Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sponsor Pool for Custom Videos (Getting Started)

UPDATE 6/28: Sponsor Pool Idea #1 has posted: Anastaxia and Wrestling Holds

Hey folks!  This post is a starting point to talk about VeVe's "Sponsor Pool" idea for custom video commissions.  I think I will be handling the blogging portion of this endeavor.

If you've yet to see VeVe's Sponsor Pool presentation video, that is here: (and my summary is below)

Here, VeVe proposes an idea to create group-sponsored custom videos.  That is to say, if more than one person would be interested in a custom commission idea, these multiple people can come together and split the production cost between them.

To start, VeVe asks that people who are interested e-mail her so that she can begin to get an idea of who and how many people are keen on this.

She would even like to create mini mailing lists for certain genres, such as competitive mixed wrestling, competitive female wrestling, pro-style, bondage wrestling, etc.  And when an idea comes up in one of those genres -- or if a new guest wrestler comes to town who can do any of the above --, she will inform the list of it, in case anyone would like to join in a new pool to create a new work.

ok!  So, there's a lot of organizing involved here!  This is where I come in.

VeVe had thought to use her blog, but since she is often quite busy with e-mail, we have opted to use my blog instead.  This, we hope, will be the public posting communication hub.

As ideas and suggestions come in, I will make blog posts for them, so that people can see what's on the table.  These listings might also spark people's imaginations and encourage them to submit other suggestions that aren't specifically listed.  I may at some point create a page for this on the Doom Maidens website, but, for now, the blog is the sleekest and more easy to update on the fly.


Stay tuned for more to come.  I am trying to be concise right now, just to get this post up, but I'll go on more about this later as well.

To submit ideas and suggestions for the Sponsor Pool, you can reach us by e-mail here:   sponsorpool@doommaidens.com

Or via Twitter.  Our Doom Maidens twitter is here: http://www.twitter.com/doommaidens
And VeVe's Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/vevelane

Cheers for now!

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