, Asia Perez, Vika

6. Villainess Vika Dominates Diablo.  Vika and Diablo, villainess and hero.  both in Ultra-shimmer tights. (Released!)

7. Queen of Pantyhose: Bella Ink and VeVe Lane (Released!)

8. Prom Queen Rivals Catball Fight: Sarah Brooke & Bella Ink  (Released!)

9. 8-Way Bondage Wrestling Free-For-All Event! VeVe, Vika, Dresden, Asia Perez, Sarah Brooke, Bella Ink, Ashlee Graham, Ramona Flour

10. Pantyhose Ripping Catball Fight: VeVe and Ramona Flour

11. Ramona Flour's Mixed Wrestling Domination. Ramona and Diablo. (Released!)

12.  Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Camille Black

13. Superheroine Hogtie Escape Race: VeVe vs Camille Black

14. Woman to Woman: VeVe and Vika

15. Bondage Beatdown and Interrogation: VeVe and Mark

Whew!  There we have it for now!  I will be updating this entry as we release the various videos into our studio.  But for now, enjoy this quick list so you have an idea of what's coming up.  If you have any questions about any of these videos or any of the ladies, just let me know:

Cheers for now!

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