Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Day in the Wrestling-Doing Life: Friday, May 18

In honor of my blog revival, here is a second post for 2018!  Today I will take a moment to relay a particular wrestle-doing filled day I just had, a "Day in the Life Of...", if you will.  This day was both typical and atypical!

Today is Sunday.  Let me tell you about Friday.  Friday was the day I wrote my "blog revival" entry.

The day started out with me riding my bike across town, to set up camp in a cafe located near our Big Studio.

Friday morning was spent chatting variously online with Lana Luxor, Ursa, and Hanz, as I worked on getting our video store catalogue caught up with recent releases.  Up came the topic of blogging, and, to put my money where my mouth was, I jumped in, now inspired, and a wrote a blog entry about writing blog entries.

Then I headed off to the Big Studio to meet with Ursa for some mini-filming.  Ursa has been collecting a few nifty leotards for her own wrestling adventures, and she decided to put on a fashion show of her own to show them off.  So, we filmed a Fashion Show video!

Sporting her shiny tights throughout, Ursa displayed 3 different leotards, plus a 4th outfit that excited her greatly.    (Ursa on Twitter:

Following Ursa's attire adventures, Sweetie Dreams arrived at the studio with a training partner, and I coached them through reviews of triangle chokes from a variety of directions.  Sweetie proved to be quite apt at wrapping her legs around her training partner's neck from the front, back, side, underneath, and then some.

Feeling pumped, Sweetie also requested a competitive match against our wily male wrestler Rizzo.  So, we'll work to get that one set up and see what happens.  (Sweetie Dreams on Twitter:

After the practice session, I jumped back on the bike and rode across town as fast as I could to meet Orlandoe at the Small Studio, where she was having a session. 

And, indeed, folks, Orlandoe is back and is wrestling.  She's been training harder than ever and is excited to be doing mixed matches.  However, she is not doing videos at this time, FYI.

Orlandoe and I chatted for a bit, and she was in very good spirits.  But that catching-up couldn't last long, because I had to go *back* to the Big Studio, ASAP, to meet Hanz and Taylor for a video shoot.

When I arrived at the Big Studio, Hanz and Taylor were steeling themselves for their "Iron Match" aka their continuous 60-minute long competitive mixed wrestling match.  This was a match I would be filming for Hanz's studio: Hanz Vanderkill's Mixed Battle Theatre.

We set up the timer, and off they went.  Taylor has *much* less wrestling experience than Hanz, but she is very athletic, and she made it through the whole hour-long match without taking any prolonged rest periods.  There would be only a brief pause here or there to fix hair, reset after a submission, etc.

The studio had no windows and no air conditioning, so, needless to say, it was a sweaty time for these two.  Here's a photo of them from after the match:

And while I'm at it, here are links to Hanz and Taylor on Twitter, respectively:  and

Once that filming was done, I headed home, where I then chatted online with Lana Luxor and Sweetie Dreams, as we set up for a competitive match for them.  I also confirmed competitive matches with Aralia vs Taylor as well as a Lana vs Taylor (a rematch).  All 3 of these matches are slated to take place on the same day: Monday, May 28.  And I anticipate all 3 of them to be very competitive, indeed!


And since I hadn't mentioned it yet, if you are looking for either Lana or Aralia on Twitter, they are here respectively:  and

Whew, ok, and I think that was it!  It was a big wrestle-doing day, and I myself hadn't done any wrestling at all!  (that will be for tomorrow morning, when I get up to go to early morning training)

So, I will leave it all at that for now.  I'd say that day was typical in that it was pretty wrestle-doing-filled.  But it was atypical because my days are always fairly varied in their specifics!  For instance, I didn't do any filming for the Doom Maidens studio, nor did I release any videos, or....? 

But anyway, anyway.  Enough from me for now!  Time to post!

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