Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Creating a Release Schedule! Going Forward 2018

After filming a bunch of footage this past weekend, I sat down with VeVe and talked about something that'd been on my mind for some time: the fact that it would be great if we had a dedicated release schedule of some definite sort.

What does that mean?

It means that we would release certain styles of videos on certain days of the month, predictably and on schedule.  This would help us as producers when it comes to scheduling shoots and organizing our release materials, and it would help fans to know when there will be updates to the particular styles they enjoy.

But what does that mean, specifically?

Specifically, we were thinking this:

- Dedicated release updates twice per week = at least 2 new releases per week.
- Dedicated releases will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays
- Tuesday releases will be on a set schedule by video genre
- Thursday releases will be a "Wild Card" (possibly by request)

Here's how it looks:

Example Month

1st Tuesday -- Mixed Wrestling / Anything Mixed (F/M)
2nd Tuesday -- F/F Bondage (bondage wrestling, scenario, etc)
3rd Tuesday -- F/F Competitive Wrestling
4th Tuesday -- F/F Pro-Style

That "Every Tuesday" schedule will be a definite and dedicated thing.  Every Tuesday, there will definitely be a release in the style listed on this schedule.

And Thursdays?

Thursdays are the "Wild Card" release days.  There will be a release, but the style is not currently set on a schedule.  It might be one of the styles listed for Tuesdays (Mixed, F/F Bondage, F/F Wrestling, F/F Pro), or it might be a miscellaneous fantasy fight style: Catball, "Woman to Woman," other martial arts, spy scenarios, agent duel, or other.

Thursday "Wild Card" releases might also be dictated by fan request, or if we make a call for suggestions if we have several options available.

This does not mean we are limited to only making releases on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Rather, even though we will always be making releases on Tuesdays and Thursdays (barring unforeseen circumstances, of course), we can also make spontaneous releases other times as well, if the timing is right and the stars are particularly aligned.  But this would be more rare.  The real focus will be Tues / Thurs.  I want to focus on those days so that we can really be on target with them.  It helps everyone be able to plan.

When Does This Start?

 This will officially start next Tuesday, August 21.  That is the 3rd Tuesday, which means a F/F competitive wrestling release.  For definite.

And what will Thursday, August 23 hold?  TBA.  But it will be a video from our FetCon 2018 filming (not a mixed video).  I will announce it on Twitter as soon as I can determine what it will be, but I have a good idea.

So, To Sum It Up...

There will definitely be 2 releases per week of some sort.  There will definitely be at least...

1 mixed video
1 F/F bondage-related video
1 F/F competitive wrestling match video
1 F/F Pro-style video

... released each month, on their respective Tuesdays.  There will also be the "Wild Card" releases on Thursdays (could be mixed or F/F, of any genre).

I will also note that sometimes a "release" might be a multi-video / multi-match set.  In which case, the Set and the individuals will all be released at the same time.

Onward and Upward...

... into the new season!  We currently have about a dozen videos to release from filming at FetCon this weekend, so we will get started with those to try out our new schedule.

Of course, once we are back in New York City with the local wrestlers and visiting guests, we will be back to filming even more!  There is SO much yet to do and so many ideas and match-ups on the To Do list.  Here's to moving the queue along as quickly as possible.  We may move our footage from this past weekend along faster than the Tuesday/Thursday schedule, so just a heads-up there.  I may make a separate blog entry with a list of these, to help keep people keep track.

We will definitely keep people informed about the Release Schedule developments via Twitter.  I will work on the FetCon 2018 releases as quickly as possible.  And we will look forward to working with the Tuesday / Thursday Definite Release Schedule.

Stay tuned.  More to come.  Thanks for reading, and I hope that was informative!

Thoughts and opinions welcome!  E-mail us at:  orders (at) doommaidens (dot) com  

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