Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Customs Call for FetCon August 2017

Hey all.  FetCon 2017 is coming up, and that means we'll have a chance to meet and reunited with wrestlers and models we don't often get to see during the normal course of the year.

VeVe put together this great graphic to show the ladies we have confirmed shoots with.  All are also available for custom video requests:

They are:

Regan (aka Kyla AuJeante) :  https://twitter.com/Zambo_Goddess
Jacquelyn Velvets
Vika:   https://twitter.com/Vika_Model 

...and, a new addition as of today & pictured below...

Asia Perez!  https://twitter.com/Asia_Perez

Of course, VeVe and Diablo will be available as well, to be featured with any of these guest ladies.

VeVe has posted a call for custom requests for any of these ladies.  VeVe, Aralia, and I (Diablo) are available to pair with any of the guests.  Depending on their schedules, some of the gusts can be paired together.  But since we're filming with different people at different times, check with us to be sure on that one.

E-mail VeVe directly with requests:   veve.wrestler@gmail.com

As ever, more to come.  Stay tuned!

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