Friday, June 30, 2017

Today's Matches, Aralia, Sweetie, Frankie, and Match Sets

Whew, such a sweaty time in the big studio today!  Aralia, Sweetie, Frankie, competitive wrestling, hot summer day, no air conditioning, no windows = massive sweat effect.  And now I'm back at the office again, at the blog, getting ready to put these video matches together.

We had a lovely pair of matches.  The ladies got to test themselves against Frankie, and Frankie got to test himself against them.


First we had Aralia (115 lbs) vs Frankie (150 lbs).  The competitors were so energetic and scrambly right from the start that they started generating sweatiness very quickly.  Scrappy and suspenseful, with both pushing the pace.  And Sweetie Dreams got to guest-star as the opening interview hostess.

After a break, we then had Sweetie Dreams (225 lbs) vs Frankie (150 lbs).  Sweetie had watched Frankie's match against Aralia, so she has been formulating a game plan for her match.  She came out with gun blazing, really bringing it on.  When Sweetie first charged him coming out of the gate, it was like Frankie was getting hit by a truck.  A truck with bad intentions.


I'm excited to release these matches as soon as I can.  But I am contemplating different ways of doing that:

Multi-Match Sets

I initially wanted to collect 3 mixed matches for each lady wrestler and release them as 3-Match sets.  For instance: Sweetie vs Frankie, vs Cincinnati, vs Rizzo.  Same for Aralia.  However, if those other 2 matches don't happen soon, I don't want to have to wait too long.

I considered releasing today's 2 matches as a set, but they were fairly different in tone.  But it could be "2-Matches: Frankie's mixed wrestling day in June"  .... !

I also kind of want to do both of these sets.  (I love making sets).

Maybe I should?!  Maybe I should just release today's 2 matches as a set with a note that the matches will also later be released separately in differently themed sets.  So, people who want to see both of Frankie's mixed wrestling adventures from today can have a set, if they like.

And people who would rather see a collection of Aralia's mixed matches or Sweetie's mixed matches can wait until the other 2 opponents have been faced for that set to be released.

Of course, they will also be released individually.

Do you have thoughts on sets?  On the organizing of sets?  I don't want things to be too confusing, and I don't want to spend too much of the release description talking about organizations of sets or upcoming sets.  Or is that all right?  Ok, I'll curtail this now.  Footage is imported, and there're match videos to finalize!

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